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The game can also play flowers. Do you know these Android game artifacts?

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GLTools: Magic Android Graphics Driver

If you are a PC player, you should understand how much the graphics driver has an impact on game performance and effects. And recentlyHuaweiThe introduction of GPU Turbo technology is even more impressive for the importance of graphics drivers.

This GLTools is a magical Android "graphics driver" (more accurate statement should be the driver's custom tool), as long as your Android machine supports OpenGL ES 2.0, you can use it to achieve a lot of strange effects.

GLTools requires root privileges, and you must ensure that the System partition has write access before use. GLTools has a lot of highlights, the most famous, perhaps it can be camouflaged Android GPU models.

On the Android platform, due to the wide variety of GPU models and different specifications, sometimes there are some artificial or non-human compatibility issues, and GLTools can be said to be a better solution.

What is the compatibility issue caused by the GPU model? In one case, some games may only be compatible with certain GPUs, which is more common in the days when texture packages were not common, but now it is less.

In the other case, some game effects can only be turned on on some GPUs, such as some Tegra-specific games, but in reality this is only because of business strategy.

With GLTools camouflage GPU models, you can masquerade as GPU, Mali, Adreno, PowerVR, Tegra, etc., and you can solve these compatibility problems in many cases.

Of course, GLTools camouflage GPU models can not solve all problems. For example, the Mali GPU itself does not support the anisotropic filtering. After disguising as an Adreno GPU, the image quality cannot be improved.

And some games are due to hardware reasons, and GLTools can't run smoothly. But in any case, GLTools gives you at least one chance to try to solve the problem. For example, many players use GLTools and play NV Shield's exclusive Half-Life 2 game on Snapdragon's machine. It is still very valuable.

↑↑↑ After using GLTools, you can use Tetra's machine to run Tegra's exclusive Half-Life 2

In addition to camouflage GPU models and other information, GLTools has many other ways to play. For example, with GLTools, you can modify the game's frame rate, which is very useful in many games that have a limited frame rate.

For example, GLTools can be used to set resolution and anti-aliasing, and the quality adjustment is more arbitrary. Whether you think the picture is not beautiful enough, or feel that the game is not smooth, you can use GLTools to adjust the quality of the picture according to the actual situation. If you are a computer player, this adjustment should be a good one.

↑↑↑Using GLTools, the game can turn on the masked effects, don't waste the high performance of the machine!

↑↑↑Using GLTools, you can achieve special effects that you can't achieve at ordinary times.

Currently GLTools sells for $4.99 in the Google Play store and does not support the Chinese language. Domestically finished versions, you can choose as appropriate. Note that GLTools is not effective for all games and all machines, and the operation after root has the risk of bricking, so be careful.

2Qboost: Free root to make the phone full of firepower

The specifications of many mobile phone chips are very strong nowadays, but in practice, it is often a real man of 3 seconds, and it will be overheated in a short time. When playing games, many friends have encountered the game very smooth at the beginning.

But in a short time, it became a situation of stagnation, which was caused by the overheating of the mobile phone chip. In fact, the temperature control settings of many mobile phones are conservative. If the chip is not so fast, the heat itself is still acceptable. If the chip keeps the high frequency while playing the game, the experience will undoubtedly be better. What should I do? This Qboost can be tried.

Qboost is a personalDevelopmentThe gadget, which is used to adjust the frequency of the Android CPU, but only supports the Qualcomm Snapdragon chip. Once installed, it can be used, but if it has been in effect, you must give it background running permissions, so that the relevant process is automatically killed.

By default, Qboost divides performance adjustment into system default, high efficiency, power saving, super power saving, full firepower, and custom mode.

In full swing, the performance of the mobile phone can be maximized, and the super power saving mode is to minimize the performance of the mobile phone.

Xiaobian tested it a bit. After clicking on the firepower, the normal use seems to have no special feeling. When playing the game, it seems to be smoother. But switching to the super power-saving mode has a deep experience, the phone is running, and the picture is slowed down half a step.

So is Qboost really having a tuning frequency? Let's test it out. Please come up with the "Qualcomm Trepn Profiler" monitoring test tool.

First, let's look at the CPU usage state when Qboost is not enabled.

It can be seen that when Qboost is not started, or when Qboost is started but is in the system default state, the usage status of the CPU's eight cores is constantly changing, but it has not reached a high peak.

Then we enable Qboost's "Full Fire" mode and "Super Power Save" mode, and then take a look.

It can be seen that after Qboost's "Full Fire" mode is enabled, the performance of all CPU cores is directly locked to the highest performance mode, reaching a peak. The corresponding super power-saving mode adjusts all the cores of the CPU to a very low frequency. At this time, it is obvious that the operation of the mobile phone is stuck. If you want to play the game, the "Full Fire" mode will undoubtedly get a higher level of fluency.

3GFX Tool: Easily adjust the quality of eating chicken

"Jesus Survival: Stimulating the Battlefield" is one of the most popular mobile games, but depending on the configuration of the phone, the quality options that can be turned on are not the same. Want to open a certain quality, but the game can not be adjusted, what should I do? In fact, using a small tool called "GFX Tool", you can solve the problem.

This GFX Tool gadget comes from an individual developer who supports the adjustment of the domestic version of the chicken hand game "Jesus Survival: Stimulating the Battlefield" and the international version of "PUBG Mobile".

The app received a 4.8-point rating on Google Play, and its usability is evident. After opening the app, you can see that the options are all in English, but it is not complicated, so let's introduce the related functions.

First choice, you need to choose the version number of the chicken hand tour. If you are playing the domestic "Jesus Survival: Stimulate the Battlefield", then select "0.6 (China)" in the "Select Version", the other two are the international version and the Korean version.

Then, you can choose the overall quality, "Graphics" corresponds to the image quality options, the lowest quality is "So Smooth", the highest quality is "HDR", all grades can be freely selected. In "Style", you can choose the screen rendering style, which can be selected according to your preferences.


In addition to the quality of the GFX Tool, you can also adjust the resolution. In the "Resolution" section you can choose the resolution of the game, from the lowest "960x540" to the highest "2560x1440" 2K resolution.

In terms of the number of frames, the GFX Tool also allows you to easily get a 60-inch limit. Just select "60" in "FPS". In addition, the GFX Tool can also control the shadow and anti-aliasing switches, which is all-inclusive.


↑↑↑You can adjust the resolution and frame limit


↑↑↑Control shadow and anti-aliasing switch

In general, this is a more practical gadget. If you also often play with mobile games and want better fluency/better picture quality, then use the GFX Tool to fine-tune your image quality options.

4Steam Link: Mobile phones also play PC masterpieces

The above Android game tools are only for Android mobile games, but do you know that Android can also play games on PC? Recently, the famous online game electronics mall Steam launched an app, Steam Link, which ignited the enthusiasm of many players.

As long as you have Steam running on your PC and Steam Link is installed on your Android device, you can cast games from your PC to Android devices through the Internet! At present, Steam Link is Android exclusive, it does not have the iOS App Store, it is a unique benefit of Android.

Perhaps some friends will think that Android games to play PC games, projection also need PC and Android in the same LAN, this is not a horse to find fault, more than one move?

This is not the case. Now Android devices are far from being limited to mobile phones, TV/TV boxes in the living room, and so on.

As long as you install a Steam Link in the TV box, you can use the big TV in the living room to play the game installed on the PC in the study bedroom. Android supports Bluetooth mouse and even various handles, and there is no difficulty in operation.

Steam Link is so simple to use that it's beyond my imagination - it doesn't even require a login to a Steam account to work. Once the PC is running Steam, simply use your phone's Steam Link application to scan, or simply enter your computer name or IP address to connect.

The connection between the Steam Link APP and the Steam client on the PC is done by entering the PIN code and does not need to be via Steam.serverVery fast and convenient.


↑↑↑ See this interface, indicating that the connection is complete, you can project the PC screen at any time.

With the Steam Link app, you can play Steam to download the downloaded game via Android. There is no problem at all. If you use Steam Link to play games, the game will run in full screen mode. If you are using an Android box to connect to the TV, and the game you are playing supports the handle control, then the game should be different from the game console.


You can find the games in Steam in the "Library"


↑↑↑ very good results

In addition, you can also take any game or evenWindowsThe app is added to Steam and runs, and these games and programs can be projected into Android.

In theory, most of the Windows games and software, you can remotely screen through Steam Link. As a result, the big TV in the living room is also useful if it is not equipped with HTPC.


In fact, Steam has already released the Steam Link hardware product. It is a TV box and the like. After the TV is connected, the PC game and software can be projected onto the TV through the Steam Link box.

Now Steam's Steam Link app is equivalent to moving the core features of the Steam Link box to Android devices, so the threshold for projecting a computer Steam is lower, which is quite kind.

Going forward, NV and other vendors have also introduced PC-to-Android projection push solutions, but these solutions have limitations, such as the need for specific hardware and so on.

The current Steam Link app is arguably the least restrictive. If you already have an Android box/Android TV, or your phone can output HDMI signals, the Steam Link app is definitely an Android game artifact that you should not miss.

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