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2018 Taobao building Festival tickets are on sale: more than 200 family stores, MR shopping debut

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In the matter of “innovation”, the 15-year-old Taobao has never lost its enthusiasm. This year, the creation festival was sited in the classical West Lake of Hangzhou, so that netizens couldn’t help but look forward to it: the Taobao Festival of Love this year. What is it like?

On August 16th, the Taobao Festival Festival tickets were fully sold. A series of exposures followed by "Spy Shots" also unveiled the mystery of the Creativity Festival — — opened a booth along the West Lake, created "six cities" rd singular; concerts, fashion shows, museums stunning appearance Over 300 square meters & ldquo; Taobao buy ah & rdquo; experience museum to bring you to enjoy the future life … …

In the view of Alibaba Group CMO Dong Benhong, this year's Taobao Festival in West Lake is not only a parade of Taobao's innovative power, but also a concentrated display of Chinese youth's creativity. “You can not only see Taobao but also China.” Youth”.

As Taobao’s most grand and fun offline market in the year, this year’s creation festival is unprecedented in scale, not only invited more than 200 Taobao’s “God Shop”, but also the street is divided into “six cities” & mdash ;—Main Market“Qi City” and the second element“home market" pets“ Meng City”, non-legacy"wenshi”, food "night market”, second-hand collection“ Bao City & rdquo; and other five vertical market.


Taobao Creativity Festival City Concept

In addition to luminous basketball, cowboys, and never-ending paper planes, Qiqi also created a special area for technology fans, which will showcase mini-four-wheel drive, parts-making machine, robots, etc. The device, while watching the audience, can also interact on-site and experience the magic of “reality of the future”. China Sugar King Zhou Yi, China's first hand, four generations of face-to-face family, "face people Wei", and other "God" will also debut.


Taobao Creation Festival Meng City Concept Map

“Vertical marketplace” is also star-studded, with a wide open brain. For example, “Meng City” has a pet chef who produces a star-rated meal “Dust Room”, a 3D pet cake shop that can be eaten by humans, and even the strongest pet photography research institute; non-legacy“ The city market, please come to the oil paper umbrella, wood carving, group fan, Su embroidery, gold foil, beach head new year painting, horsetail embroidery, porcelain tire bamboo and other 23 operations "no legacy" business Taobao shop. Walk in the vertical market, feel the collision between ancient and modern, and experience the feeling of crossing.


Taobao Creativity Festival Night Market Concept

In addition,This year's Creativity Festival is also on the line with a high-sounding “Food Street”, which is open from 15:30 pm to 21:30 pm, which is also the first “Night Market” established in the history of the Creativity Festival.. Salted chicken, cold-eaten rabbit, crab-flavored soup bag, sparkling rice wine, crayfish, too ham and other Taobao hot snacks will appear one by one, the audience can taste the world's food, while the West Lake wonders.

Seeking new changes is the theme of this year's Creativity Festival. In addition to the Shenren God shop, this year's Creativity Festival is also on the line of the three major "new members" & rdquo; & mdash; & mdash;Taobao Museum, “Broken Bridge” fashion show and “Building Forest” concert, making full use of the West Lake outdoor locationIt will show the sparkling brain hole and creativity on Taobao.



Taobao Creativity Festival Museum Concept Illustration

The Taobao Museum is a temple of creation that can “travel through time and space”. Into the museum, the audience will be like "sit on time" & nbsp; back to 15 years ago, review Taobao all the way from "extreme price/performance", "time, "universal Taobao" era went to "Taobao made everything" In the era, experience the magical changes that Taobao Runwu brings to life silently.

The Forest Concert will be held for three consecutive nights. It will be divided into three major music themes: national tide, love song and rock. Well-known bands, universal youth hotels, painful aunts, aunts, Xu Mengyuan and other famous bands and singers will be on stage. . On-site, Taobao merchants will also be invited to participate in the sound-making performance, and live music festival content will be broadcast live on Taobao and Youku. The online audience's praise will also trigger the effect device of the offline stage. The interactive interactive system will make the online and offline carnival!

After visiting the museum and listening to the concert, don't forget that there is also a “Broken Bridge” fashion show called “Breakfast”. According to reports, Taobao has assembled 20 top Chinese cutting-edge designers including MS MIN, Secret Fan, YVISON, EVENING, etc., and created a new theme based on the theme of “All Things”. While offline, the outdoor show will also be broadcast live online. The audience can buy it while watching. The interactive intimacy and the highest praise can also become the theme of the night, The Youth Choice, enter the most popular Taobao trend TOP list.

Every year at the Taobao Creation Festival, black technology is the highlight, and this year is no exception.After Taobao Buy+, “Amoy Coffee”, no one retailed coffee, this year's Creativity Festival Taobao re-launched, announced to enter the MR (mixed reality) shopping field, and Microsoft HoloLens teamed up to launch "Taobao buy ah".

It is reported that Taobao will build a 300 square meter "in the future shopping district" on the side of the West Lake, consumers can use the holographic image to make the content themselves "speak" & rdquo;— with the help of "Taobao buy ah" — As long as you wear glasses, information including product prices, sales, user reviews, etc. will be intelligently identified and displayed in all directions. At that time, consumers will automatically drop into the bag by gestures, voices, and even a round of eyeballs.


& ldquo; Taobao buy ah & rdquo; future shopping district concept map

As this year's creation festival theme song wrote: "Look at the West Lake, the water is green and cloudy, all are Guangna, Baichuan ancient and modern cultural relics; Taobao, the vast treasures of the mountains and rivers, only one go, Qishi West Lake. ”

These scenes, which seem to exist only in science fiction movies, will be officially unveiled at the festival..On September 13-16, the West Lake Taobao Creation Festival, we will wait and see.

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