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Clearance of the Tencent's calculus game, how many points can be scored?

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Children nowadays are so happy that playing games can lead to high mathematics.

A few days ago, Tencent announced the launch of a

This is a game for the introduction and agency of the Tencent. The process of Sinization is still in progress, but the English version of Variant: Limits (variable: limit) is already available online. The game development company Triseum is a start-up that specializes in developing educational games, and has also been called ART.

In Variant: Limits, you can save the world by doing math problems.

Your role in the game is a strange little sister named Equa.


Protagonist Equa

The mandalas on this planet have already withdrawn. What you need to do is to arrive at the destination, the driving force and save the planet with the help of AI assistant Celere.

Bridges, doors, transmission points and all organs on the planet are driven by energy crystals, but they have all been destroyed. To activate these organs again, you need to manipulate different energy controllers to emit energy beams.

If you want to make a light, you have to make a calculus problem.

Can you score a high score when you play games

Variant game is a process from shallow to deep. At first, the problem you met was not difficult. For example, the first question is to let you determine what the left limit of the point marked on the graph is, and put the small circle on the left side of the table to the left limit. If the right judgment is made, the energy beam can be emitted, so that the broken bridge can be connected.


The left limit is the limit value of a function that is infinitely close to the point from the left side of a point. We assume that this point is x0, and the left limit is the limit value that x can take when f is approaching x0 from the left side.

Of course, this problem can be done without knowing, because there is only one point on the graph. When you put the circle symbol in the right place, the bridge will connect. This is the reward for your right questions.


In some cases, you can change the value of the function directly by changing the value of the variable, for example, the position of the stone changes with the value of the function:


As the game goes on, the difficulty of the topic will increase, for example, the concept of your need to judge will increase. But there are not many concepts involved in the game, which mainly include these: function value, right limit, left limit, left and right limit, right limit and function value, left limit and function value, left and right limit and function value.


As the difficulty of the topic increases, sometimes you need to judge the concept of more than ten points in a single topic.


Sometimes you have to judge the limit values of several functions at the same time, or make a combinatorial operation between the limit values of functions. The function itself is particularly complex, and the organs to be solved will become a number of questions, interrelated, and you also need to determine which limit of the function is required by yourself. In the later stage, the topics were basically so complicated.


But don't worry too much. The increase in the problem is gradual, and you may need to do a few basic topics after you have decided that you have fully understood a concept. The game generally includes four levels. From the third pass, you will feel the fear of being dominated by high numbers again.

On the whole. The clearance speed of this game varies according to the speed of the question, but anyway, the clearance time should be at least ten hours. Although the pain of the process is much lighter than that of doing exercises, it takes time to get through the customs.

Finished playing the process, so how about the specific learning results of this game? Originally, I wanted to find a test paper for advanced mathematics in the university after the customs clearance. I would like to check my study results.

Then I found out that I might have thought more.

At present, there are more calculus textbooks used in Universities in China. It is the Tongji edition of higher mathematics. There are twelve chapters and more than 700 pages in the book above. The knowledge involved in this game is probably the red frame.


Photo source: "higher mathematics" catalogues

Well, the content of the game is probably only half the content of the first chapter of "higher mathematics", and the 30 pages in more than 700 pages are quite far from the high number. As for the key points such as differential, integral, and guidance, it is probably impossible to learn by playing this game.

But in other words, I still choose to play games when I go to the classroom to listen to the teacher and play math games myself. Just want to learn math by playing games, or need game companies to develop several learning games.

Fun but there's room for progress

Compared with sitting in the classroom listening to the teacher, the experience of playing this game is certainly much better. But if we look at the game as an ordinary computer game, what is its experience?

Variant: Limits has a very detailed set of world views and storylines, which makes it easy to forget that this is an educational game. Only when you get stuck in a difficult math problem can you suddenly think of yourself as studying. Variant is doing well from plot and story angle.

In the detail, there are also a lot of small organs in the game that you can check some of the items in the game, or listen to the audio log that people leave before the evacuation, so as to restore the story.

Of course, there are some places in the game that can be further optimized. For example, this game, although the overall painting style is good, green and yellow color screen makes people feel refreshing and concise, pleasing to the eye, but the quality of the painting is quite general. Game modeling is very rough, many of the graphics in the picture have obvious edges and corners, the map in the game is also simple, and the truth is not very good, and the situation of carton and bug is quite a lot.


A map in the game

A very inconvenient operation is that you can not change the angle of view, can only be fine-tuned. You may think this is not a problem, but as a puzzle game, you often need to go out a door and turn around, and it's common to find no way back because you can't change your perspective. There's a lot more in the game.

In addition to walking during the game, the character will also jump and climb the movement. But whether you're climbing a steep rock wall or jumping over a narrow bridge, you'll never fail.


A jump on a river that will not fail

But it also makes it meaningless. It's hard for Variant to feel nervous and exciting during the game. Only if you make a problem, you can get happiness in the game.

Well, maybe this is the real content that this game wants to teach you: I love learning and learning makes me happy.

(the source image is not from the author's game screenshot).

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