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Samsung wants to challenge the price cap of Android phones.

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Samsung's flagship aircraft in the second half of the yearGalaxy Note 9Finally we met. Compared to last year's Note 8, this year's Note 9's main difference is reflected in battery capacity, internal storage, and SPAN pen extensions and other details of the improvements are basically expected, but the most surprising is probably the price of the product.


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According to official information, U.S. users are currently booking Note 9,128GB for $1,000 and 512 GB for $1,250. Correspondingly, the two versions of the domestic pioneer "tasting fresh" are 7499 yuan and 9499 yuan respectively. Combined with the situation of the Samsung S9 series at the beginning of the year, the final sale price will be about 300-400 yuan lower than the current tasting fresh price.

Given the sluggish sales of the Galaxy S9 series this year, the industry had expected Samsung's Note 9 to be priced close to last year's Note 8, meaning it would not be priced above $1,000 like the iPhone X. In addition, at the beginning of this month, KyeongTae Lee, the head of Samsung mobile phone business, also worked.Hint"This Note 9 will provide excellent performance at reasonable prices".


But Samsung clearly doesn't want to lose to Apple, especially at the high price of the $10,000 mark, which represents the highest core user base. This exaggerated figure has already been made available in the OPPO Find X Lamborghini and Huawei's Mate RS Porsche versions, but in fact both models are positioned as "limited edition" rather than "mass production" models, not to mention the endorsement of luxury cars.

And, like Samsung Note 9, the first Android handset manufacturer to dare to push the price of a mass-produced model directly to the same level as the iPhone X.

Unfortunately, Samsung's 10,000 yuan pricing courage, though commendable now, is not enough.


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As for the yellowish, remotely photographable SPAN stylus, 4,000 mA batteries, and 512 GB of storage, it's hard to justify the premium, and the appearance hasn't changed much, so many people prefer the Note 9 as a Note 8s.

But in Samsung, Note 9 is not attracting users of Note 8 a year ago. Drew Blackard, the senior director of product marketing in SamsungState of state"This new opportunity is a big improvement for Note 5 and even earlier Note users in 2015," he said. "


That's similar to what happened with Apple. For example, many of the people who bought the iPhone 8 last year still use the iPhone 6 and 6s, because the average switching cycle for most users is about two to three years.


In the last year or two, Android mobile phone prices have been rising, with fewer and fewer people putting too much emphasis on the word "cost-effective" in their presentations, and millet no longer sticks to the name of "price butcher" for $199. Most domestic flagship planes are targeting a price range of 2,500-3,000 yuan, while flagships like Huawei, OPPO and vivo will be even higher, starting at around 4,000-5,000 yuan, and even touching 6,000 yuan for the top-end edition.

The rise in prices is also related to the increasing saturation of the global mobile phone market. After all, raising the average price of a product would undoubtedly compensate for the decline in sales, and Apple is one of the best examples.

In the last quarterApple financial reportWe also mentioned that the average price of the iPhone, ASP, rose from $606 in the same period last year to $724 today, so even if the overall shipment of the iPhone did not increase significantly, it still saw a 20% increase in sales.


In fact, when the iPhone X was first introduced, many analysts thought that Apple's $1,000 price was unwise and certainly not as good as the traditional $700 iPhone, but according to Apple CEO Cook, the iPhone X was Apple's best-selling product in both quarters, plus the average price did go up. Up, this ten thousand yuan iPhone may be better than many of us think.

In response, Apple's $1,000 iPhone X significantly pushed the price cap on high-end flagship phones, and there were plenty of users willing to pay for high-priced phones.

But there is a premise that you must first produce a product that is good enough.


In fact, innovations in shape and function are still the best reason to persuade most users to change their machines, and even those who "just watch and don't buy" won't scoff at the price of $5,600 or $6,000.

As for iPhone, the situation is more complex. In addition to its outstanding hardware products, Apple is also relying on iOS and various services, accessories to increase hardware differentiation, which can not be seen in the light of what is actually the "moat" of the iPhone, and most Android phones are hard to catch up with.


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A few years ago, while people were still fighting the price war, we had questions about the price cap for Android phones. After all, in the absence of such a closed ecosystem as iOS, as consumers, we just need to spend $2,000 or $3,000 to buy a flagship experience similar to the $5,000 or $6,000 product?

But in the long run, the fundamental purpose of mobile phone manufacturers'profits will not change. After all, being a business is not philanthropy. Making money to support oneself can only solve the most basic needs. Whoever has a high profit can spend more money on R&D, who can make something different from others. Without technical breakthroughs, it's hard for handset makers to talk about users to change their phones.

Samsung, of course, understands that, as the world's largest mobile phone maker by far, it is the only one that can charge a higher price than the iPhone. Still, consumers'doubts and disbeliefs about Samsung will continue until Samsung delivers a product that is attractive enough, rather than relying solely on big batteries and memory as its main selling point. At least the current Samsung Note 9 is hard to convince consumers to pay as much money as the iPhone X.

Of course, I still believe Samsung's technological accumulation and strength. Maybe next year, we'll see Samsung's folding-screen handset coming out and putting on a big counterattack like the S6 edge.

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