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Tencent outage "QQ pet": youth will never return

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Tencent cloud

More people are just talking about the story between themselves and Q.

"My husband's Q pet was sent by his predecessor, and he has not yet dissolved his predecessor's Q pet."

"That year, skipping classes and going to Internet cafes was to celebrate Q's birthday."

"When I was little, my father could not bear to give me pocket money. Q spoiled it for 10QB."

Almost everyone has something to say to Q. We are like old friends who have not seen each other for many years. At this point, we just responded, Q pet has become a generation of memories.

Our micro-blog underneath the highest praise

"QQ pet" is published inJune 6, 2005. My own Q pet was born in February 7, 2008. I remember it was hit by free smashed eggs. The time of birth was not early, but now it is already over 10 years old.

I haven't opened Q pet for the past few years, but after seeing the message, I dropped out of the office TIM, downloaded a formal QQ, and jumped out of my pet's account when the account was on the line.

The first impression that Q spoiled me was its automatic login reminder.

In the past, I once thought that Q's automatic login would make computers change cards. Over time, I used to cancel the logon check, and "remember my choice". I didn't want it to happen again. But this setup will lose its effectiveness when it changes to the computer.

This time, I've been very careful - really, Q's favorite automatic login hints do make the computer card, but it's hard to regenerate the old weary mood.

I haven't opened Q pet for many years. I thought it must be a hungry and trembling look. I may not remember anything else, but this image is forever in my mind.

In my impression,The characteristic of Q's pet is that it is difficult to raise.

It will be hungry and dirty, and will pitifully ask me to buy food and cleaning supplies with "treasure". The gold coin must be charged with Q coins or Q points, or Q should be spoil to earn money.

However, a job, Q spoils hungry faster and dirtier, and the ingots of work are not enough to make ends meet. Once hungry, dirty and long, Q pet is easy to get sick, his face is blue and sick, and no money to buy medicine will die sooner or later. You or your friend must buy a soul restoring Dan to bring it back to life.

Because there is no Q coin, my Q pet has always been a pitiful look, but I do not want to recharge, of course, sprouting a bold idea:

I want to kill it.

It's obvious that there's more than one of me with the same idea. From Baidu to know, from 2005 to 2018, the problem of how to kill Q pet is always there.

Q from his junior high school from his junior high school began to cold, college graduate has not died, and obviously like me, for many years has not reopened the game, reopened the estimate can not bear the Q pet all day selling miserably, not as good as the eye, the heart is not tired.

But when I opened the game again and again after many years, I found that Q pet was still healthy, and all the values were normal.

Its information, like 10 years ago, is that the father of Q is the "father of heaven", the mother is "the mother of the earth", the marital status is unmarried, the sex is very interesting, writing: QGG.

I was shocked for a long time before I came to respond to the meaning of GG. After 00, the GG and MM are not understood. They use GG to create sentences. They only create "Q favors this time and really want GG".

When I double-click Q pet and open the pet community, I can understand why my Q pet is so healthy, and how suddenly there are more than more than 1000 yuan treasure in the account.

QQ pets are not as easy to die as they used to be, because a whole page tour is supporting them.

Q's pet community still has the title of "the largest online paradise in the world". The title of the title was in July 2006, and the QQ pet was the largest online virtual pet community in the world with the highest number of online people breaking through 1 million and creating a record.

This community has been iterating and becoming what it is today.The style of painting is still partial to children, but there are lots of NPC and countless games in the community. There are also RPG common elements such as mainline, branch line, daily tasks and activities.

Interestingly, most of the activities of QQ pet are draining into other Tencent games. On the edge of activities, there is no shortage of value-added services such as first charging. Apart from the "first big ceremony", there is a memorable "pink drill privilege".

Since the birth of powder drill in March 2007, QQ pet has accumulated billions of users in that year, and it is enough for Tencent to set up a new noble logo for it.

Although the Tencent has a variety of drilling, but specially for a game to configure a single color is not much, in addition to the Q favorite pink drill, the only "Dungeon Fighter Online" black drill. Another is the blue drill shared by the entire QQ game hall, and the purple drill used in "QQ hall", "QQ dancer", "QQ sonic speed" and "QQ flying car".

With such a complete system of page tours, QQ pets are now rewarded with plenty of material. Completing a task not only sends props to the ingots, but also accumulates the online time reward, which can make Q feel comfortable. If you buy a powder drill, you can basically automate the stocking. Is this routine familiar?

So today's Q pet is no longer the same as it used to be, and there is no money to buy food, and when it's sick, it's hard to live. The world is no longer so cruel, and more like a Moore Park.

The painting style and interface of the Moore Park

Here's an extra story.More than 10 years ago, Wang Haibing, a project manager in charge of "QQ pet" in Tencent, was called "the father of QQ pets".

It is said that he took part in Shanghai's Q favorite experience meeting, a little girl told him that her parents work day, will be locked in her home, the only company to accompany her, is a pet of Q. This incident gave Wang Haibing inspiration, and he saw a more fractionating market.

In 2007, the QQ pet's father resigned from the Tencent and set up a new business.

In the market that was almost blank in the children's online swimming market at that time, imitating Disney's page Tour "Penguin club", Moore Park was launched in 2008, which was a great success. 3 years later, rice went on the market in the United States.

After the success of Moore Park, QQ pets also launched a new version of the community with a very similar style. Then the hand tour rose, the pupils had more new games, and the Moore Park's heat gradually subsided, and the update was stopped in 2015. The prototype "Penguin club" was also down in 2017, and "QQ pets" has been up to the present.

In my impression, Q favors not only penguins but also piglets and bears. I had once brought a piglet, like a piggy pink, but I turned over QQ and did not find the entrance.

Only after checking it did I know that QQ pet pig was closed in July 3, 2013.The server. So is bear. This 3D QQ pet was closed in June 28th of the same year.

In addition to these two sections, in 2010, Tencent's magic cube studio group combined Q with martial arts RPG, made a "Q spoil big fight", and later launched the 2 generation. The announcement of Q's pet stoppage shows that Q will also close the server at the same time.

"Q pet big fight" has been like QQ farm, QQ restaurant, robbing parking space and so on. It is quite popular in QQ space. And then the time of the QQ space game is over. Just a few days ago, in June 25th, Tencent announced that the QQ restaurant, TNT, will cease operation in August 31, 2018.

In the end, Q, who plays a relatively deep role, is also stepping up their footsteps.

Why are these games outaged one after another? When the QQ pet came out, it was still a "hard core" game that could only live on a pet by spending money on it. It was unique on the market, but when it was gradually turned, it was all the same.

The Tencent is growing up, too. In Wu Xiaobo's "the Tencent", QQ pet had a single section, entitled "QQ PET: mother love complex", position in "bubble hall" and "QQ hall" after "a section," before "through the fire line" and "Dungeon Fighter Online", just located in the early Tencent self research and later takeoff agent Between.

"The Tencent biography" defines QQ pets, "this is a light cavalry follow - up", meaning that QQ pets are essentially learning other digital pets like the "QQ hall" "bubble hall". However, the book also boasts that QQ pets, although "in the concept of products are not surprising, but, in the concept of links and operating ideas are very unique."

Perhaps these are the reasons why we still have a deep impression on QQ pets.

QQ pets, who are on the same page as the QQ show, are both abdicated.

It is very impressive at a special time, with a whole set of systems that are sufficient to be true, and with the help of the entire QQ system including the QQ icon, QQ show, and QQ space, it has gained a high degree of popularity.

When the era of the QQ system was over, the era of Q spoiled was gone.

But Tencent grew up, and we grew up. In the memory of post-80s and 90s, the mascot on screen is not the only one that Q spoil. Before Q spoiled, there were two images.

Microsoft Office comes with its own clip clip, big eyed clip, and rising star Kaka.

The Office 97 version of the clip is hidden by default in Office 2003 edition, which needs to be manually installed and removed completely in Office 2007. The technology behind it, Microsoft Agent, has not been left to Win7 by Microsoft.

Also belong to the Microsoft Agent of the Red Star lion, and the big eye clip, like the mouse click, switch pages to make various movements, as well as the ball, gymnastics and other postures, a hundred patterns.

The worst is still snoring. There is always a saying that it snores and destroys countless feelings.

QQ pet's rapid growth in those years is exactly the last heyday of rising. 360, with the free of anti-virus software, rising stars are gradually separated from the public view. This software that is hard to uninstall is not a good impression.

But we all love that cute little lion, and some people even remove the "useless antivirus function" exclusively. We only keep the lion cubs for everyone.

Software updates are like online games updates, and players will miss a version of a certain online game. As long as a single machine is backed up and a copy of the year is left, it will be able to retrieve the replay of the memorable version, but the net game, or the network service, is limited to the server and the iteration.

You can still play Warcraft 3 now, but before Blizzard doesn't open World of Warcraft's nostalgic clothes, you can't play in the official vanilla age. Online games vendors will not leave players with a single version after the game is stopped. This is a thankless task. Blizzard's nostalgic clothes are also forced out.

The red star's little lion is the single game you can extract, with 5 megabytes of size, but Q favors the Tencent announcement that "after the game server closes, all the account data and role data in the game will be completely emptied."

Like the most profound moment in your youth, good or bad will always remain in your memory.

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