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Interview with Microsoft Zhang Yongli: Windows 10 is no longer just an operating system

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Fenghuang Wang Liang Chengyuan

In the past COMPUTEX and E3, Microsoft has appeared quite high profile. With smart edges and monopolistic hands, this software service provider centered on Windows and Office recently took the lead on social networks.

Although neither of the two conferences did attend, in the morning of mid-June, they arrived at Microsoft Tower in Zhongguancun, and with Microsoft's Greater China Vice President/General Manager of the Consumer and Equipment Division, Mdash; Zhang Yongli. A media interview.

Entering the conference room, Zhang Yongli appeared full of energy and seemed to be a bit impatient to introduce some new trends to Microsoft. The content of the subsequent conversation was also very divergent. Everything from Windows to IoT to E3 to Surface was eager to try.

1, Windows 10: no longer an OS but a service

According to Microsoft's official data, Windows 10 has more than 700 million monthly active users, and the device updated to the April version reached 250 million. Zhang Yongli said that this is more sticky than any previous version of Windows users.

Microsoft hopes to continuously push the latest technology to users through the Windows 10 platform, and maintain the rhythm of the big version update twice a year. The update of the April edition mainly addresses the user's time efficiency issues.

Through this update, Microsoft hopes that users will have more time to focus on their favorite things, such as creating, entertainment, work, or simply doing what they like.

Timeline Timeline

With the timeline feature, you can search for content in the past 30 days anytime, anywhere, whether it was earlier today, last week, or a few weeks ago. And not only on a PC, when you use the Microsoft Edge browser or Office 365 on an iOS or Android device, log in to the same One Drive Microsoft account and you can continue to handle related things and seamlessly connect the PC and the mobile device.

Focus Assistant

By focusing on assistants to increase efficiency, users are free to pick the time they do not want to be interrupted by too much information. This means that when I need to focus on a task, I don't need any reminders to pop up.

Microsoft Edge Browser

When you need to print a web page, you often find that there are many advertisements on the page. You can use the neat print option added in the Microsoft Edge browser to print web pages more neatly and eliminate clutter on the page. When you read a webpage, whether it's a book, a PDF, or a page in a reading view, it can be viewed on the full screen as a non-intrusive reading experience.

The above are several important features of this update, which will be gradually pushed to users in batches starting in May. Microsoft hopes to build a better ecosystem based on Windows 10 and bring consumers a more personalized user experience.

COMPUTEX: Microsoft Smart Edge Times

At the previous COMPUTEX Taipei Computer Show, in addition to large partners such as Lenovo, HP, and Dell, many OEM/ODM vendors also exhibited new products equipped with Windows 10.

Since the end of last year, PCs equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chips have been introduced to the market. At the same time, Qualcomm further introduced the Snapdragon 850, which is specially designed for Connect PC devices and is suitable for Windows 10 systems.

In addition to the above established product strategy, more imaginative is the Microsoft Smart Edge program. Zhang Yongli said that Microsoft believes that it has entered the era of smart cloud and smart edge. The so-called smart edge is not just a PC. Microsoft expects that the number of smart devices will reach 20 billion by 2020. All devices, regardless of their size, are smart edge devices.

Microsoft Azure Sphere

In April of this year, Microsoft announced Microsoft Azure Sphere, which is a set of security solutions around the Smart Edge era. At Computex, Microsoft announced the launch of Azure Sphere MCUs (cross-platform MCUs) with eight chip vendors.

Microsoft Azure Sphere consists of three parts: Azure Sphere-certified cross-platform Micro Control Unit (MUC) to ensure the security of device connectivity; Azure Sphere operating system to provide multi-layered security protection for IoT devices; Azure Sphere Cloud Service, real-time Monitor security threats in the system.

Azure Sphere seems to be a technology, but Microsoft wants to make it an IoT platform, which is what the Computex calls "Smart Edge Partner Community". For example, between ODM and OEM vendors, OEMs can cooperate and innovate with users or other vendors. Microsoft provides technical support and training to jointly bring more innovative IoT devices to market.

Windows Collaboration Displays

The concept of collaborative displays is similar to the reduced version of Surface Hub. However, unlike Surface Hub 2, Microsoft does not plan to produce Windows collaboration displays themselves. Instead, it intends to hand over production and sales of these small collaborative displays to partners like Sharp or Avocor.

In the second half of this year, the two partners will launch the Windows Collaboration Displays product. Zhang Yongli reminded us that not only monitors but everything in the future can become intelligent. In conjunction with the MCU mentioned in the Azure Sphere section, we can even talk to a mirror or a rice cooker "conversation".

In short, the concept of smart edge sounds very futuristic. However, Microsoft is not a leader in the IoT space. We still put more current expectations on the ARM architecture Windows 10 devices.

3. E3: Strong Support for Original Content

With 18 exclusive consoles and 15 world premieres, a total of 52 game titles hit the Xbox E3 scale.

Zhang Yongli shared his game concept. Since childhood, we played games. We learned a lot of things in the process of playing games, such as the ability to innovate, the ability to solve problems, and the ability to interact with friends.

In addition to the extra games, Microsoft also announced the addition of five game production teams. "Strongly supporting original content" is the game vision that Microsoft communicated.

While expanding original content, Microsoft said that there will be a number of games that will join the Xbox Game Pass lineup this year. In addition, with the latest release of FastStart technology, the time required for players to enter the game for the first time can be reduced by half.

Zhang Yongli believes that Xbox One is still one of the best platforms for players to play games. There are currently more than 220 games that have been optimized for Xbox One performance. Microsoft hopes to provide players with a better and more amazing gaming experience.

For the Chinese game market, first is mobile games, PC games, and finally host games. The market share is only about 2%. Zhang Yongli said that he asked a lot of gamers around him. People who basically play games on PCs will also choose to play games on consoles. Host games and mobile games are completely different two-wave audiences.

4, Surface: There should not be any

The first thing to be sure is that although the game is very hot and even over the movie, there will be no Surface Game Laptop or Studio. Zhang Yongli said that there is no Surface is designed for the game, but Surface Book 2 can also do this very well.

Well, we have aliens or ROGs to choose from. What about Surface Air with Qualcomm Snapdragon 850? Sorry, there are no plans for the time being. At the same time, Zhang Yongli said that the ARM platform has the advantages of long battery life and better connectivity.

As for the Surface Phone, which has been in an rumbling state, it is even more of a mirror. Microsoft basically puts the layout of the mobile device on the iOS and Android platforms, so Windows Phone is basically a foot into the Hall of Fame.

Finally, Phoenix.com also asked Zhang Yongli about the details of the sales of the Surface Book 2. That is, what is the purchase ratio of the stand-alone version (including 13-inch 1050 and 15-inch 1060)? The data given by Microsoft is that the proportion of high-end users is 70%. Well, after all, money is spent on this one.

So within this year, the Surface series may not give us a particularly big surprise. The major updates in the hardware form will have to wait until next year.

Summary: Microsoft with user experience as the center

"The world has become a world where different vendors and different vendors are looking for cooperation with each other. Intel is not only a Microsoft partner. Everyone is looking for a different opportunity to turn its own things into a platform." ”

Zhang Yongli said that Microsoft is no longer sticking to a single device, and that the future user experience is a platform product driven by multiple scenarios and cloud services.

Today's Microsoft can be divided into two parts: Core and Shell. Core not only provides support for Windows and Office, but also is an internal driver for Azure and Xbox. The Shell represents the user experience level, which requires the perfect combination of platform, hardware, and applications.

At the beginning of this article, I described Microsoft's: "Software Service Providers with Windows and Office as their core". If there is a service platform centered on user experience in the future, would you like MicroSoft under such a new era?

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