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Investigation: The mobile phone is remotely controlled to “change bricks” What should I do if I encounter blackmail?

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The well-used mobile phone is suddenly locked and cannot be opened. Then someone actively contacts and can unlock the mobile phone after paying for it... Many victims have had similar experiences. Why is the phone locked remotely? What should I do if I encounter blackmail? How to further improve the awareness of preventing personal information disclosure? The reporter conducted an investigation and interview.

Want to seevideoBut in the middle of the stroke, the original account has a greasy

"I used other people's accounts to browse the web. I didn't expect my Apple mobile phone to be locked. I was also extorted by the other party for 1,000 yuan." At the beginning of this year, the Wuxi Municipal Public Security Bureau Binhu Branch of the Wuxi Municipal Police Station received an alarm.

"I met a netizen a few days ago when I was playing the game. He said that I can provide an Apple mobile phone iCloud account to watch some videos." Victim Xiao Jiang said, "I found out that my mobile phone was locked up after logging in to the account. Can't use it, then QQ will receive the charge unlock message sent by the other party."

After learning about the situation, Xiao Jiang learned that the official way to unlock the invoice is to show the purchase of the mobile phone, and the process will take more than a month. Xiao Jiang, who can't wait to use the mobile phone, had to transfer money according to the requirements of the other party before unlocking the mobile phone.

The police investigated the situation provided by Xiao Jiang and finally arrested the gang of suspects Zhang and Xu.

Chen Xinwei, head of the network team of Binhu Branch, introduced that in July last year, Zhang was rented a female account of the King’s Glory game due to his life’s financial constraints and thought of a “money making” method. Posting relevant news, waiting for interested people to chat with him privately, Xiao Jiang is so "hooked".

At the same time that Xiao Jiang was sent to the iCloud account provided by Zhang to watch the video, Zhang received a prompt to modify the account and password in the background, so that Xiao Jiang could not withdraw from the account. Zhang used this operation to remotely lock Xiao Jiang’s mobile phone and extort it on the grounds of unlocking.

After investigation, Zhang and others have committed more than 50 crimes, resulting in more than 80 sets of Apple mobile phones, tablet computers, etc. can not be used normally, and have to pay more than 100,000 yuan.

Personal information is being bought and sold, and the phone suddenly becomes "brick"

Compared with Xiao Jiang, the experience of being on the old Shen is even more strange.

"I didn't operate anything. The phone was still good in the first second. It suddenly shuts down automatically in the next second. The screen shows: The account of the Apple phone is locked and needs to be activated." Shen Shen rushed to log in, the system prompts the password error and can't log in. He ran the mobile phone shop and consulted the customer service. They failed to solve it.

Just when the old Shen was at a loss, a strange QQ number called “Unlock Recovery” suddenly added him, claiming to be a professional unlocker, and can provide unlocking service. Old Shen asked, according to his mobile phone model, unlocking costs 400 yuan. Although very reluctant, there is no other way, he had to give the other party a "unlocking fee."

Although the mobile phone is "resurrection", Lao Shen can't figure out: "How was my account compromised?"

According to the clue, the Wuxi police found a crime gang. Wang and others bought account information from the “home” that sold Apple mobile phone information, including the original Apple mobile phone account, original password, password setting problem, etc. They tested whether these devices are being used one by one, and filtered out the account that can be locked. They used the anti-machine owner to retrieve the password through the mailbox, and also purchased a large number of network mailboxes at a low price and re-bind them, so that the mobile phone completely became a "brick." Then, they contact the owner according to the QQ number on the original account and charge the “unlock fee”.

After the case was detected, Wuxi Binhu District People's Procuratorate approved the arrest of suspects Wang, Tao and others for allegedly damaging the computer information system. In April last year, the Binhu District People's Court made a judgment: sentenced Wang to one year and six months in prison, sentenced Tao to one year in prison, recovered the illegal income of the two, and confiscated the equipment.

Where did the information purchased by Wang and Taom come from? Wang Jun, the head of the Netan Brigade of Xishan Branch of Wuxi Public Security Bureau, introduced a possible “upstream” channel: In 2016, the local police received reports from the masses who had registered in different places in QQ space.TencentWith the cooperation of the company, a gang that sells QQ information was destroyed. A considerable portion of the more than 290,000 account information in the case was sold to other groups.

Do not log in to an unknown account, and change the password of the mailbox regularly.

"There are many users who choose to use QQ mailbox as the account of Apple's mobile iCloud, and in order to facilitate the memory, they use the same or similar password as the QQ mailbox, which gives the perpetratorsDevelopmentThe fishing platform, the use of big data collision library, and the purchase of personal information provide opportunities. Wu Fangquan, deputy head of the Netan Detachment of the Wuxi Municipal Public Security Bureau, said.

It is worth noting that there are some new changes in the current modus operandi: the perpetrators do not need to purchase personal information, just “key-to-key” and “peer-to-peer”. This new model has low cost, high accuracy and easy to copy. At the same time, such cases are mainly based on technical means for extortion, and more are "psychological tactics", using the psychology that the victim thinks that the amount is small, afraid of trouble or embarrassing alarm, creating an opportunity to take advantage of it. Big social harm.

After the Apple mobile phone is remotely controlled to “change bricks”, what solutions does the victim have? The police said that the victim can solve the problem through the official channel of Apple in the first time, take the invoice, warranty card and mobile phone serial number of the purchased mobile phone and send it to the official email address of Apple. The staff will be within 15 working days after verification. Help unlock.

At the same time, the device should be alerted immediately if it is abnormally locked by others. According to the provisions of Article 286 of the Criminal Law: in violation of state regulations, the computer information system functions are deleted, modified, increased, and interfered, resulting in the computer information system not functioning properly. If the consequences are serious, it shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than five years or criminal detention; If the consequences are particularly serious, they shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment for more than five years.

The police suggest that mobile phone users should not set the password and security security of Apple account too simple, and the relevant email password should be revised periodically. When using an Apple account, do not enter your account name and password in the login box of unknown source, do not just click on the unidentified web page to vote, etc., and do not easily log in to other iCloud accounts. In addition, it is necessary to set up the 2-step verification of the Apple account in time to strengthen the security level of the account.

According to reports, at present, many local police have cooperated with relevant network service providers and operators to closely cooperate and form synergies in the process of information trafficking and lock-screen blackmail cases, accurately identify the key sources of information leakage, and crack down on key areas of proliferation. At the same time, the police suggested that the network operators should further increase the auditing and blocking efforts at the source, and continuously upgrade relevant technical means and regulatory means.


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