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Dialogue Baidu APP Shen shake: if WeChat is really open, my little program will not be done.

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The introduction of Baidu smart Mini program has been preheated step by step.

In May, Baidu Alliance Ecological Summit, Baidu app, Baijia and the upcoming Intelligent Mini Programs will build its new platform for Baidu Alliance. In June, Baidu's internal Celebration Quarterly reported an average DAU of 137 million. Shuddering at the scene,

On July, Baidu AI Developers Conference, Baidu vice president Shen Dun officially released Baidu intelligent small program.

In the case of the WeChat small program grabbing the industry and Alipay and other platforms, Baidu will do the intelligent small program. Where is the possibility of the starting point and the possibility of the overtaking of the bend?


Inevitably, Baidu smart applet is bound to be compared with WeChat applet. In January 9, 2017, Tencent small program was formally launched, and has undergone many iterations and developed into a popular application nowadays.

As for Baidu Mini Programs, Shen said it was an important product for Baidu AI to land and reconfigure its mobile ecosystem, giving developers a new way to rediscover traffic and service users. More importantly, the intelligent Mini Programs is open ecology, not only can run on Baidu platform, but also can run on the external App. This is essentially different from WeChat Mini Program's closed ecology. The latter is Shen shake's view, Baidu Mini Programs is different from the fundamental WeChat Mini Program, simple is

Shakes stresses that if WeChat is willing to open source, we will use the WeChat open source program, and the Baidu applet will not do it, because this is a real solution to the ecological problem.

But what if WeChat is easy to open source in a short time due to the lack of ecological construction? It doesn't matter to Lei Feng, because WeChat has already entered the small program in the earlier time, and we thank WeChat for the work, but Baidu has to have a new solution to get more people involved and build a new mobile ecology.

In addition , other aspects of the Baidu smart widget include

First of all, we should align all existing platforms from experience.

Secondly, Baidu will make use of the advantages of AI technology to help developers to achieve some of the more difficult to achieve.

Third, adhere to the open ecosystem, so that all partners can run a small program on the platform.

The so-called Baidu artificial intelligence technology ability blessing, Baidu vision technology department, face technology department, augmented reality technology director Wu Zhongqin said

Of course, this is the ideal state that Shen Jiao envisions, and more importantly, Lei Feng (Public name: Lei Feng) notes that Tencent Mini Programs is not as Shen said.

Specific mandated third - party hosting capabilities include

In addition, it is more convenient for developers to carry out personalized data analysis to small programs, including user access trends, user access distribution, user access retention, and page access data through the added data interface of small programs.



Lei Feng network observed that an entry of Baidu smart Mini program was located in Baidu mobile APP, and opened.

In fact, as early as 2013, Baidu passed

The official text introduces the full function App, which is not required to be downloaded, that is, search and use. Based on the search and intelligent distribution features, it solves the problem of docking of mobile users with developers. It inherits the advantages of Baidu in the field of intelligence and search. The light application, like the current Baidu smart small program, is based on keyword search, carries out accurate and intelligent retrieval and distribution, identifies the content in the application, and accurately connects the specific services in the application with the user's needs and helps the developers to achieve a full range of development. Body distribution.

It should be noted that Lei Feng network found that early Baidu light application, that is, has realized the ability to help developers gain, including:

Distribution and users, Baidu light App platform can bring new needs and docking methods, making a large number of long tail, low frequency applications can be obtained through Baidu search users.

More function calls. Baidu provides a variety of technology enhanced applications, including positioning, voice input and output, cloud push, telephone dialing, camera calls and so on.

Participate in the division. After accessing Baidu light App platform, developers can participate in Baidu mobile advertising and forward payment sharing.

As for the old version of Baidu's light application, Shen said that at that time, the entire terminal capability was not strong enough, more based on H5N1. In addition, only when the entire Mini Programs was running inside the end could the mobile phone capabilities be more fully utilized. In turn, the front-end ability to sit better.

At present, the specific mode of operation of Baidu Intelligent Mini Programs is

First, Baidu will provide a development language for partners to package the end formation capabilities and provide a grammatical definition of different component interfaces for different APP that want to build their own small program platforms.

If the other party does not want to encapsulate ports, Baidu can also provide SDK to developers.

If SDK is reluctant to use Baidu, the code can be completely open source, as long as the interface is consistent.

In that case, Shen said, developers can provide Mini Programs on Baidu app, and on third-party platforms such as bilibili, just in different ways.

Lei Zhixing, front-end architect of Baidu App, explained further from a technical point of view

As for the current number of Baidu intelligent Mini Programs is not large, Shen trembled to Lei Feng net response,

What needs to be concerned at the moment is how many developers and third parties can be achieved under the barriers of Tencent and Alipay as the later Baidu smart small program?

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