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3 times in January, Facebook life can not bear the weight

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Everyone has the same picture on their computer:

Oh, it turns out that Facebook is down again.

This time, the scope of the downtime was a bit wide, and the United Kingdom, the United States, India, and Brazil all shot.

Twitter became the center of the world:

Someone asked on Twitter, except Brazil, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, Australia, and other places also took the opportunity?

Soon, people from all over the world came to report: India, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Thailand, Canada, the Philippines...

This is probably the case in the world:

Specific to each region:

United States

The worst situation in Europe

Downtime trackingwebsiteDownDetector reports that angry and rushing users ran to their website to complain. This downtime is mainly divided into several situations: 43% of users report complete downtime, 30% report login issues, and 25% report image issues.

Within a few hours, the number of users reporting problems on the DownDetector website has exploded.

Soon, Facebook said that it has been aware of the problem of downtime and is rapidly solving it. Interestingly, Facebook’s platform for making this announcement is its biggest competitor, Twitter.

Three times a month

In fact, this is already Facebook's recent 1st? 2? 3? - Forget it, in short, it was the first time to take the opportunity.

On July 13th, a large number of users flocked to the forum, accusing the Facebook App of opening a collapse, and the page jumped up and played like a joke. Europe is the most injured (how it is Europe...), and it is eye-catching on the whole map.

The problems reported by Android users mainly include two. One is that the app cannot be loaded after it is opened, and the other is that it cannot be opened at all, and it does not stop flashing. And this happens after Facebook updates its app. Since Android phones are generally set to be automatically updated, many people don't even know they have used the latest version.

What can I do if I can't open it all the time? Then try the most stupid way, unload and reload. However, the small machine spirits found that even this end of Dafa can not save Facebook.

Worse, this time it was a viral "family infection", and Facebook's pro-neighbor Instagram and Messenger also fell.

Some Instagram users are miserable and can't get into the account at all; others find that although they can log in, the homepage cannot be refreshed and new photos cannot be uploaded.

Instagram inherits the family's fine traditions and is the most painful to the world, especially in the United States, Brazil and Western Europe. But wit people point out that users in other regions have not been affected too much because they are at night.

Although Instagram has solved the problem quickly, it is now a huge impact, and even if it is huge, it will have a global impact.

Messenger, the problem is almost the same, don't say it, anyway, it won't be used anymore!

On July 17, the downtime occurred again. This time, users all over the world have been affected. The disaster is seriously concentrated on the east coast of the United States and... you know, Europe.

Internal and external troubles

Although it is not uncommon for a technology company to take the opportunity, for Facebook, this is already "the unbearable weight of life."

Earlier this year, a company called Cambridge Analytics was exposed, which in turn involved an "epic-level" scandal in which tens of millions of Facebook users were abused.

After the scandal came out, the media and users were at the nuclear bomb level. Then Xiaoza was invited to the National Diet to drink two days of tea (or tea for the whole live broadcast), and then the remarks were made, what shareholders should smash and step down, the government To penalize Facebook 2 trillion ... and so on. From the beginning of the year to the middle of the year, Facebook, which has lost blood, has not returned to its soul.

Just as the privacy storm eased slightly, Facebook’s second-quarter earnings report was released.

According to the financial report, Facebook's revenue in the second quarter was 13.231 billion US dollars, up 42% from the same period of last year's 5.321 billion US dollars; net profit was 5.106 billion US dollars, an increase of 31% over the same period last year's net profit of 3.894 billion US dollars. Advertising revenue was $13.04 billion, accounting for 98.6% of overall revenue.

Although the financial data is not bad, Facebook's share price plummeted more than 20% after the close of the day. Not to mention the fact that the three-year-old family’s three-year-old company’s $168 billion contraction was tight, and the entire technology circle shook three times.

According to Bloomberg's analysis, the reason for this plunge is that the rigorous data review that Facebook encountered before led to a decline in user activity.

In late May, the most stringent EU data in the history of the new GDPR began to take effect, the first chopper was placed around Facebook's neck.

Although Xiaozha is committed to the face of a member of the European Parliament, we will certainly abide by the new regulations and certain. But obviously, in the face of a small tie that gave more than 200 promises in the US Congress two days ago, European regulators decided: I have to check the end. If there is a violation, Facebook may face billions of dollars in fines.

Falling into the altar

Year after year, the world's top technology companies are struggling between new users and high incomes. Their stock prices are also rising. Behind the scenery, it seems that any problems and mistakes can be lost.

However, there are pressures on data privacy issues, and there are pressures of repeated downtime. Facebook has fallen into the altar. Both users and investors have broken the belief that this company is invincible.

Facebook mentioned in its quarterly report that in the next few quarters, the company will invest huge amounts of money in security and privacy, which will further lead to a slowdown in revenue. As for how big the "huge" is, Facebook CFO David Wehner gives a rough estimate: billions of dollars a year. In addition, in the process of complying with the EU's GDPR, the company will also be "moderately affected."

Facebook with 2.5 billion users never worry about making money, but repeatedly taking the opportunity to let users' irritability accumulate, and then use the long-shoulders with privacy leaks to see the fragile heart of users, and the time that users spend on Facebook. And attention is bound to decrease, and this is obviously not a good thing.

It’s a little bit longer, and it’s time to be photographed on the beach.

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