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Borrowing a campus loan to buy more than 400 college-generated accused? The truth is this

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The report mentioned that more than 400 college students from universities in Guangxi, Jiangxi, Guizhou, Hunan, Hubei, etc., after borrowing money from a financial investment company in Guangxi to buy high-end mobile phones, could not afford the money and eventually became the defendant. What is shocking is that many college students still think that they can borrow money without paying back.

The report caught the attention of public opinion. Many netizens accused college students of babies, evading responsibility, borrowing money, and so on, while online lending institutions became "victims." However, after the news has been fermented for a few days, more truth has gradually surfaced.

More than 400 college students loaned to buy high-end mobile phones.

Not repaying the defendant

According to the report of the South China Morning Post, in the first half of this year, the high-tech court of the Xixiangtang District Court in Nanning successively accepted a financial investment company in Guangxi v. college student loan contract disputes, and more than 400 universities generated defendants.

According to the judge of the Huang Zhige who sponsored the case, the “campus loan” was borrowed from the “704 school flower” business of a financial investment company in Guangxi. From the perspective of the loan contract, the loan amount of each case was around 7,000 yuan, most of which was bought. High-end mobile phone.

After the mobile phone arrived, these college students did not pay back and became the defendant.

In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the accused college students, in early June, the host judge and the plaintiffs rushed to two universities in Guiyang, Guizhou, to find 20 accused college students, hoping that they would attend the forum and negotiate to pay back the money. Regrettably, no one is willing to participate.

The host judge had to communicate with the university teachers, and the plaintiff also proposed a mediation plan.

According to the plan, if the defendant paid the principal and litigation expenses in one lump sum, the plaintiff waived the lawsuit for interest, handling fee, liquidated damages (as agreed in the contract) and agreed to close the case.

However, only three college students chose to settle the trip and returned the loan in one lump sum.

The three college students have found a good job, and they report to them when they graduate. Parents worry that they have “lost” their work, so they will pay for them.

According to the report, the three college students said that after receiving the court summons, the indicted college students set up a QQ group! They believe that the state is cracking down on usury and illegal lending, and this "campus loan" is illegal lending, so they can borrow money without repayment.

Every time Xiaobian noticed, the CCTV "Society and Law" channel also reported on the case on July 4. In the report, the host judge said that according to the current materials, there is no illegality in the campus loan, and the mediation conditions for the students for the students are still valid.

The judge said that after the court made a judgment on the case, once the judgment came into effect, the loan company would certainly apply for enforcement. At that time, if students continue to ignore the effective judgment and court enforcement, they will face an unfavorable situation that is included in the blacklist of untrustworthy.

Part-time redemption of routines, accidentally on the move

However, according to media reports, many students reported that they were deceived by the “704 school flower” and did not deliberately not repay the money. The accusations against them on the Internet were biased.

According to public information, “704 School Flowers” ​​is a “part-time redemption” product launched by Guangxi 柒 肆 Financial Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 704 company), which provides loans and goods for college students to purchase, and college students pass part-time or cash. Repayment of loans and other methods.

A “Zero Zero Personal Loan and Commodity Instalment Use Contract” obtained by the Securities Times shows:

The total amount of instalments obtained by Party A (ie, university students) to Party B (ie 704) is 5,610 yuan. Party A obtains remuneration through part-time employment. The part-time repayment period is 1 year. Party A shall pay Party B monthly interest and management fees. 61 yuan, the repayment of loans and the remaining costs in each period totaled 529 yuan. If Party A has overdue, it needs to pay two-thousandths of the principal of the loan to Party B. According to the agreement, Party A needs to complete 41 hours of part-time work every month, and the working hour fee is 13 yuan / hour.

Sounds good, college students can get their favorite electronic products and exercise themselves part-time. However, there have been many problems in the actual implementation.

The first is that the 704 school flower platform provides very few part-time jobs, which are difficult to grab, which leads many students to only pay cash.

The second is that 704 company launched an APP that requires repayment through APP, but the APP has a series of technical problems, such as repayment, it still shows overdue, unable to recharge and repay.

The third is that the notice of breach of contract is not timely, and some people may have paid a few dollars less, but the company 704 only notified two months later that the liquidated damages are very high. Because it is not a small amount of money, but a two-thousandth of your principal, the liquidated damages are calculated.

The fourth is violent collection, including splashing paint, leafing at school, and harassing parents.

▲Collection of post pictures posted by the postman

In fact, as early as 2016, the Changsha Evening News reported a controversy caused by a 704 school flower "part-time resale".

In the report, a female college student was overdue for the 300-year arrears in May of that year, and was finally asked to repay nearly 4,000 yuan in November of that year. More importantly, the previous staff had stated that her previous bill had been settled.

According to the report of the Changsha Evening News at the time, the victims of the 704 school flower had reached more than 300, from Changsha, Nanchang, Wuhan, Guilin, Chengdu, Chongqing, Hefei, Zhengzhou and other places.

"704 School Flower" business has been suspended

According to Tianyue's data, Guangxi 柒Zhaoyi Financial Investment Co., Ltd. was registered in 2015. The company said that 704 school flower is a service platform for college students to provide part-time, part-time redemption and internships.

The core personnel of the company are Chairman Wang Xiaoyong and General Manager Pan Jianpeng.

According to Tianyue's data, the company has obtained two rounds of investment. The angel round of financing amounted to nearly 10 million yuan, the investor was Goldman Sachs, Pre-A said the financing amount was 20 million yuan, and the investor was Hung Hom Capital.

The recruitment information released by the company is also called:

(Company) This model was accidentally recognized by Baidu Li Dong, CEO of Goldman Sachs Investment Group, Green Teacher, Jinshan President Zhang Dong, New Hope Liu Dong, and Credit Bao Tu Dong.

According to the October 2015 memorabilia of the Liuzhou Municipal Government Network, on October 13, 2015, Liuzhou Bank signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Guangxi Zizhen Financial Investment Co., Ltd. According to the agreement, the two parties are following the new Internet finance format, sharing resources and complementing each other's advantages, and jointly creating a distinctive service model of “Internet + Finance”.

However, as of now, in the Apple and Android app stores, 704 school flower APP has not been found, the company's official website can not be opened, the phone is empty.

According to media reports, at present, the "704 school flower" business has been stopped by the state, and the 704 company is in the debt collection phase. According to the news report, Liuzhou Bank, which had cooperated with 704 company, has suspended the loan business of “704 School Flowers”.

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