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Credit card repayment WeChat no longer pays for you

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From December 1, 2017, WeChat pays 0.1% of each user's monthly cumulative credit card repayments in excess of 5,000 yuan (minimum 0.1 yuan), and no more than 5,000 yuan per month is still free. . This adjustment means that, in addition to some high-end members, all of the wealth management users will be charged 0.1% of the cost of each credit card payment, the lowest one cent.

Why do you suddenly charge?

Tencent: Because the cost has soared

Wechat announced that:

Since each repayment will result in a payment channel fee, Tencent Caifu has been investing costs to subsidize the fee.

In recent years, with the rapid development of credit card repayment business, the cost of channel commissions has also grown rapidly. In order to properly balance costs and sustainable development, we will make adjustments to business rules: Since August 1, 2018, each repayment will be charged at 0.1% of the repayment amount (the amount of processing fee is calculated to 2 decimal places. Bit, minimum 0.10 yuan). At the same time, activities such as random fee reductions will be gradually introduced. The fee is paid together with the repayment amount when the user performs the repayment operation.

In fact, in November 2017, WeChat announced that:

From December 1st, 2017, WeChat will charge 0.1% of each user's monthly repayment amount exceeding 5,000 yuan (minimum 0.1 yuan).The monthly repayment of each person is less than 5,000 yuan, and no formal fee is charged. Multiple WeChat accounts under the same ID card, sharing a free amount of 5,000 yuan per month.

It was very questionable to people about charges: Is it because WeChat started to chase revenues?

In fact, the truth is that as a WeChat payment user, each time a credit card repayment is made, the cost of the payment channel will be generated. This fee is a handling fee charged to Tencent Tenpay when the bank transfers funds.Previously, self-trusted credit card repayments have been on-line until now, and Tencent Tenpay has been providing subsidies to users, and users have almost no idea.

Why are these people still free?

Why can I still enjoy the free return card service for the members of the MoneyCraft Platinum Gold and the “Aiding Investment Plan”?

Xiaobian inquired about the division criteria of Lifatong members. Based on the accumulation of assets on the platform, Licai has established four membership levels of Platinum, Gold, Silver and Ordinary, which are different for different levels of members in the platform. Users offer different types of member-only services.

Based on the financial value range, the four membership levels are:

Platinum Members: Financial Value ≥ 500,000;

Gold members: financial value 100,000 to 500,000 (excluding 500,000);

Silver Member: Financial Value 10,000 to 100,000 (excluding 100,000);

Ordinary members: financial value 1 to 10,000 (excluding 10,000);

In other words, to become a financial member of the company, at least to buy 100,000 yuan of wealth management products.

As for the “Love for Investment Project”, since such users must insist on investment every month, and the use of Tencent’s wealth management services is also guaranteed, it is not surprising that they receive special care.

In simple terms, money is wayward, and long-term savings are good for Tencent. Such “local” users are granted a certain fee.

When the news came out, netizens naturally thought of the next door...

When this news came out, netizens naturally thought of comparing with Alipay:

Alipay official website shows that at present, the Alipay mobile phone app does not charge a credit card, and it is free to repay the loan through the computer. For others, it is required to pay a 0.2% fee.

However, in fact, the withdrawal fee setting of Alipay needle is quite similar to the adjustment of WeChat. It is also proposed that points can be used to deduct the handling fee, and the points are linked to various members of Alipay.

Is the personal finance business charge a trend?

Netizen: I may have to install a lot of bank apps in the future.

It seems now that the platform for WeChat, Alipay and other personal financial services seems to be a general trend:

  • In October 2015, WeChat Payment began to gradually try out new rules for transfer: 20,000 free credits per person per month, and over 0.1% fee charged to the payer;

  • In March 2016, the transfer recovery was free, but the change cash withdrawal function began to charge: a fee of 0.1% was charged for exceeding the free limit (1000 yuan/person);

  • In December 2017, WeChat repayment began to charge: the repayment amount does not exceed 5,000 yuan, and the excess is charged at 0.1%.

This time, WeChat cancelled the quota limit and uniformly charged 0.1% of the fee.

In Alipay, although it is currently planning to publish fees for credit card repayment, from October 12, 2016, Alipay has also started to charge a 0.1% fee for the withdrawal of personal users exceeding the free quota (20,000 yuan). Now.

Analysys Wang Pengbo of the international financial industry pointed out as early as in an interview with Southern Metropolis Daily in 2017:

“The initial purpose of the C-side continued subsidy for free services is to attract users. With the end of the staking of the individual user market in the payment industry, WeChat payment as an industry giant has already had a considerable amount of users, and the utility of free market changes is no longer ".

The rate creates a huge pressure on subsidy costs, which is not worthwhile for payment companies.

Maybe just like the netizen said, in the future, the mobile phone may actually have a bank of apps.


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