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Science and Technology Enemy: 10 Chinese mobile phones worthy of recollection in the past ten years

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The Origin of Domestic Smartphones: Huang Zhang and Meizu M8

In Xiao Lei’s impression, more than a decade ago, the domestic mobile phone market was the world of Nokia and Motorola, and there were only a handful of well-known domestic mobile phone brands.

Meizu was originally a small and well-known brand among domestic MP3 manufacturers, with only a few dozen employees. Many times, people tend to compare it with brands such as the Blue Devils, the original road, and Onda.

In 2009, the Meizu M8, which has been jumping for two years, finally entered the hands of users. Even from now on, the M8's design and system UI are still amazing, and Huang Zhang's product and vision are impressive.Meizu M8 is perhaps the first true smartphone in ChinaAlthough it still has various problems and imperfections. When Android gradually rises, Huang Zhang choosesWindowsCE is undoubtedly wrong.


Talking about Huang Zhang and Lei Jun who parted ways

Meizu M8 made Lei Jun a fan, and he established a close relationship with Huang Zhang. Many years ago, there were rumors that Huang Zhang was always in the office with the cola that Lei Jun liked.

However, Lei Jun wants to invest in Meizu and become the chairman of the board; Huang Zhang wants to ask Lei Jun to be the CEO, and is unwilling to sell the shares. At that time, Lei Jun was already a well-known billionaire in the domestic IT industry. The two can only part ways, but the appearance of the follow-up MIUI and Xiaomi mobile phone completely angered Huang Zhang. For a long time later, Meizu seemed to have a grievance against Xiaomi. The broken thoughts of Huang Zhang were sympathized by some people and ridiculed by some people.


1999 yuan, open a new mode of smartphone

If we look back at the success factors of Xiaomi's mobile phone, the most important ones may be MIUI and price. In 2011, the launch conference of the first generation of Xiaomi mobile phone seems to be a bit simplistic today, but this may be the most passionate moment for Lei Jun.

The price of the 1999 yuan greatly exceeded the psychological expectations of the people. Of course, at that time, people did not know the pattern of buying on the cable. Although everyone hated buying it now, at the time, it seemed to be somewhat fresh.


Only one ROM dareDevelopmentLuo Yonghao

Before making a mobile phone, Lao Luo was well-known on the Internet. In everyone's impression, he is a person who is humorous, poisonous and loving. Unexpectedly, the hammer that slammed into the Siemens refrigerator would later become the logo of the mobile phone company.

Lao Luo’s first press conference became a disaster, and the rate of bad reviews may exceed TNT this year. When the expectant people watched the conference for several hours, they found that all the products of Lao Luo were a ROM on the PPT.

But you can't help but admit it,At a very low cost, Lao Luo quickly made the hammer a new brand with a well-known Xiaobi Meizu.At this point, Lao Luo’s ability is unparalleled.


Le Shi and Jia Yueting

When Xiaomi used the price of 1999 yuan to stir up the domestic market, Jia Yueting’s music was playing a loss mode. LeTV mobile phones with the same processor can always force Xiaomi at the price. In terms of components, LeTV's mobile phone is not shrinking. Even today, the fast-filling of LeTV's foundry clearance is still selling well on a certain treasure.

Jia Yueting’s idea is more radical, and the money lost on the mobile phone is replenished from other places. Jia Yueting’s “ecological counter” was also a topic that people talked about.


Feel true TM cool one plus

In addition to LeTV, there is one plus for a slice of the smartphone. In OPPO's wholly-owned holding company, Liu Zuohu's strategy is completely different from that of his old club. One plus flagship products are aimed at the enthusiast market, originally they belonged to Xiaomi.

In the first generation of the one-plus conference, in addition to the configuration, the lingering in the minds of everyone is probably Liu Zuohu’s repeated “feeling really cool”.

One plus success has established a firm foothold in the geek market. Customized backshells and feels have almost become the promotional points for each subsequent mobile phone.


Returning to China Jia Yueting next week

LeTV’s crazy layout and loss strategy finally went wrong, and the capital chain break brought a domino effect. In 2017, Jia Yueting suddenly went abroad to the United States and has not returned yet. The huge LeTV building collapsed and “returning next week” became a popular stalk on the Internet.

The disappearance of LeTV in the mobile phone industry may indicate that it is not feasible to buy a mobile phone below the cost price, at least not in the current market environment. Of course, the departure of a mobile phone brand that is known for its price/performance ratio has attracted many people’s sighs.


The city gate caught fire, and the fish

With the fall of LeTV, it was also affected by the cool. 360 had a honeymoon with Cool, and jointly established Qiku. But in the end, Coolpad still invested in the embrace of LeTV. After the struggle, 360 won the control of Qikuo.

After LeTV fell, Coolpad was in trouble. Nowadays, on a certain treasure, the fast-filled head of LeTV Cool is usually mixed and sold.

Cool, once and ZTE,HuaweiLenovo also called "China Cool Alliance". In the past, with the support of operators and government and enterprise users, it has been making a lot of money. But now, Huawei, ZTE, and Lenovo are still there, and Cool has disappeared.Today's 360 mobile phones have gained a foothold, but they have little to do with Coolpad.


Nuts let the hammer out of the shoal

The proud Lao Luo finally bowed to reality. In 2015, he released a nut phone. Maybe Lao Luo did not think of himself, the nut series let the hammer out of the shoal, of course,This is indispensableJingdongs helpIn 2016, the hammer got the advance payment. The release of the nut R1 means that the hammer mobile phones in the future will be named after “nuts”, and Lao Luo seems to be pragmatic, although TNT has the feeling of returning to the past.

In addition to LeTV Cool, there are many mobile phone brands that have disappeared, but the hammer that has not been optimistic has survived.


Meizu PRO 7 turned out to be dominated by old white

In 2017, the Meizu flagship PRO 7 ended in failure. It has recently been noticed by 618. After it was reduced to a thousand yuan, its sales skyrocketed. This is quite a bit of black humor.

The performance of Meizu PRO 7 is unable to support the positioning of the flagship machine, and the price makes it uncompetitive. In the overwhelming sarcasm, people pointed their finger at Yang Hao, who switched from Huawei to Meizu.

But what is surprising is that at the launch of Meizu 15, the old face Bai Yongxiang did not show up, hosted by Yang Lan. In the latest Meizu management position adjustment, there is no old white name. Huang Zhang recently denied the rumors of Yang Lan’s departure, but tacitly rejected the news of Laobai’s retirement and said that Meizu PRO 7 is his leader.

If someone holds a 2018 mobile phone market share data and crosses back ten years ago, it should be a madman, even if Lei Jun and Huang Zhang will not believe it. But the reason why the past is so irritating is not because the past cannot be changed?

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