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Making the rich machine millet's "sea return four sons"

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Text / Wang Zhaoyang

Source: Silicon Star

In a noisy, Xiaomi finally slammed the clock at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

This listing has become a new round of Xiaomi's “making wealth” action. Shareholding employees are expected to be financially free, and the co-founders of Xiaomi, including Lei Jun, have skyrocketed overnight.

What you might care about is that among the eight co-founders, four are typical “technical returnees”.

Their experience has also become a model for Silicon Valley Chinese to return to China.

Lin Bin


Among all the co-founders, Lin Bin and Lei Jun met the earliest. In 2009, as the old Li Kaifu's old Lin Bin, he received the Lei Jun at UCWeb in the office of Google China.

Prior to this, Lei Jun had let go of the rumors, saying that UCWeb has the opportunity to make a laugh at Google. However, this did not affect Lin Bin’s views on him. It is said that the two people talked very much and talked until the early hours of the morning.

When Lei Jun wanted to start Xiaomi, Lin Bin became the co-founder of the earliest ok.

Prior to the establishment of Xiaomi, Lin Bin had worked in the Internet field for 18 years and had made footprints in Microsoft, Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) and Google China.

He graduated from Sun Yat-Sen University in 1990 with a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and then went to the United States for further studies. In 1995, Lin Bin joined Microsoft's Redmond headquarters, from SDE to chief engineer, R&D manager, and finally to engineering director.

In the millennium, Kai-Fu Lee invited Lin Bin to join Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA), which was founded shortly. Lin Bin packed his bags and returned to China as MSRA R&D manager. Later, he also participated in the founding of Microsoft Asia Engineering Institute.

The following picture shows the founding veterans of MSRA, almost all of them returning to the elite of the country. Now they have become the Chinese leader in the global scientific and technological community: Kai-fu Lee, who took the lead, founded Google China and the innovation workshop, became the godfather of Chinese entrepreneurship; Wang Jian became Ali Baba CTO; Zhang Hongjiang went to Jinshan as CEO; Shen Xiangyang has been staying at Microsoft until today, and now sits in the top position of the global Chinese technology circle, Microsoft Global Executive Vice President; Zhang Yaqin later became the chairman of Microsoft China, and was taken away by Li Yanhong Go to be the president of Baidu.


Lin Bin's situation is not bad. In 2006, he followed Li Kaifu to join Google China. He has served as the vice president and engineering director of Google China Engineering Research Institute. Until 2010, the global technical director of Google made a strong job of moving, bringing the most important resource to Xiaomi, then a mobile operating system company: talent attraction.

For Xiaomi, Lin Bin dug his old colleagues in the US company (more on this later). In the early days of his business, he presided over the day-to-day operations of the company, such as team personnel, from recruitment interviews to negotiations with suppliers, and they worked with Lei Jun.

In 2014, Lin Bin began to take charge of Xiaomi's e-commerce business, and hosted the “Millet Festival” and other online shopping promotion activities, Lei Jun also trusted to Xiaomi's “new retail” business.

In the eight years of Xiaomi, Lin Bin successfully completed the transition from technical bulls to management posts. At the end of last year, Lin Bin became the president of Xiaomi, and stood out from the other seven co-founders and officially upgraded to the second person.

Lin Bin's 13.3% shareholding ratio is second only to Lei Jun among the co-founders. According to the latest closing price on Tuesday, the value is about 46.6 billion yuan.

Hong Feng


After completing his graduate studies at Purdue University, Hong Feng stayed in the United States. After joining Google in 2005, he returned to China and was responsible for research and development of Google Chinese input methods.

Old friends on the Internet know that Google Chinese input method is the most conscience and best-used Chinese input method on the Internet.

Hong Feng met Lei Jun through his colleague Lin Bin of Google. Due to the considerable experience in mobile development, the Internet in China at the time was also a rare talent. He has been responsible for the mobile operating system business, building a user community, creating the first and most important ecosystem of Xiaomi ——MIUI.

Later, according to public reports, Hong Feng began to host Xiaomi's financial business. Today he is a senior vice president, relatively low-key.

Hongfeng holds a 3.2% stake in Xiaomi, valued at RMB11.5 billion.

Huang Jiangji


Huang Jiangji, a Hong Kong native, a 13-year veteran of Microsoft, worked at Microsoft Asia Engineering Institute before joining Xiaomi. Yes, it is another old colleague Lin Bin dug.

He once told Lei Jun that he was not sure whether he should continue to work in a big company or start a business. Although Xu Xiaoping did not decide to invest in 20 minutes in a quick … … Lei Jun also took only 4 hours to touch Huang Jiangji.

In Xiaomi, Huang Jiangji was responsible for the business of Mi Chat, Xiaomi Yun and IoT Strategy. Everyone knows about the following things. Micha is almost a WeChat today, and Huang Jiangji’s other responsible business developments are also very general. Xiaomi’s co-founders eventually rose to senior vice presidents, with the exception of Huang Jiangji. On the eve of the listing, Lei Jun issued an internal letter indicating that Huang Jiangji had resigned from the company.

However, after all, Huang Jiangji still has shares in his hands. On the day of the listing, Huang Jiangji also appeared in the senior management team. On the same night, Lei Jun also announced that Huang Jiangji would return to Xiaomi in the near future and be responsible for an important job.

Huang Jiangji holds 3.2% of the shares, valued at RMB11.5 billion.

Zhou Guangping


At the dinner on the day of the listing, only one of the co-founders was absent, Zhou Guangping.

Zhou Guangping is the only one of Xiaomi's co-founders with a background in mobile hardware, and is also a veteran of the mobile phone industry's predecessor Motorola. He has hosted and participated in the design of nearly 100 models of various grades, including the world's first business handwritten phone A6188, the first GPS phone A780, and the first-selling model in Motorola's history, Ming A1200.

In 2008, Zhou Guangping was abducted by Dell and made a two-year mobile phone. Dell has what it takes to be a mobile phone. After two years, it can't be done.

Zhou Guangping was also introduced to Lei Jun by Lin Bin. Like the stories of the above people, Lei Jun also talked with Zhou Guangping late at night for the first time. He had hoped to find some young mobile phone industry partners, but he was not satisfied with many interviews. In the end, he chatted with Zhou Guangping. People hit it off.

People usually think that Xiaomi can go through today, the biggest credit should be the existence of MIUI and unique marketing methods. But there is no doubt that there is no Xiaomi phone without Zhou Guangping. And if there is no Xiaomi mobile phone, MIUI and Xiaomi's marketing is no better, Xiaomi is not likely to be what it is today.

After joining Xiaomi, Zhou Guangping focused on the mobile phone supply chain. In the past few years, the performance of Xiaomi has declined, and many people think that the problem lies in the supply chain. Zhou Guangping has also become an old doctor in a series of reports "sexuality arrogance". A report by Tencent at the time said that Zhou Guangping’s arrogance not only offended the supplier, but also directly conflicted with Lei Jun.

After that, Lei Jun directly took over the R&D and supply chain affairs, Zhou Guangping was adjusted to “Chief Scientist”, and gradually faded out of sight until the eve of the listing, the internal letter Lei Jun said that Zhou Guangping chose a new way of life. Resigned from the post of Xiaomi.

Zhou Guangping holds 1.4% of the shares, worth 4.3 billion yuan.

Although the choices made by these four “technical returnees” have been eight years ago, the problems they face may not be much different from the current Chinese engineers.

On the day of the official listing of Xiaomi, the value of four people soared. But when you look back, everyone may have a different summary for these eight years. In addition to these four people, there must be more returnees who have rejected Lei Jun. Some of them may have achieved another success. Some people will congratulate Xiaomi.

Of course, some people will regret it.

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