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Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee from 58, Baidu platform to find someone repair air conditioning found full set.

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The most exaggerated one is the repair shop that 58 city searches for, "neighbourhood easy road maintenance service", can not deceive, even destroy the machine, causing the machine to be unable to open.

More surprisingly, the conference site, when the Deputy Secretary General of the Shanghai Municipal Security Committee asked the 58 city representatives, the registered name of the maintenance shop and the registered address, the representative expressed the privacy of the merchant and was not convenient to disclose.

After 2000 yuan and 1 months, the "strike"

At the July 2nd press conference, Tao Ailian, Secretary General of Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee, read an air conditioning maintenance complaint on the spot.

In May 2018, the consumer's home air conditioning failure, after calling the maintenance phone, the master in May 22nd repair, changed the air conditioning main board and other parts, added gas, charge 2070 yuan, and claimed for 36 months, leaving a maintenance phone. In June 30th, the air conditioner was not refrigerating again, and the consumers made several calls by prompting. After the connection, the other side indicated that he wanted to verify, but did not ask for any evidence, so far he did not respond to the request for repair.

From 2015 to now, the Shanghai Municipal Security Commission has accepted 2121 related complaints about air conditioning maintenance class - some maintenance workers of air conditioning enterprises charge high maintenance fees through fictitious failure and minor overhauls; "Shanzhai" version of "special maintenance department" infringes consumers' rights and interests frequently. It is difficult for consumers to find the subject of the related infringement after the event. Even if it is found, the ultimate rights and interests of the consumer are difficult to be remedied because of the lack of relevant professional knowledge.

Shanghai Municipal Security Commission analysis for three years of the complaint data found that the vast majority of the complainants are from the Internet to find air conditioning maintenance merchants, thus producing disputes, even deceived.

Computer board failure and lack of refrigerant are the biggest routines.

What are the strange ways for these maintenance companies?

This time, the Shanghai Municipal Security Commission's electrical appliances professional office combined with the Xuhui District Consumer Protection Commission. According to consumer's consumption habits, it selected 11 platforms, including 360, Baidu, home appliance repair front line, 962512, 114, public comment, 58 city, Taobao, Suning, Gome, Jingdong and other 11 platforms as the inspection of the image, involving the Internet platform 8, telephone inquiries Platform 3, with the platform search ranking air conditioning maintenance service providers as the object of inspection, a large number of related businesses or platform promotion enterprises.

In the process of inspection, the home appliance experts will test the performance of the air conditioning before each activity to ensure the normal operation of the machine and the sufficient refrigerant. Then a simple fault is set up, and the universal remote control is set up as a random code. The air conditioner service provider only needs the exact code to make the machine work new and normal.

But the maintenance company came to the door, and the result of diagnosis was full.

The most common thing is to say that the machine is short of refrigerant. In Baidu, 360, repair front line, Taobao network, 114 and other 5 platforms found by the air conditioning service providers all use this technique, through false "liquid" and other means to cheat maintenance costs, in the 11 inspection accounts for 45.45%.

The second is the false claim that the computer board is damaged. Some maintenance workers even charge for high maintenance fees by repairing or replacing computer boards without any inspection. In this inspection, the 5 merchants found by Baidu, Volkswagen's review network, the Taobao network and the 58 cities of the same city all adopted this method and accounted for 45.45% in the 11 inspection.

Again, it is a false claim that the electronic components are damaged. In this survey, 360, Gome and other 2 merchants in this way to raise the maintenance cost, accounted for 18.18% in the 11 inspection.

Summary of the condition of air conditioning maintenance. Shanghai Municipal Security Committee

Worst case: the maintenance worker deliberately pulled out the connection line

Shanghai consumer protection committee revealed that the 58 cities, Baidu, 360 and other platforms were more prominent. At the same time, the platform is suspected of seeking improper benefits from illegal operators cheating consumers.

In the inspection, through the 58 city to find "neighborhood Yi Road maintenance service" maintenance workers, the door said that the computer motherboard damage, strongly recommended replacement of general board. The inspection personnel required repair or replacement of the original board, and no agreement was reached. The repairman finally agreed to return the machine to its original condition and charge a fee of 80 yuan. But before leaving, the maintenance man deliberately pulled out the connection line of the plug-in unit and the external power supply.

Ren Chaoying, a home appliance expert of the Shanghai Municipal Security Commission, introduced a serious safety hazard, which may lead to electric shock, which is the worst in the nature of the inspection.

In response, the 58 city representatives replied at the July 2nd press conference: in order not to infringe on the privacy of businessmen, it is not convenient to disclose the names and addresses of business registration.

Baidu dream refrigeration equipment installation and maintenance Co., Ltd., found on Baidu, is also a problem.

Shanghai Municipal Security Commission revealed that the maintenance worker checked inside the machine to determine the computer board failure, or to pay 400 yuan to repair computer board, or to pay 800 yuan to replace the computer board. After the inspection personnel chose to repair, the repairman fiddled with the internal machine for a while. Then the maintenance worker also lied that the outdoor machine did not have the refrigerant, then put on the pressure gauge to add liquid and reverse the liquid valve to create the illusion that the machine was lower than normal pressure. The charge was 730 yuan for the purpose of false adding.

Baidu responded on the spot: the company is an advertising promotion enterprise for Baidu, with full license and v3. Business services, Baidu is difficult to control. If consumers complain to Baidu, Baidu will be offline.

After finding two maintenance workers after 360, one person checked the inside machine indoors and arrested the staff.videoIt shows that the external maintenance worker wants to pull the compressor start capacitor, but because the plug-in is not successful, he wipes clean with the appearance of the capacitor to give the inspection personnel the illusion of changing the new capacitance. Outside maintenance workers also lied that the machine needed to add liquid, plus liquid means and the above "dream dream refrigeration" exactly the same. A total of 700 yuan is charged for the charging fee and the replacement of the capacitance.

The 360 scene representative replied: the merchant is not charging promotion. The representative said he did not know much about air conditioning maintenance. If his air conditioning was broken, he would not go to the 360 search air conditioning maintenance enterprise, but look for air-conditioning aftermarket.

The Shanghai Municipal Security Commission said that after the inspection of the maintenance workers found by the Shanghai electric household electrical appliance business association (52285151), the computer board was damaged, and the shortage of refrigerant was the cause of the computer motherboard bad. He simply "repaired" it, added the refrigerant in the manner, and finally calibrated the remote control. The machine code, the machine is open normally, charge 470 yuan.

Representatives of the above associations reply: the repair business is a member unit and will strengthen management. The representative also said that the maintenance industry is becoming more and more difficult. Regardless of the size of the brand, the level of technical workers is getting worse and worse. At present, according to the traceability system, we will catch up with the corporate responsibility.

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