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Baidu and other three platforms have been interviewed again: bidding promotion to maintenance companies lack of integrity

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After the city's Consumer Protection Committee exposed the results of the examination on July 2, on July 9, the platforms responded according to the agreement, and all of this was a case.

On July 11, the Municipal Consumer Protection Committee once again talked about 58 outstanding platforms in the same city, Baidu, and 360. At the interview site, the journalists found that the platform has started to investigate the problems of the dealer's dishonesty. Some platforms have been removed from the market. However, the platform still does not support the online maintenance company.

Tang Jiansheng, deputy secretary-general of the Municipal Consumer Protection Committee, told the reporter that in the air-conditioning maintenance inspection, the Consumer Protection Committee found that the platform relies on the flow to sell money, and the unscrupulous maintenance of the enterprise to recover the cost of buying traffic, then deceive the consumer, and normal maintenance Enterprises can't afford the traffic, lose the customer orders, and the platform review is not strict. This market eventually has the phenomenon of “bad money driving good money”.

"These three platforms have this flow, and they have the responsibility to establish a good faith mechanism to replace the bidding ranking." Tang Jiansheng said.

On July 11, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee on the "running routine" of air-conditioning maintenance, and then talk about 58, Baidu, 360 three platforms.澎湃News reporter Zou Juan Intern Wu Ya photo

Baidu: The two "factory after-sales repairers" that were found were "Li Gui"

In the inspection, the business of the fictional computer board found on the Baidu platform was faulty, and the fictional lack of refrigerant.

Baidu responded on the 9th that the repair agent Shanghai Ximeng Refrigeration Equipment Installation and Maintenance Co., Ltd. signed a promotion contract with Baidu, and Baidu provided promotion technology services.

For the service fraud that exists in its offline maintenance, Baidu has been offline since the verification, the advertisement has been suspended, and the customerwebsiteClosed, the account is now rejected, and will be punished according to Baidu's penalty rules.

Baidu also said that it has launched a protection plan to compensate consumers; it has opened up a channel for any user of Baidu platform to report; customers have been required to provide license, filing, name verification, and Baidu has set up relevant models to repeatedly review customers.

However, although Baidu said on the spot that it has the most stringent risk control mechanism in the industry, Baidu still has problems in the on-site test on the 11th.

For example, the staff of the Consumer Protection Committee passed the on-site Baidu search and dialed two phones called “factory after-sales service providers” (not indicating which brand of manufacturers are after-sales). When the staff asked, “You are Daikin’s after-sales service. "Or "Are you a beautiful after-sales?", the other party answered "Yes." But then the staff then dialed the manufacturer to verify that the two "factory after-sales service providers" have nothing to do with the brand after-sales. One of them, the merchant link points in, or an illegal website that has not been filed.

In this regard, the Baidu representative at the interview site said that the merchant only wrote "factory after-sales service provider" on Baidu, and did not indicate which manufacturer.

It is worth noting that both repairers are Baidu companies with V certification. Prior to this, at the press conference on July 2, Baidu admitted that the problem was that Baidu promoted advertising users, and charged 15 yuan per click. At the interview site, whether Baidu used traffic to sell money, once again became the focus of attention.

Tang Jiansheng revealed that the biggest problem with this observation was that the platform was found to be selling money by traffic, which led to the phenomenon that dealers deceived consumers. According to the previous calculations, the merchants advertised on the search, the cost of the customer was about 200 yuan per order, and the normal charge for air-conditioning maintenance was not as high as this cost. This is the root cause of the air-conditioning minor illness overhaul. The normal maintenance of the business can not afford the flow, there is no customer order, the market is typical of "bad money to drive out good money."

Tang Jiansheng believes that the root cause of bidding ranking is still the lack of integrity mechanism, and the uncontrollability of the service process is too great. 58 City, 360, Baidu three platforms have huge traffic, their approach to the industry's impact is the most critical. To this end, the first hope platform of the Municipal Consumer Protection Committee is actually putting the integrity of the mouth on the action, and the second is to replace the bidding ranking with the integrity mechanism, and the platform has sufficient ability to do this.

58 city: Chengdu business certification for "Shanghai local good business"

In the previous inspection, the repairer found through the 58-city platform, after the door-to-door fictitious computer board failure (deception can not break the machine), and can not find the repairer registration information. 58 representatives of the same city responded at the press conference on July 2: In order not to infringe on the privacy of the merchant, it is not convenient to disclose the name and address of the merchant.

In a written reply to the 58th city disclosed on July 9, the company stated that it would shut down the “neighboring home to repair service” account of the suspected infringement of consumer rights, and through the big data mining system, if it found the associated account, Analysis, key monitoring.

In the on-site interview on July 11, 58 representatives of the same city platform said on the spot that the repair company was a merchant registered in Chengdu and has been removed from the store. Its affiliated account has also been closed. After this incident, 58 cities have required online merchants to fully realize the business license coverage, consumers can check the business license on the Internet. In the on-site search, the merchants display a business license.

In addition, the Municipal Consumer Protection Committee revealed that the above-mentioned repairers in the physical examination are “local good businesses” with 58 city certifications. During the interview on the 11th, when asked how to certify “local good business”, 58 city representatives said that they did not mention advertising promotion cooperation based on comprehensive evaluations such as government cases and consumer complaints.

But can Chengdu company be certified as a “local good business” in Shanghai?澎湃News reporter understands that a foreign-registered company operating in Shanghai generally needs to set up a branch in Shanghai, but self-employed households cannot open a foreign company.

On the 11th, the staff of the Consumer Protection Committee also called the 58 city complaint telephone number 10105858 according to the 58 city website reminder, and the voice prompt asked to enter the VIP authentication mobile phone number. For the VIP authentication mobile phone number, the 58 representative also said that I do not know.

At the interview site, 58 city representatives provided another complaint hotline 4008135858. After the call, the manual customer displays all the busy, and prompts, in the case of service disputes, it is recommended to communicate directly with the merchant. In this regard, 58 representatives of the same city said that there is a China Consumers Association online train on the platform, you can directly find the Consumer Protection Committee online complaints or suggestions.

In addition, on the day of the 11th interview, the 360 ​​platform went offline to promote all enterprises.

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