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Why is Baidu, who is confident of winning again, plunged into negative public opinion?

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(Original title: Baidu, who is confident to win another Google, is in a wave of negative public opinion)

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Mid-July: History left, Baidu takeaway storm

For Baidu, this may be just an early warning of the recent crisis.

At the end of July: At the beginning of the crisis, "Baidu has no culture" was rumored

On July 30, 2018, the public magazine "Chaotic Book" published an article "Baidu has no culture", saying that Baidu has been lacking in cultural and management construction and progress. Li Yanhong also lacks a longer-term view of the market and With a larger vision, the article quickly sparked heated debates, and more spurters continued: "Ali is not social;HuaweiThere is no life; there is no real thing in the fight; Netease has no attitude; there is no music. ”

According to the data, the impact index of the event reached 42.2, which is higher than "Baidu said that the East IC's ransomware rights" (the eastern IC official microblogging essays roaring) (40.8), the public opinion on high-frequency words has "fallen, Turbulence, regret, etc.

At the beginning of August: concentrated group ridicule, search is spit, Baidu can really win Google?

At the beginning of August, @王星WX @曾鹏宇 two big V have spit Baidu search, the former is because of a cold fever, search for drugs on Baidu appeared in the Putian Department Hospital; the latter is on Baidu search for air-conditioning after sales, the top search The results are all known as "official after-sales", but they are marked with the word "advertising".

Among them, @曾鹏宇's Weibo has received nearly 4,000 forwards, because it has a high influence, and the content of Weibo content is strong, @战史研究WHS @开水族馆的生物男@罗昌平@严Feng @秦祎墨 and many other large Vs have been forwarded, and Weibo has spread rapidly.

Although the comments mostly indicate "shamefulness, fraud", however, it seems to be "daily frustration" for Baidu search, which has been criticized for advertising promotion and false after-sales. If you really let Baidu be attacked by the group, you should turn your attention to Baidu’s "old rival" - Google.

At the beginning of August, Google’s plan to return to mainland China was reported. The Securities Daily reported that “from the relevant departments, it was learned that rumors about Google or returning to China are not.” However, as of August 6, the People’s Daily published an overseas publication saying “Welcome to Google’s return to mainland China, but only if it must abide by Chinese laws.” Although the news of Google’s return to China has repeatedly appeared, the People’s Daily’s public response seems to be one. Time has increased the credibility of this news a lot.

On August 7th, Baidu CEO Li Yanhong, who was on the Internet, said that the People’s Daily welcomed Google’s return to a circle of friends: “I am very confident to win Google again.” However, this response, even Baidu’s employees couldn’t help but vomit "Little Horse, he said..."

In the analysis of knowing about Google or going back to China, the high-frequency words are also closely related to Li Yanhong and Baidu, such as "PK", "competition", "diss" and so on.

There is no harm without comparison. Netizens have also begun to compare Google and Baidu. In a vote on the Weibo platform about "Do you choose B or G?", Google won by overwhelming advantage. On August 8th, the big V@ 吕健中@千面娇娃杨老师@戈蓝V started to concentrate on the blog at 10 o'clock, and compared the words "sweet slip" and "snow white" to Baidu and Google's image search respectively. From the results, Baidu seems to be more "beautiful" than Google.

@吕健中's Weibo has been more than 2,000 times forwarded, and Weibo's popular forwarding includes @殆知阁2 @布尔费墨@蓝鲸财经记者工作平台 @Zodzod_张浩, etc. The maximum depth of propagation is 8 layers.

The emotion of this negative public opinion is more serious than before. From the analysis of the micro-propagation analysis, the emotional value of @曾鹏宇's Weibo Tucao users is still positive, @吕健中 single Weibo's emotional value is only -58. The review of negative high-frequency words is even more "anger, fault, contempt".

After a lapse of 8 years, will Google really return to China? We still have no way of knowing. But no matter what, from the current public opinion environment, Li Yanhong and Baidu are facing a new round of negative sensational storms.

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