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Free application for Godson Development Board Launch of National University Student Embedded Chip and System Design Competition

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As the earliest domestic CPU in China, Godson has been quietly working in the autonomous market for many years, and has always insisted on the route of independent CPU core R&D. As a domestically-manufacturable and controllable CPU representative company, Godson has the sustainable development of intellectual property rights protection, masters core technologies independently designed for processor micro-architecture, and possesses relevant safety qualifications. Godson is no longer subject to control from intellectual property, core technologies, and qualifications. With independent development rights, it is a truly autonomous and controllable domestic processor.

Since April 2015, Godson's anti-irradiation chips have been operating stably on Beidou satellites. Godson's anti-irradiation series chips have been successfully applied in the network satellites, and domestic processors have achieved self-controllability and excellent products. Improve the quality of Beidou.

In recent years, the high-speed development of Godson has achieved significant progress in safety applications, general information applications, and embedded applications. In 2017, it achieved a sales revenue of 150 million yuan and a profit of more than 20 million yuan. It is used in party and government office applications. , Loongson-based computer platform has been deployed in batches among dozens of party and government clients, and gradually realized from basic availability to usability. Godson has formed typical application examples of good demonstration effect in the government office (intranet, extranet), informationization of the central enterprise group, and so on.

Now, we can not only see the presence of Loongson in the industry field, but we can already use it in the national university student competition. Each student can experience the domestic CPU and learn Godson technology through the competition for participation in the future. Independently controllable information technology industry laid the foundation.

In order to strengthen the innovative design and engineering practice in the field of embedded integrated circuit and its application system design for students from universities all over the country, students will be able to fully grasp the relevant knowledge in different technical aspects such as chip design or software and hardware adaptation system optimization and application scheme design. Skills, enrichment and active academic atmosphere of campus innovation and entrepreneurship, promote the synergies between colleges and universities and IC companies to educate people, and cultivate excellent talents with innovative thinking, teamwork spirit, and ability to solve complex engineering problems by the Ministry of Education The Information Professional Teaching Steering Committee and the Chinese Institute of Electronic Education jointly sponsored the Southeast Asia University and Nanjing Integrated Circuit Industry Service Center (ICisC) to host an embedded chip and system design competition for undergraduate and graduate students across the country.

The competition is for undergraduates and postgraduates (Master / Ph.D.) in the fields of embedded chip design and system application related majors (electronics, information, computers, automation, etc.). The competition is sponsored by the China Electronic Education Society, the Education and Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education. Southeast University and Nanjing Integrated Circuit Industry Service Center (ICisC) contracted. Godson Zhongke and other companies co-organized. The supporting unit is Nanjing Longzhong Chuangxin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

For the first time in this competition, Godson-based embeddedDevelopmentAs one of the game platforms, the board includes 2K Dragoncore, Godson 1C's Zhilong Maker Board and Godson Robot Controller. The competition provided the participating teams with free use of Godson Development Board quotas, and those who exceeded the free quota can also receive price concessions.

The open source "London" motherboard "Chi Dragon" is a Loongson embedded motherboard launched by Godson users and development community - Loongson Club and Godson to be promoted in a completely open source way. It uses a domestic Loongson 1C processor and integrates the Loongson 1C SOC. Port, USB port, power supply, SD card slot, RTC clock, and other major components, and provide expansion board interface. Can run embedded Linux, RT-Thread and other operating systems, also provide bare STM32 library development.

Loongson 1C Zhilong Maker Development Board

Using zhilong board wifi remote control car

Zhilong motherboard PCB design drawings, schematics, BSP source code is completely open source and supporting the "Embedded Linux system design and application - based on Godson" teaching materials, will be published by Tsinghua University Press, as the competition of Godson embedded learning materials.

"Embedded Linux System Design and Application - Based on Godson" Teaching Material


Teacher Sun Dongmei of Nanjing University of Technology introduced Longxin Zhilong motherboard in embedded teaching

The Loongson robot controller adopts the Loongson 1C300 SOC, supports the extension of 32 servos, and can run Linux/RT-Thread and other operating systems, and is used for the research and development of Godson small robot prototypes. Can be used in educational robots, home robots, advanced toy robots and other fields.

Loongson robot controller

Robot teaching robot with Godson robot controller

The 2K Dragonson faction development board newly launched by Godson China Branch. As a platform for Loongson's high-end SoCs, the Loongson faction is powered by Loongson’s latest 64-bit 2K1000 dual-core processor, clocked at 1GHz, and on-board 2G DDR3 high-speed memory chips. The 2K Loongson device has achieved localization and provides a mainstream interface. The Loongson faction runs the linux system and the SylixOS real-time operating system. With the gradual deepening of localization, it is very suitable as the first set of development equipment for the development of localization applications, to find out how to develop domestic chips and devices. It not only realizes the hardware self-controllability, but also has low usage threshold. In March 2018, the Godson faction implemented a community pre-sale on the Godson Developer Mall. Now, there are already Godson enthusiasts who have used the Loongson faction.


2K Dragoncore has been successfully released

Loongson Party No. 3 users of Loongson Club run loongnix linux system and browse Loongson Club Forum

Competition Organization Structure

Sponsor: Ministry of Education, College of Electronic Information Specialty Teaching Steering Committee

China Electronic Education Society

Organizer: Southeast University

Nanjing IC Industry Service Center (ICisC)

Co-organizer: Enmou Electronic Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Godson Zhongke Technology Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Zhongtian Microsystem Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Guoxin Technology Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Institute of Industrial Technology Institute of Integrated Circuit Technology

Southeast University Cheng Yin College

Supporter: Nanjing Longzhong Chuangxin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

detailed arrangement

1. Release the competition notice: May 31, 2018

2, the preliminary game registration time: June 1, 2018 June 2018-2018

3, the design time of the work: 2018 June - 2018 September

4. Submitting time of works: Before September 24, 2020, 2018

5, preliminary competition review time: the end of September 2018 2018 - early October 2018

6. Rematch time and place: At the end of October 2018, Nanjing

Competition details

Details of competitions and registration methods are available in official website and official WeChat account

Official website:Www.socchina.net

Loongson Platform Technical Support Group 550978856

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