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Liu Qiangdong late night "撩" Allianz boss to do insurance dream: Jingdong Allianz Baidu Love

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I chatted with Oliver, the owner of Allianz, for one night last night! Every time you meet, you can't finish it! As a head of more than two hundred years of history, the largest insurance company in Europe! Oliver is always passionate, quick-talking, and focused! This is definitely a smart and intelligent guy! We have reached a three-point consensus on China's insurance industry: 1. We must let insurance companies return to insurance to have a future. Many Chinese insurance companies hang their heads and sell dog meat. 2. In the past, they almost made money in China, and the insurance company's income looks good. In the future, China's insurance asset management and risk control will become core competence and competitiveness; 3, insurance business must start from 20 years! I can see a little effect …… I am happy at the last point. I said that my current logistics supply chain and technology investment are only 20 years to see the effect, I like long-term business! ! !

In just a short circle of friends, Liu Qiangdong used 9 exclamation points, which is enough to show that, like the Oliver passion described, why is Liu Qiangdong not so!

Late at night "撩 撩 rd rd 完 完 及时 及时 及时 及时 及时 及时 及时 及时 及时 及时 及时 及时 及时 及时 及时 及时 及时 及时 及时 及时 及时 及时 O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O Liu Qiangdong expressed his heartfelt heart and determined, "I like long-term business."

Judging by the passion of Liu Qiangdong and Oliver, Jingdong and Allianz are in love.

Allianz Insurance, as a leading global Fortune 500 company, has been committed to continuously innovating its insurance business model for 125 years. In China, the expansion of Allianz Insurance can't wait.

Allianz obsessed with the Internet


First look at the layout of Allianz. Recently, the headquarters of the German Allianz Insurance Group decided to establish an Allianz (China) Insurance Group Company in Shanghai. It is interesting to note that the Allianz Insurance Company proposed to establish in China is neither a life insurance company nor a property insurance company, but insurance. Group company. As a traditional international insurance giant, Allianz Insurance is located in China and currently has a large number of licenses and a wide range of businesses, including joint venture life insurance company Sino-German Allianz Life Insurance, property insurance company Allianz Property Insurance, joint venture health insurance company Taibaolian Health Insurance and asset management company Guolianan Fund Management Co., Ltd.

It is not difficult to see that Germany Allianz is not satisfied with the previous Chinese layout. In order to form a better resource integration, the establishment of the group can coordinate the development of these businesses. Allianz Insurance has long sought the development of Internet insurance. In 2015, China proposed “Internet+”; In the future, Allianz Direct Mall was officially launched. As a new marketing channel, Allianz Express is relying on Internet, big data and cloud computing to provide online insurance services for users. Insurance groups have a strong interest in digital insurance innovation.

However, for a traditional international insurance giant, the Internet is not its advantage. Therefore, by borrowing from the sea and engaging in marriage with the Internet companies that intend to enter the insurance industry, they can complement each other. Allianz Insurance is targeting the Chinese Internet giants, which have staged a love triangle with Baidu and Jingdong.

Anlian is in love with Baidu


On November 26, 2015, Allianz Insurance, Baidu and Gaochun Capital announced in Shanghai that they would jointly launch an Internet insurance company called “Baoan Insurance”. B&A will launch a range of insurance products including travel insurance, health insurance and internet finance. In the specific cooperation, Allianz is responsible for the development of insurance products, while Baidu can provide Allianz with resources for massive technology, data and traffic.

At the signing ceremony of the establishment of “Bai'an Insurance” on the same day, Shao Duozhuo, CEO of Allianz Insurance Asia Pacific, Li Yanhong, Chairman and CEO of Baidu, and Zhang Lei, Chairman and CEO of Gaochun Capital attended the ceremony. It shows that the two sides attach great importance to this cooperation. At that time, the comments made by the party, Allianz had a professional, Baidu had traffic, and Allianz and Baidu entered Internet insurance, which has extremely high commercial value.

However, this seemingly perfect marriage has not been approved by the Chinese regulatory authorities for various reasons. Some people have inferred that this seemingly beautiful marriage may be that the reported business model is not innovative enough, or it may be the delay of regulatory integration at that time. In short, Allianz’s first love for Baidu has not yet resulted.

The third party Jingdong appeared


Just as Baidu and Allianz had no marriage, "Bai'an Insurance" was on the verge of approval, and Allianz suddenly met with others. Allianz met Jingdong.

JD.com is the second-largest Chinese Internet company after BAT. When BAT made a big push into Internet insurance, JD's layout in the insurance industry was not smooth.

In 2015, JD.com incorporated insurance into the JD financial system as the sixth largest business segment, which is a step into formal insurance. In order to get the insurance license as safe as soon as possible, Jingdong had joined the Sichuan Provincial Government in October of that year and planned to set up Jingdong Internet Property Insurance Company in Sichuan. However, there is no following.

After three years have passed, with the stricter regulation, the threshold for obtaining insurance licenses is getting higher and higher, and Jingdong’s insurance license is still not available. In 2017, Liu Qiangdong said in a high-profile meeting at the opening ceremony that Jingdong is applying for an insurance license and may enter the insurance industry in the form of investment purchase.

The dry wood is in flames, and the rest is the story.

On April 16, 2018, Allianz P&C Insurance (China) issued an announcement to introduce three companies including Jingdong's Beijing Jingdong Haoludu E-Commerce Co., Ltd. to invest 850 million yuan. Among them, JD.com obtained 33.33% of the shares with 537 million yuan and became the second largest shareholder. Allianz Property Insurance said that the two parties will build a digital insurance joint venture in China, combining the experience of Allianz Insurance and risk management with JD's leading edge in digital technology and e-commerce ecosystem. The joint venture company can provide comprehensive consumers. Insurance protection program to enhance the consumer's shopping experience. The company’s shareholding in Allianz can be obtained through a joint venture established by both parties, and Allianz P&C will also change from a pure foreign insurance to a joint venture.

Inside Jingdong, I am full of expectations for the marriage of Allianz. I think it will be very soon and I need to wait.

Not only a love triangle? There is a fourth behind


However, up to today, the parties still said that they are actively promoting. In fact, it has existed in name only, and the enthusiasm has retreated. Only the memories of the true feelings at that time were left behind.

During the period, Allianz has already made a new love, but Allianz and Baidu’s “marriage contract” has not been cancelled. Both parties indicated that the cooperation is still actively promoting. Here, "first love" has no results, and the third party has already developed further. The love story of Allianz and Baidu and JD.com still earns people's attention. (The result of the marriage between Allianz and Taibao is that the security of the security association is too strong)

However, it is not just that Allianz has moved in love. Baidu is also pedaling two boats. On June 7, 2016, Baidu signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Pacific Insurance's Pacific Property Insurance. The two parties jointly launched a new Internet insurance company, focusing on auto insurance and related services.

CPIC is the third largest property and casualty insurance company in mainland China, second only to PICC and Ping An. It is also the third largest life insurance company, second only to China Life and Ping An, and is a localized state-owned enterprise in Shanghai. Baidu and Pacific Insurance's newly established Internet insurance company will be registered in Shanghai. Shanghai has a high overall economic development level, a first-class financial environment, a generous Internet financial support policy, and relevant financial support. This newly established Internet insurance system. The company will focus on auto insurance and related services, targeting the main insurance industry in China's property insurance market. In the context of commercial vehicle reform, the marriage between Baidu and Pacific Insurance is worth looking forward to.

At present, Baidu research promotes unmanned vehicles, and CPIC has become a strong supporter. This is enough to see that the relationship between the two is not normal.

You have a good plan, I have a wall ladder.

During World War II, British Prime Minister Churchill said that there is no eternal friend, only eternal interests.

Allianz’s insurance technology dream, through the marriage with the Chinese Internet giant, continues to stage the love triangle, and even behind the emergence of the four-corner love, intending to seize the opportunity to occupy the big cake of China Internet insurance.

In order to successfully promote the development of Internet insurance, Allianz also set up a chief transformation officer, playing an important role in promoting digital transformation and improving profitability.

After a long period of exploration, this time Allianz made a direct shot. On May 9th, it was the first to set up a wholly-owned insurance group in Shanghai. Once Anlian (China) Insurance Group Co., Ltd. was approved, its business in China will be passed. The way the table is managed, while enjoying the “national treatment” policy dividend. The parties to the marriage, the final result, let us wait and see.

Love is a positive result, requires passion, needs patience, needs opportunities, and needs to be proactive.

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