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The gang used the regular lottery to build a WeChat group to set up a bet.

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The police arrested the suspect involved in the case. Photo court


The picture shows a screenshot of the police simulation of the "Beijing Racing PK Pickup" betting method. Photo court

Recently, the Ministry of Public Security co-ordinated, the Beijing police chief investigation, the other 21 provinces across the country unified operations, destroyed 7 "PK pick" online gambling gang, criminal detention 25, administrative detention 16 people, effectively cut the national "PK pick up "Gambling software research and development, gambling software sales, network organization gambling industry chain. The other 21 provinces successively knocked out 61 "PK Pickup" online gambling gangs and arrested more than 200 suspects.

Indulging in "PK Pickup", losing more than 100,000 a year

"I was pulled into the WeChat group by my friends, in onewebsiteCalled Beijing Racing PK to pick up the gambling, and now lose nothing. Recently, a betting game called "Beijing Racing PK Pickup" is very popular in the WeChat group. In the online search "PK Pick", you can see many similar users asking questions.

According to the Beijing Welfare Lottery Center, the “Beijing Racing PK Pickup” lottery is a regular lottery ticket issued and organized by the China Welfare Lottery Distribution Management Center, which is sold by the Beijing Welfare Lottery Sales Agency in the area under its jurisdiction, and is only sold in physical stores. , not online sales.

This lottery ticket is a kind of high-frequency lottery ticket arranged in the main body of the car. It starts at 9:00 every day and ends at 24:00. It runs every 5 minutes and draws 179 times a day. The rule is to number 10 cars. The punter can choose at least one and up to ten positions to bet. Finally, the order of the 10 cars will arrive at the end point in the order of the lottery. According to the police, the so-called "car racing" is actually a computer simulation picture, and the participants compete for the "competition results". If the bettor's bet number is the same as the car number of the corresponding position, it is the winning.

The "PK Pickup" spread in the WeChat group is an illegal act of criminals who use the regular lottery as the color head and privately sit in the village to gamble. The result of the gambling lottery is consistent with the results of the lottery draw, but the gambling gang organizer freely sets the odds by controlling the gambling software to ensure that most gamblers lose and a few gamblers win.

Tang Hua (a pseudonym) is also a member of the gambling. In 2016, he became addicted to this gamble, losing more than 100,000 yuan a year. In order to recover his money, he began to sit on his own and introduced friends and relatives and friends on the Internet. "All the friends I know, there is no one to win, some bank loans, some credit cards, things in the seller, and later lost."

Gamblers are mostly involved in the group

In response to the "Beijing Racing PK Pickup" online gambling, the Beijing police instructed the Mobile Investigation Corps to take the lead, and together with the Netan Corps, Chaoyang, Daxing, Mentougou Branch and other related units, set up a task force to conduct investigations.

According to the police, in the search engine, the person who sets up the gambling will set up advertisements to attract gamblers, usually a WeChat QR code, with a brief introduction to the gambling activities, such as "credit guarantee Beijing racing PK10 WeChat group", sweep After adding a friend to the code, you can be pulled into the group to participate in the bet. In addition, many gamblers are involved in the group by friends and family.

Unlike the Welfare Lottery Center, the “PK Pickup” WeChat gambling group relies on high odds to attract gamblers. The case police Zhang Xu (pseudonym) introduced, taking the guessing track as an example, the official regular odds are 1:5, while the odds set by the gangs in the WeChat group are 1:9.5 or more. At the same time, you don't need to go to the lottery center to gamble through the mobile phone at any time, regardless of geographical restrictions, and use the third-party payment platform such as WeChat and Alipay to arrive at the account immediately.

The gambling gang has a strong anti-reconnaissance consciousness. The police investigation found that the gambling personnel used the WeChat group as the carrier, and the gambling group was replaced daily, and the group members were mostly virtual identities. WeChat group builds a group every day, and disbands every day. It is not allowed to chat in the group. If the group does not bet, it will be kicked out immediately. If it is abnormal, it will be blacked out immediately.

Three kinds of pumping

As a banker and a handler, there is no way to make a profit. The police introduced that the first is the pumping of water. In this case, there are more involved. After introducing the gamblers into the group, as long as the gambler fills the money, the water is pumped. The point is relatively low, generally around 3% to 5%. Second, the water is pumped. Only the money lost by the gambler is generally 10% to 15%; the third is to draw the water, only the money won by the gambler is taken, and the account is divided by the handle and the gambler. There are also some black villages. When the gambler wins a large amount, the gambler is directly kicked out of the group and blackened.

"The most one of the WeChat groups has more than 400 people involved. The gamblers who just started to join will generally participate in small amounts. After winning, the banker will pay you the money, but few people win a few hundred. In the end, the more gambling, the more gamblers will pay 100,000 yuan.” Zhang Xu said that PK picks up every 5 minutes, the winner wants to win more, and the loser wants to get back the capital. In the end, it will only get bigger and bigger. Some people lose 350,000 in three months, and some people lose more than 100,000 in one day.


R & D gambling software "production and sales" one-stop

After more than a month of investigation and evidence collection, the police in February this year, Li (head, 30 years old, Wuchang City, Heilongjiang Province), Tang Moumou (male, 39 years old, Linjiang City, Jilin Province), two in Beijing The "PK Pickup" online gambling gang gradually entered the police line of sight. Li and Tang gangs set up a WeChat group and called the "players" to use the "PK Pickup" lottery data to open a private gamble.

In this type of "PK Pickup" WeChat gambling group, the dealer needs to purchase an auxiliary software called "robot". The police introduced that the "robot" software, according to different functions, the price ranged from 1,500 to 5,000 yuan, and it still needs to pay about 2,000 yuan per month. After the software purchases the software, it must be installed and used on the computer. Its physical performance is a micro signal. The gambling group needs to pull the robot in. Set the bet format and odds. The gambler will bet in a fixed format and the robot will automatically accept the bet. Record, publish the results in 5 minutes.

Taking Li and Tang gang as a breakthrough, the task force found its home, namely, the second-level wholesaler of gambling software Zhou Yiyi (male, 31 years old, Xianyou County, Fujian Province), Zhou Mou (male, 28 years old, Fujian) The province of Xianyou County, the gang engaged in the "PK pick" gambling software sales in Henan, through low buy and sell, gambling software sold to 21 provinces across the country.

The task force then used the "two weeks" gang as a breakthrough to continue to find the home, and finally locked the Huang Moumou (male, 25 years old, Nan'an, Fujian Province) in Fujian, Lai Moumou (male, 29 years old, Fujian Province) Huaxian County) gang. The gang is engaged in the research and development of gambling software, mainly engaged in research and development, technical services and data maintenance of the "PK Pickup" gambling software "Robot".

"finallyDevelopmentThe software is a small studio set up by six or seven people, which is responsible for technology and sales. The police introduced that through the more than 100 buyer leads provided by the gang, the case entered the final stage of attack.

According to this clue, the task force went back to Beijing and investigated Wang Moumou (male, 39 years old, Henan Xincai County), Chai Moumou (male, 30 years old, Jilin Changchun), Cao Moumou (male, 28 years old) , Heilongjiang Harbin people) and other three "PK pick" online gambling gang in Beijing.

At this point, a national "PK pick" online gambling industry chain that integrates gambling software research and development, gambling software sales, and network organization gambling is clearly presented in front of the task force.

Receiving net

More than 60 gambling gangs were destroyed, and more than 200 suspects were arrested.

Since the 199 clues combed by the task force involved 21 provinces other than Beijing, there were many people involved in the case and the case was very complicated. After the relevant circumstances were ascertained, the Ministry of Public Security organized the public security organs of the 22 provinces to carry out national unified actions.

On May 17, the Beijing task force dispatched more than 40 arrested groups in Beijing, and dispatched four overseas arrest groups to Fujian, Inner Mongolia, Guangdong, Henan and other places. The gang involved in the case received 22 computers, 7 gambling software, 5 POS machines and a large number of items involved in the case.

Combined with the on-site inspection, the task force subsequently seized the gambling activities in Jiaxing, Zhejiang.serverAnd get all the "PK Pickup" network gambling encryption data 460G in the country. After preliminary examination, the gang criminal suspects confessed to the relevant illegal acts. Up to now, 25 criminal detentions and 16 administrative detentions have been carried out. As of May 30, in the other 21 provinces unified network collection activities organized by the Ministry of Public Security, a total of 61 "PK pick" online gambling gangs were destroyed, and more than 200 suspects were arrested.

The Beijing police hereby remind the masses that it is illegal to use gambling on the Internet platform such as WeChat. If the criminal case is reached, criminal responsibility will be pursued according to the crime of gambling and the crime of opening a casino. The general public should take the initiative to expose various online gambling activities and refuse to participate.

The police said that sports events such as the Football World Cup are being held. Online gambling is illegal and should not be involved. If such a situation is found, please call the police in time, and the police will crack down on it according to law, and will never be soft.

Beijing News reporter Zuo Yanyan

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