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Why the new generation of LCD iPhone may be delayed for one month

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On July 25th, there was a lot of news about Apple's new 6.1-inch LCD iPhone that will be delayed. Mainly from Morgan Stanley's new research report, its analyst Katy Huberty claimed that this year, until October, Apple will be able to fully distribute the new 6.1-inch. The LCD iPhone model was mainly due to problems with the LED backlight module, which caused the mass production time to be 6 weeks later than expected.

The question now is that I heard that the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone has delayed delivery. What is the reason for this?

It’s not the first time I’ve heard about delaying the listing.

In fact, news about Apple's next-generation LCD iPhone will be delayed for one month, we can trace back to two months ago. At the time, Nikkei quoted sources close to the supply chain as saying that since July this year, the two major generations of Apple iPhone, Foxconn and Heshuo, will begin to assemble parts for new OLED models, while LCD models The assembly time of parts will wait until August, so the two OLED models may be shipped from the factory a little earlier than the LCD model.

At that time, Nikkei also provided details of the mass production plan for each model, saying that the panel of the LCD model was supplied by JDI and LG Display. At that time, Foxconn will be responsible for the 30% assembly order of the LCD model version, and Heshuo is expected to obtain LCD. 60% of the model's order. As for the reason for delaying the assembly of the LCD model, it seems that it is necessary to remove some of the features that have matured for several years, such as 3D Touch varisive touch, or it may be because Apple has adopted a new generation LCD full screen production bottleneck. .

At the end of June, Guo Minghao, an analyst who had not made a comeback for a long time but had accidentally reported on Apple products, once again expressed his views on Apple's three new-generation iPhones, including the issue of mass production and time-to-market of LCD iPhones. Guo Mingxi basically agrees with the Nikkei report, but he thinks that the LCD model may be produced later, maybe until September, but the shipment is not so bad, even better than expected.

What causes the mass production to be delayed?

At that time, Guo Mingxi said that the iPhone model of the 6.1-inch LCD screen would not enter the mass production stage until September, and the mass production time was late because the case was late, but it will still be available for sale in September. As for other problems that hinder mass production, the first is the low yield of the touch screen function, but the situation is improving. The second is the design bottleneck that integrates the original deep-sensing camera into the LCD screen, which makes the production more difficult, but it has also been alleviated.

Then, in early July, DigiTimes, a Taiwanese media company closely related to the electronic component supply chain, got more information on Apple's new 6.1-inch LCD version of the iPhone screen, and why this model will delay assembly. According to DigiTimes, the LED backlight module for this LCD screen will be supplied by Nichia. The key is that Apple has made a custom request as a major customer, and ordered a module with a 0.3t LED specification.

Apple's new custom-designed 0.3t LED module reduces the bottom screen border of the iPhone to 2.0mm - 2.5mm, no longer a large chin, matching it to OLED models. Despite this, the 0.3t specification LED module is more difficult to mass-produce than the mainstream 0.4t specification, mainly because the “accuracy and stability” of the 0.3t LED module leads to insufficient capacity, and it will wait until the second half of the year. The new mass production of 0.3t at the time point has gradually stabilized.

At the same time, DigiTimes also pointed out that Apple has placed almost all orders for 0.3t new capacity in the second half of this year, so this latest 6.1-inch LCD iPhone can enter the trial production phase in July, and it will start small in August. Volume production will gradually expand shipments in the next two months, but it will not wait until October to enter the peak year of shipments, but it is still delayed by about 2 months.

Having said that, combined with several major reports, the answer to why the new generation of LCD iPhones may delay mass production is already obvious. There are three main ones:

- First, Apple determined that the mass production of the next-generation LCD iPhone was late, which affected the time required for the assembly plant to prepare for mass production.

- In addition, Apple designed the LCD iPhone as a "full screen" bottom narrow frame, the new 0.3t LED backlight module has not really broken the technical bottleneck, mass production has not stabilized yet, and with LCD panel The maturity of production with the external touch layer is not high enough, which affects the mass production schedule.

- Third, Apple encountered some problems in integrating the original deep-sensing camera into the LCD model for the first time. The groove design of “Liu Hai” increased the difficulty of production to some extent.

LCD iPhone is still expected to be available in normal time

As mentioned above, Guo Mingxi believes that the problem of low component yield and high production difficulty has now been alleviated. At the same time, DigiTimes understands that thanks to the steady mass production of 0.3t LED modules, “the LCD version of the mass production planning has not actually fallen behind, compared to the OLED version, which is expected to start production in August.”

That is to say, the delay in mass production of the LCD version of the iPhone may have become a reality, but in view of the problem of “mitigation” and “quantity production”, this model is still expected to be listed in the normal time, but the delivery time may follow the order. The increase in volume may be later.

In short, because the price of the new LCD iPhone is relatively affordable compared to the OLED model, the order volume may be relatively large. If the delivery delays, the user's waiting mood may fluctuate, and Apple may lose the previous sales. Opportunity. But in any case, if this model is a mobile phone that consumers think is worth starting, it will not constitute a sales obstacle. Just like the iPhone X, which was postponed last year, it became the best-selling mobile phone in the world immediately after its launch.

Finally, aside from the possibility of delays in shipments, from the list of rumors below, will the new LCD iPhone be the phone you want in 2018?

- With a 6.1-inch LCD screen, 3D Touch pressure-sensitive touch may be abandoned for cost savings;

- There are some panels from JDI, but most of them are considered to be LG's MLCD+ screen. Since the pixels are arranged in RGBW, the screen brightness is expected to reach a new high;

- The bottom of the fuselage is designed without a large chin, and the bottom screen frame is reduced to 2.0mm - 2.5mm. After the bright screen, it will be similar to the chin width of the current iPhone X, becoming the first LCD full-screen mobile phone with no chin;

- It is almost certain that it will be equipped with the same face ID function as the iPhone X, so there will be no more HOME keys and fingerprint recognition, but because it is a second-generation 3D sensor, it consumes less power and will also open new application functions;

- The internal motherboard design of the fuselage may use SLP technology to increase battery capacity with L-type batteries, but it is less likely to be cost-effective;

- Aluminum frame, colorful color scheme, as colorful as the iPhone 5c, to attract young consumers who pursue individuality;

- There is a dual card dual standby version, there is also a single card version, the dual card version focuses on the Chinese market, and the implementation is similar to Apple Watch;

- Expected to be priced between $600 and $700, but will not be fully distributed until the fourth quarter.

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