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Ren Zhengfei's latest speech triggered Huawei employees' comments: the highest instructions, you must live!

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“Diversified development requires both engineering and scientists! Name the technology! ”

“It’s obvious that we don’t want to have a ZTE event in the basic field! The highest instruction, be sure to live! ”

Huawei employees commented on Ren Zhengfei's article "Strive for Resilience, Ten Years of Revitalization & mdash; — Ren's Speech at Fellow and Some European Research Institute Symposiums".


From the dispute between China and the United States, it can be seen that the multinational enterprises of China and the United States feel that the interests of both sides will suffer losses. Business has no national boundaries, but businessmen have countries. These Chinese entrepreneurs have seen the biggest market opportunities and have promoted the development of social ecology with practical actions. However, under the protection of global science and technology barriers and trade policies, economic globalization is being hit hard, and they talk about some personal opinions.

· Ma Yun: “Starting a trade war against China does not see a half-benefit for the US economy, and the trade deficit will be a historic strategic misjudgment”.

· Dong Mingzhu: "This blow is useless, whoever uses the technology is good."

· Li Dongsheng: “It is difficult for the United States to find an importing country that can replace Chinese TV”.

· Cao Dewang: “Trade is the solution to the Sino-US problem rather than the trade war”.


Ren Zhengfei’s statement is clear: “I don't think the Sino-US trade war will fight, and they should compromise each other. The biggest weapon in China is the consumption of 1.3 billion people.

Does Huawei's winter arrive?


The following is an article by Ren Zhengfei, which was promoted by Huawei's heartfelt community organized by Lei Feng. It includes some of the speeches of Ren Zhengfei on May 15, 2018, June 4-13.

1. Participants: I joined Huawei in 2002. I went to Silicon Valley in the past and we have seen them. Soon after I joined Huawei, I saw a speech in Huawei's internal newspaper mentioning that “Huawei does not need scientists, Huawei needs engineering businessmen”.

Ren Zong: It is impossible to grow tulips in the desert, but the modified desert soil can be planted. Are Kubuqi, Saihanba, and Israel not all over the place? At that time, Huawei was eager to solve the problem of dinner and could not keep up with the long-term goals of scientists. In different periods, there are guiding ideologies in different periods. Today we have been through the famine period, and some areas have come to the forefront of the industry. We have to look at the future in the long run. We not only need engineering businessmen, staff, operations staff ……, but also scientists, but also thinkers. I hope that you, the excellent Fellow, look up at the stars, look for ideas and directions, and guide us to more than a hundred thousand people. The 180,000-strong team has no direction, no thoughts, and will not be defeated. To see the past 30 years, we have grasped the great opportunity of the development of the global information industry as a whole, as industry followers fully enjoy the development dividend brought by low cost and strong execution; and in the next 30 years, Under the trend that the winners are becoming more and more regular in the industry, we must seize the trend of science and technology and business change, and become a head-oriented enterprise, in order to have the opportunity to share the dividends of technological progress and innovation. To be innovative and leading, we must rely on scientists.

Of course, the chief scientist can also not be the chief scientist forever. After a period of time, change seats and iterative development. After the chief scientist, he can be a senior scientist, look at a wider future, pass on, help, bring more fresh blood, and do the "admiral", "the second class soldier", in the future may become "advanced" ;

You have created a brilliant civilization of Huawei. The company respects your past contributions and needs to share benefits together. First of all, let your heart be settled, the company will always be yours, this is the right you will always enjoy.

Participants: This is very good. I always feel that as long as we work hard, the company will definitely consider our interests.

Ren Zong: Now we have to discuss together, how to prevent risks, we must implement the spirit of the contract, our contract is the highest constraint between us, so that we can meet the requirements of the law, let you legally hold ESOP through the contract. . It's not just Fellow's enjoyment. It's just that you start to make a declaration. The contract must be respected. We must also radiate non-Fellow's high-end scientists and senior experts and management cadres. We must also refer to this treatment. When we retire, we will give him benefits. The tea will be cold.

Participants: The company is a high-level technician for us. Do you want us to be scientists or engineering traders?

Ren Zong: I hope that more of you become scientists and face the future. Sometimes you don't have to study theory, you can study concepts and directions, and implement forms. In the case of an increasingly dynamic external technical environment, it is very important to look at the direction of technology and the way to achieve it. It also requires scientists-level talents. Because of the digestive effects of human civilization, it is not something that “stomach” can be digested, but I I believe that you can digest and understand. Therefore, instead of doing specific things for you, let our engineers do it. You see Huawei's future development direction. This is the most important thing. Some people do not make specific technical products and industrial products, they can make ideas and make assumptions. Drink more coffee with the outside world, communicate more and more, listen to others to reason, explore a road that is still in a vague period, and let the light lead the research direction of the company.

Xu Zhijun: Today, Huawei talents should be diversified. In the past, we emphasized engineering merchants. It was many years ago. Today, we need both engineering and scientists, and not everyone is required to be an engineering businessman. The Fellow team is also diverse, with thinkers, scientists, and engineering businessmen in the future. For example, Zhu Guangping is a thinker.

2. Participants: I want to hear your views on the Sino-US trade war.

Ren Zong: China and the United States have great trade dependence and will not be in strong conflict. And before the second meeting between China and the United States, China successfully signed ten agreements with Japan. No one would think that China and Japan would suddenly embrace each other. So who knows China and Germany, France, Britain, Africa, Asia Pacific …… Will not embrace? If every country wants to gain its own interests and strengthen trade with China, then do you have more opportunities? The biggest weapon in China is the consumption of 1.3 billion people. China has opened up its finances, opened up the manufacturing industry, and lowered the tariffs on daily necessities and luxury goods related to people. There are still many areas that will develop road signs to open up a little bit to accommodate the world's “water”. Therefore, I believe that the Sino-US trade war will not be able to fight and should compromise each other.

The United States is very powerful in science and technology. It is a society ruled by law. The protection of intellectual property rights is very perfect. The respect for talents makes the innovation power very powerful. CDMA wireless technology began in the 1940s and applied research in the field of communications. The United States entered its climax in the 1960s, when I was just entering college. It took only a few years for our company to enter the wireless communication research. We only started to work on products and projects. The 5G standard is the result of the joint efforts of all mankind. It is promoted by dozens of companies, tens of thousands of scientists and engineers all over the world and efforts for more than a decade. Huawei is only one of the more hard-working ones. The road behind is still very long, and I don't know if we can keep up with it. We only recognize the advanced, know the strength of others, and know that we respect the creation of others. Even if we are truly ahead, we will allow others to be fair and non-discriminatory. We will never use our strengths to extort the society, nor will we extort other countries or other companies.

We still have to buy 50,000 sets of Qualcomm chips this year, and we will never go against each other.We are all created for humanity. We will always be friends with Intel, Broadcom, Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Google, Qualcomm … …

I hope that your scientists will lead a larger successor team and strive to charge. Like the United States, there are so many advanced factors and advanced theories that we can make our black land more fertile, and we can make advanced products, serve human society, and survive ourselves. Come down.

3. Participants: Do we have any plans to alleviate the fear of imported parts from the United States?

Ren Zong: First of all, we must continue to use a large number of US components. This is to take advantage of the achievements of human civilization, and the United States also needs the market to support its industrial development. We are buyers, as long as we treat suppliers well, we will become friendly partners. We also need to strengthen the investment in basic research, and hope that the cost of basic research will be more than one-year, from 20% to 30%, from the total R&D expenditure of 15 billion to 20 billion US dollars, so that there are 3 to 4 billion US dollars per year. Left and right as a basic research input.

Second, we hope to substantially increase funding for university-related professors and world standards organizations. With hundreds of standard organizations and platform organizations around the world, we can raise some membership fees to better support the world organization. One of the purposes of making money for Huawei is to benefit the human society. Supporting standards organizations and platform organizations is also beneficial to human society.

We support university professors to do the day after tomorrow's exploration and research. More than 10,000 people who do basic research in the company mainly do tomorrow's "know-how", "know-how"; this thing is the need for Fellow to see clearly and understand the thoughts and theories of external scientists, to guide the way, let our experts, Young people come to do research. Research is to turn money into knowledge, and development is to turn knowledge into money. You are a thought leader and a theoretical leader, so you can change your workload and let the company move forward very well.

As for the gap between us and the United States, it is estimated that the next 20-30 years, or even 50-60 years, will not be eliminated. The United States is still capable of leading the world. However, we have to narrow the gap to “we want to survive”. This was the minimum program in the past, and now this is our highest program. Keep your mind clear at all times, don't be a little successful, and you will be motivated.

In the past, we have made efforts to include cyber security and privacy protection as priority projects. In the future, we should make cyber security and privacy protection the highest goal of the company and ensure that the interests of users are not violated. Maybe the product cost will be higher, and things can be sold more expensive.

Participants: The company's vision is very good, but there are problems with the specific implementation below, and there are walls everywhere?

Ren: We have to change. In the past, they required external professors and scientists to provide deliverables in order to be reimbursed. Scientists know what is called delivery! In 2012, employees in the lab had to write a cup of coffee to write down their expenses. To change, based on trust management. Let the scientist's power be used on the charge.

Zhu Guangping: In the past, we had to write a report on business trips on all business trips. In the past two years, we have relaxed.

Ren Zong: You must be shelled. If you feel that the company still has problems in the system and methods of basic research, you can make comments. We will sincerely absorb and make serious improvements step by step in order to promote the company's development. Just like the summary of the critical opinions of the General Manager on the Human Resources 2.0 General Workshop, I directly bombarded me in the community of the heart, and I took the mistakes to myself. “I was wrong, I changed”. An excuse for reform. There is no need to appease anyone, and the reform is so great that this is the benefit of shelling yourself.

4. Participants: Based on the news we have seen, China should increase its investment in silicon and semiconductors regardless of events in the Middle East or China Manufacturing 2025. Nowadays, more and more start-up small companies in China are emerging like mushrooms, but the competitiveness of large American companies far exceeds that of small ones. I want to ask our strategy, what do we want to do to better protect ourselves? To make us more reassured, or let us not fear the competition of start-up companies.

Ren Zong: Huawei still has to continue to learn in a down-to-earth manner. In the past 30 years, we have been aligning with dozens of people from a “wall wall” to hundreds of people, thousands of people, tens of thousands to 18 Tens of thousands of people are aligning with the same “wall wall”, and attacking this “wall wall” has been increased to nearly 15 billion to 20 billion dollars per year, rarely listed in the world. The company dares to invest in the same “wall wall” as we do, and we believe in our ability to lead the industry. Some of our research institutes have already broken through on a single point, leading the world. We must continue to make breakthroughs in the same direction on the basis of breakthroughs on a single point, and gradually pull horizontally. In the next three to five years, we are Be confident to stay competitive. Of course, we may also have some difficulties and some hardships. At that time, the value of Huawei's internal stocks may fall. I hope that you will not honor them. As long as we move forward on basic research and break through in a narrow direction, it is possible to play. We have nearly 80,000 patents granted, many of which are basic patents and core patents. This is a contribution to humanity and certainly a contribution to the information society of the United States. High-tech is not a basic construction. It can be successful to save money. It takes a long time to start from basic education. Our company is also in a hurry.

Compared with small companies, we are not flexible. They are new forces and have strong motivation and desire. We are the leader, the leader's responsibility is to run the fastest, otherwise it will be caught up. It is a pity that the existing laws and standards are coming to an end. The development is already in the saturation section of the curve. We are not running fast, and we are worried about it.

The chip is in a hurry, not only the process, equipment, consumables, the stock market in order to circle money, exaggerated too much.We still have to be down-to-earth. We know that we are far behind in the cloud and artificial intelligence, so we can't catch up in a bubble.On these issues, we need a strategic plan with a higher vision.

Fellow came from the combat team. I hope that you can digest the world's more advanced civilization and turn to look at the stars. The world is full of changes. When we understand it, it is no longer scientific. Only you can understand what the future is like. We must dare to innovate on the assumptions, innovate in the direction, and innovate in ideas, theories, technologies, and business models. Implement multi-path, multi-step, multi-scene offensive methods. Dare to break through at a single point, horizontally pull through, and gradually platform. We must dare to invest and die after death.

We must stand on the day after tomorrow and look at the future from today. We must also find the coincidence of tomorrow's technical curve and the peak of the business demand curve. This is our strategic opportunity, as our blasting attack, “the wall of the city”. Of course, this “city wall” also changes with time and demand. “The correction of gunfire& quoquo; is the responsibility of our strategic planning.

5. Participants: How do you evaluate whether the basic research is effective? What is the scientist in your mind?

Ren Zong: Evaluation of basic research, we can not use quantitative assessment methods. If you come to report to me, I understand. I can understand the signature of your assessment. Is it called science? In fact, many scientists are talking about "ghost words", there are not many people in the world who can understand, who will go to the assessment? In ancient times, it was said that "the clairvoyance", "and the wind ear", "Arab flying carpet" & helquo; … …, not all realized? But these words were put a thousand years ago, they must be considered as "swindlers". Therefore, we should look at the words of scientists from a long timeline and cannot consider whether all content is realistic. Fermat's theorem is proved in 350 years. It does not contribute much to the French economy. If we look at the problem so narrowly, how can humans explore and advance? But we have a constraint, the direction is roughly on the main channel of the company's progress. For example, synthetic organisms will not support us.

We may not understand what scientists are saying, but we can open it online and let the company's "second class" learn. These “Secondary” are doctors, masters, and successful practitioners of higher education. How do you know that no one of them can read your article? Even if you don't understand it now, you may be able to read it after ten or decades. If they read it, why not do "General"? Now our Ph.D. recruits regardless of country, ethnicity, skin color, only to see if it is excellent, and to add to your succession plan, they may grow up in ten years.

People's plasticity is very large. I hope that our high-end Fellow and senior experts will communicate with new employees. One sentence may have inspired him and has a great impact on his life. Nowadays young people, “a cup of coffee absorbs the energy of the universe”, and drinking coffee with Fellow may also open the sky, how great the future will be!

I used to say "Dentist" is deliberately speaking, meaning that everyone now knows computers. As long as he is willing to change careers, he may become a scientist in some way. On the scientific road, there is often no professional limitation, and some will inexplicably produce some “sweet flowers and grasses”. Young new employees are less detoured under your guidance and grow faster. The company will have hope in the future.

We must be more tolerant of scientists. If there were no tolerance between Braun and Korolev in the United States and the Soviet Union, there would be no space hegemony between the United States and the Soviet Union. After Mendel discovered the genetics, his views were silent. For a hundred years, humanity has been re-recognized. Due to ideological problems, China does not support Mendel and Morgan, who were born by the priest, but supported Michurin and Pavlov's doctrine, and it has been delayed for decades. Wang Jian is a controversial god. Do you know if he will have the next breakthrough? We may wish to be more tolerant.

We don't understand anything, as long as we are roughly aligned with the main channel, we will give a little more tolerance.

Participants: We always thought that we used to be engineers, not scientists.

Ren: You have to see our determination. In the past, our doctoral recruitment policy was relatively tight, because it was difficult for doctors to survive in Huawei because we were still in the technology & Desert; Now we let go of the recruitment of outstanding foreign doctors, regardless of country, nationality, skin color, ethnicity … …, just look at whether it is excellent, add to your succession plan, they will grow up in ten years.

I emphasize the role of your scientists today. I hope that everyone can be more active and bold in the scope of the company's main channel. Without the deep roots of industrial technology and core control, how can there be control of products and industries? Therefore, the company has developed to the present, and it is even more necessary for you to play the role of research and exploration of scientists.

6. Participants: Now Tesla seems to face a contradiction. On the one hand, it is necessary to innovate and subvert, on the other hand, it faces challenges at the commercial level. Are they looking for a vision for the future?

Ren Zong: Let these new seedlings grow up for those who have real whimsy and may have scientific and reasonable ingredients on the main channel. We must be tolerant of our exploration of the future. We still have to be tolerant of innovation and tolerance failure. However, Huawei requires that the direction be roughly aligned with the main channel. Scientific research, without waste, there can be no success. Huawei has come to this day, our success rate in product research should not exceed 50%, which is equivalent to the waste of billions of dollars every year, but cultivate a large number of senior generals to grow up.

Musk's combat surface may be too wide and should focus on a narrow battle surface.

We must be tolerant and fail to be innovative. Double tolerance: First, scientists must have some correct attitudes toward evaluation. Sometimes scientists will suffer a little wrong, but please be more tolerant of the organization, as long as life is decent; second, our evaluation of scientists It must be relatively reasonable, not too emotional, and it should be reasonably encouraged for the unsuccessful moment, so that you can accept it. We must affirm your contribution, and you must also tolerate the company's lack of special evaluation in one stage.

We must continue to be tolerant. If the United States does not give us elements, we need to create the elements ourselves. The synonym created is failure, and the failure may be more.

7. Participants: I personally have a question. For the cooperative universities and professors, how do we evaluate whether the cooperation has achieved the expected results?

Ren Zong: Our cooperation with the university, first of all, we can't evaluate whether the professor's research results are up to expectations, and we don't need evaluation. As long as the professor's previous research direction is in line with us, we will provide him with financial support; if his contribution is close to us, we will recruit his doctoral students, which is equivalent to training doctoral students on our behalf. Doctoral students and professors have the link between “roots” and “leaf leaves”, and we can continue to absorb nutrients. It is also possible for these doctors to help him work. The purpose of our investment is to only fund early breakthroughs in human society. We do not attempt to possess his achievements, papers, patents … … investment requires only one right to know. Like a lighthouse, it can either illuminate me or illuminate others. His research was unsuccessful, and it also told us that the border is also a success.

Huawei's basic research platform is very large. It is not just a nutrient. These nutrients enter our system. This system is very digestive and will be surpassed in product, engineering and management. Therefore, in the evaluation of the professor, you can't narrowly ask for a performance appraisal, delivery piece … …, but should be a broad professor fund. Even if the professor's research results may not be useful to us, it can be considered a contribution to human society. Scientists here can also recommend which areas have advanced elements, and can build some small urban research institutes? Then we send people to look for it, and when we are optimistic, we will take root.

The era we live in may have some difficulties for Huawei's growth, but we must strengthen our confidence and dare to move forward. Don't dare to grow crops if you don't hear howl. We must dare to increase our strategic investment, continue to attack and advance, never give in, never fear, make heroic progress, and work tirelessly for the connection of all things in human society, the digitization of everything, and the intelligence of everything.

In the current world, there will be another wave of talent transfer after the Second World War. We have sufficient funds and sufficient profits. We must dare to embrace talents and dare to embrace the times.

Submitted: Board of Directors, members of the Board of Supervisors

Main delivery: all employees, all public

July 3, 2017


The following are some of the comments selected by Lei Feng.com (Public No.: Lei Feng) in the Xinsheng Community for readers' reference:

Employee 1: There is only one reason for Huawei's success, that is, the positioning is accurate. The core competitiveness of a company is that it is the R&D capability, not the R&D department, nor the R&D personnel. It is the R&D capability. From customer-centered to hard work, from self-criticism to dividing money and decentralization, from cold-blood governance to warmth and tolerance, it is for this strategic service to improve research and development capabilities. At all times, we must take our destiny into our own hands. And continue to improve core competitiveness and achieve greater success. At that time, the iron and blood management was not close to human feelings. Everyone felt that the company had no temperature. This was not the impact of execution during the stage of engineering technology implementation. The result was obvious to all. Of course, it was not because of inhumanity that it developed and grew. In fact, it was warm. The same is true, maybe even better. Now entering the no-man's land, it is necessary to create a humanistic environment. Tolerance and warmth can lead to creative thinking, leading the development of science and technology, thereby improving core competitiveness, that is, improving research and development capabilities and being in an invincible position.

Employee 2: Since the market space of the chip is so large, it is also the direction we focus on, it is closely related to ICT, and our short board is in physical chemistry, then we should invest in relevant physical and chemical chemistry, and give China a hard life. The level of physical chemistry is raised to the world level, which will bring the company to a higher level. This is also the advantage of Samsung than Huawei, panel, memory, chip manufacturing, without the comprehensive physical and chemical capabilities of its group. Observing the phenomenon, thinking about the essence, Huawei's focus on ICT's success is because the positioning of the core competitiveness, that is, research and development capabilities. The first line is desperately aimed at customers, pulling through R&D, and improving R&D capabilities together. The company is end-to-end research and development, and research and development in a broad sense. This kind of research and development strategy and way of doing things is the essence, summed up is the technology industry.

Let's extend this connotation again. The company set up a group and it is not a bad idea to invest in different industries. The way to do things is the same, and the mind and philosophy are the same. With this essential ability, the outline of the project, the development of multiple industries, Li Jianxi is not the case, independent management of a sub-group. Therefore, the next stage of the company will be further upgraded. In addition to investing in physical chemistry, investment in new energy vehicles will not work? Can medical equipment manufacturing not work? 180,000 people are far from enough. China's depth and development space is far greater than that of South Korea. Developing this future is much larger than the Samsung Group.

Employee 3: Scientists should let the university train and the company can't do it. Enterprises need experts, and experts should first come from within. If you don't have enough level, you can either recruit some pseudo-experts, or let your own pseudo-experts reverse the external real experts. It is not a year or two of the phenomenon that the high-end can not be retained. The really important question is why we have not been able to grow our own team of experts for so many years.

Employee 4: Just like the summary of the critical opinions of the General Manager on the Human Resources 2.0 General Workshop, I directly bombarded me in the community of the heart, and I took the mistakes to myself. “I was wrong, I changed”. Only an excuse for reform is available. There is no need to appease anyone, and the reform is so great that this is the benefit of shelling yourself. —— This sentence sees the boss's temperament and wisdom.

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