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Takeaway brother was arrested for stealing a mobile phone, and the assistant police completed his meal assignment.

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Miss Deng, who works in the Humen bloomer cloth market, has recently met a strange thing: at noon on June 28th, she fell asleep in the shop when she was in the store. She woke up, and the two mobile phones near her were gone.

In broad daylight, there are surveillance cameras everywhere in the shop. Are there any thieves who can steal in stores?

Video surveillance recorded the whole process of theft

After the incident, Miss Deng quickly checked the video surveillance in the store.

The video showed that at about 2 noon on the same day, a young man wearing a dress and a black hat came into Miss Deng's shop. He looked out first and picked up two mobile phones from the counter and left very quietly. Miss Deng immediately reported to the police in Humen.

Get out of your hand and leave

Stole the shops along the street.

After receiving the report, the district police station rushed to the scene for disposal. The Humen public security sub Bureau synthetic operations center also intervened for the first time, and obtained the video surveillance data of the crime shop and the surrounding area.

Shop along the street

After a series of parallel operations, police investigators found that the suspect's physical characteristics were similar to those of 3 suspects who had recently occurred in north gate. In these cases, the suspects were drowning in the shops at the middle of the street while they were drowning in the shops. All the stolen items were mobile phones. The suspect was wearing a black hat and wearing a blue electric car when he was committing a crime.

The suspect is sending out a takeout

The suspect is taking out when the suspect is in the net

According to this clue, Humen police immediately organized plainclothes forces to launch control in two communities in Beishan and Bo Chung. At 11 a.m. on June 30th, police found a suspect in a section of the North Gate community, when the suspect was on the way to take out. Police stopped it and brought it back to the police station for investigation. In the face of evidence such as video on the scene, Liu, a suspect, confessed to the fact that he had stolen other people's cell phone in the shop. Subsequently, the police returned the stolen black in Liu's residence.IPhoneX cell phone one.

Take someone else's cell phone

To raise money as a thief

Liu Mou's account, he is a logistics company in Humen employees, part-time job as a delivery clerk at noon, he has two sets of real estate in Jiangxi, his home, living standard is not low, but recently, he has dyed gambling bad habits, in order to raise money, this has played a "hand in hand" criminal activities. Liu confessed that he would pay attention to the roadside store in the process of sending out, and if he saw a sleepy or no one in the store, he would go in and "try luck".

A arrested criminal suspect

After returning to the police station for a preliminary hearing, the suspect confessed to the fact that he had committed 3 burglary cases and 4 stolen cell phones.

A quick snack by the auxiliary police suspect

When Liu was arrested, he was still on the way to take out. It is very touching that in order to ensure that the customers who take out the takeaway eat hot meals in time, the police will replace him and take the takeaway to the customers.

"After we seized the suspect, we found that the suspect's cell phone rang from time to time in the process of interrogation. The suspect also told us that he was a registered "US pack crowdsourcing" takeaway delivery man, and now he is serving a fast food to his customers. On the phone, Cui he sent fast food. At that time, we also saw fast-food customers on the platform, the fast food customers were in the North Gate area. I am familiar with the North Gate community. I consulted with the police at the scene, and sent the fast food to the customers on behalf of the suspect. When I send fast food to the ordering people, they are still puzzled. When I said the takeaway was suspected of stealing and was caught by the police, they were eating a hot fast food and boasting about me, and I was embarrassed. Lu Guanghai, a plainclothes ambush in Humen's North Gate police area, said with a smile.

Police reminding

"We learned during the trial that the suspect Liu Mou, 34 years old, Jiangxi Xun people, is not a habitual offender. He usually works at a logistics company in longan community in Humen. He takes a part-time job at noon. In the process of sending out, he found that many customers are not resting on the desk when they receive fast food. They lie on the sofa, their mobile phones are placed at will, and they are not set for the people who come to take out. Prevent. Not long ago, Liu in the process of gambling with people, lost money, in order to fill the gambling hole, it was bad, the use of takeout process, when guests do not pay attention to the guests to steal the guest cell phone, after a smooth success, the two consecutive case, I did not expect to be caught. " Humen Public Security Bureau Wang police officer said.

As far as these cases are concerned, they are all at the noon break, and the mobile phone is placed at random to the suspect's opportunity. If the owner keeps the mobile phone and other property properly at the noon break, there will be no theft cases. Wang reminded the public that no matter when, remember that "money is not white" will not cause unlawful elements to see the financial gains and cause damage to property.

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