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Support Chrome expansion completely reduced to vest? Opera 55 fresh experience

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Little change of main interface settings page supports black theme

Fig. 1 Opera 55 main interface

Opera 55's settings page has changed to include "Privacy, Security, Functions and Browsers" in the Advanced Settings section. In addition, the settings page also supports the black theme background of the theme background, no longer open the settings page at night when suddenly give you a feeling of blindness.

Figure 2 Opera 55 setup page

The biggest change is the URL security label button on the left side of the Opera address bar, which is now available to users in addition to viewingwebsiteWhether or not to enable secure browsing (HTTPS), but also through the button to enter the Web page settings interface, to set a separate site permissions.

Fig. 3 security sign button

Figure 4 Web site setup

Users can set privileges individually for a site, such as whether to allow flash, whether to block advertising. Whether or not to display pictures that allow JavaScript, and so on, can avoid the practice of killing all pages with one stick in a unified setting.

The most practical changes support Chrome online store direct expansion.

Next, the biggest and most practical change to Opera 55 is support for installing Google Chrome extensions directly from the Chrome Web App Store.

Go directly to the Chrome App Store in Opera 55 (click Enter) and try to install any of the extensions. You'll find that you can't install the extensions directly, and there's no installation button to click on.

Figure 5 cannot install extensions directly.

Don't worry. Careful users will see a warm reminder box on the home page that they need to install a supported extension before they can install other extensions directly.

Figure 6 warm reminder

Figure 7 installation support extensions

After installing the support extension, go to any extension page, you can see the "Add to Opera" button, click the button will automatically download the extension, download there will be some compatibility tips. This is just the download extension, and then Opera pops up a prompt to let the user go into the Extension Management page to install the extension.

Figure 8 add to Opera

Figure 9 installation reminder

Figure 10 installation extension

Opera 55, however, does not support all Chrome extensions, and some extensions can cause failures when they need to call functions that are not available in Opera. Users can also install extensions by dragging and dropping Chrome extensions to Opera's main interface.

Unfortunately, the Chrome App Store is not directly accessible in China, but you can go directly to Opera's own plug-in store at this address (click Enter).

2Opera55 performance test

Performance small test Opera 55 shows how

Opera 55's kernel uses Chromium 68.0.3440.106, so we'll compare Chrome with it and test its performance. Affected by the testing environment, this test does not represent the final test results in all computers.

JetStream test:

JetStream is a JavaScript benchmark suite that focuses on the most advanced Web applications. Test address: https://browserbench.org/JetStream/

Google Chrome 68 test score: 189.78 + 9.0480

Opera 55 score: 181.69 ±10.960

Figure 11 Google Chrome 68 test screenshots

Figure 12 Opera 55 test screenshots

HTML5 example test:

HTML5 can be said to be the most popular technology, for the browser itself, the performance of HTML5 has never been neglected. The advent and popularity of HTML5 reduces browsers'need for rich web application services that require plug-ins, such as Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight, and Oracle JavaFX, and provides more standard sets that can effectively enhance web applications. (the larger the test result is, the better).

Test address: https://html5test.com/

Google Chrome 68 test score: 528

Opera 55 test score: 528

Figure 13 Google Chrome 68 test screenshots

Figure 14 Opera 55 test screenshots

* RoboHornet Pro test:

RoboHornet Pro is completely designed according to the real physical environment. This includes the technologies currently supported by browsers, such as JavaScript, CSS3 animation, CSS3 deformation, CSS3 text shadows, custom WEB open fonts, Unicode encoding and so on, should be said to be closer to the user's real environment. (the smaller the test result, the better).

Test address: https://testdrive-archive.azurewebsites.net/performance/robohornetpro/

Google Chrome 68 test score: 3.493 seconds

Opera 55 test score: 3.663 seconds

Figure 15 Google Chrome 68 test screenshots

Figure 16 Opera 55 test screenshots

Test summary: As you can see from the above tests, Opera 55 has been following Chrome's footsteps, the performance gap is getting smaller and smaller, has been able to rival Chrome.

Resource occupancy rate test:

First, set the home page of each browser to the home page of the Pacific Computer Network Software Information Channel (//pcedu.pconline.com.cn/), then open the home page of Sina, Sohu, Netease andtencentHome page, calculate the occupancy rate of resources after opening five major websites 1 minute, restart the system after each test browser and then test the next browser. All browsers maximize the interface mode.

Test results:

The occupancy rate of Google Chrome 68 CPU is 0-5%, and the memory occupancy rate is around 805M.

The occupancy rate of Opera 55 CPU is 0-13%, and the memory occupancy rate is around 768M.

Figure 17 Google Chrome 68 test screenshots

Figure 18 Opera 55 test screenshots

Additionally, we tested AOpera's resource usage when it did not load any pages (static), that is, when it chose to load only navigation pages at startup, CPU usage was 0-1%, and memory usage was about 138M.

Figure 19 Opera static test screenshots


In fact, since Opera switched to the Blink engine, many people have thought that Opera has become Chrome's vest. This time Opera 55 can install the Google Chrome extension directly from the Chrome Web App Store, which is a further example of this bookstore. However, this is undoubtedly a great convenience for users to access and install extensions, which also improves the security of installing extensions, interested friends to try it out.

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