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The true and false world under the filter: beauty products are in great demand, but they don't contain beauty phones.

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Well known in the mobile phone industry

However, according to the 2018 Q1 cell phone sales report published by Sano, the number of sales in the US chart has been ten, and sales have declined monthly. Perhaps, frequent IP cooperation also highlights the anxiety of the US mobile phone market to some extent.

So, is the demand for beauty products in the market really big? Is it able to support the niche market of professional beauty mobile phones?

Beauty has become a necessary application in mobile phones

Not long ago, there was net red in the process of broadcasting, forgot to open the beauty function. Beauty has become almost all girls, and some small meat boys will be installed in mobile phones.

Colleagues and friends around the use of beauty, beautify the application, in the process of daily chat, also often mention similar topics, and even exchange the experience of self portrait beautification. She is often asked by her girlfriends why she doesn't use similar beautification products.

She told us to understand the notes, girls are born to love the beautiful animals, the pursuit of beauty is endless. If the whole circle of friends in the sun is to wear the skin of the self photographed, his own hair is an undecorated self portrait, to a large extent, will be regarded as unnunnable, easy to be rejected, ridiculed.


Although friends and colleagues all know

In Wu Yan's view, most girls use beauty products or buy niche beauty phones. Beauty and make-up are the basic tools to beautify personal image and enhance personal charisma.

Today, most people are more or less in the use of beauty application of the environment, the circle of friends do not have to beautify, just like the female girl, in the habit of dressing in Japan and South Korea on the street, looking a bit out of view.

And the strange eyes of the people around them may also allow

Get used to the world created by beauty

She told us that she knew how to take notes, and that she had used mobile phones to beautifying her face and had seven or eight years of history. From the early color of the simple color function, to today's filter, skin, skinning, make-up with the full beauty of the beauty application, she almost one version is not falling, all used.

For Li Ting, the reality of his face is ordinary. But under the blessing of filter and beautification, she was able to excel in beauty. In the circle of friends, social platforms, etc.

Once you get used to this feeling, says Li Ting, it's hard to get rid of it. Even feel that the reality of their own, is


The psychology of comparison makes her constantly excavate and install new beautifies and beauty applications until the memory of 64GB's mobile phone is filled, so it is to find a product that can make it beautiful and beautiful.

She even told the notes with confidence, and although most of the girls were using beauty tools, few were able to use her to be more proficient than her. She fell in love with this feeling in the virtual world.

Whether Li Ting, Zhang Xiaowei or many girls who are accustomed to using filter self timer, the ordinary appearance is not so common. As long as you turn on your cell phone, in the virtual world of beauty, they can find the sense of superiority and comfort that you want.

And it's this kind of need that makes them pursue the virtual.

Beauty products demand huge, but do not contain beauty mobile phones.

Wu Yan told us to understand notes, but now there are many selling points on mobile phones, but almost all have strengthened the function of taking pictures, trying to seize the market of girls who love themselves. If the quality of a new mobile phone is better than the previous generation, she will consider selling old phones and replacing a new mobile phone with a more powerful picture function.

Just as AI photography has just started, she replaced the mobile phone with the soft light self timer, and bought a new mobile phone that was sold as a smart photo. And she has a lot of friends around her, even for the color effect of the photos of self portraits, and spend a month's salary without spending a month, buying iPhone X, famous for its video effect.

If there is a big improvement in the effect of the new cell phone imaging after the offline experience, she will consider selling the old mobile phone through a second hand trading platform, such as a fallow fish and a transfer. Sometimes, in pursuit of the ultimate beauty effect, she has to change two to three phones a year.

However, when asked whether they had considered buying professional beauty phones such as Mito and so on, they all gave negative answers. Even Zhang Xiaowei, who once used the M8s mobile phone, said that no similar niche products would be considered.

If a camera phone with high hardware performance is fitted with a professional third-party beauty application, its image optimization will not be much worse than that of the so-called professional beauty camera. And this is a photo shoot.


Zhang Xiaowei told me that before he knew the notes, the image optimization was a bonus. But now, all the major manufacturers are taking a picture of the function of the third parties to beautify the application is also a lot, in these two aspects of the common attack, Mei Yan mobile phone has also gradually lost its advantage.

Even though it's folding.

However, with the popularity of beauty like APP, the so-called professional beauty mobile phones that have been beautified as a single selling point have gradually been used by many mobile phone manufacturers and Mei Yan. In a large number of mobile phone markets with photo functions as the main selling point, they have become overshadowed and lost their original competitiveness.

Perhaps, it is precisely because of this, Mei Yan mobile phone brand is not the only selling point, but to the IP cooperation and other tricks, trying to achieve self redemption. But can this dream come true?

(Introduction to the author of the titanium media: understand notes]

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