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Taobao teamed up with Microsoft to enter MR shopping "Taobao buy ah" will change hundreds of millions of consumers to buy and buy posture

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Undoubtedly, from the 2003 Taobao, to the mobile phone Taobao in 2013, to the Taobao purchase in 2018 (Taobao MR), Taobao did not hesitate in the matter of self-revolution.


In the world of mixed reality, Taobao is no longer an App, but truly becomes a way of life. Put on the smart head display device and evoke Taobao to buy, the world in front of you will be blessed by digital information.

In the iFashion clothing store, I used the eyes to "see" the clothes on the model, and the Taobao red man Yang Wenxi was "called out." He came to you in a holographic way, not only for you to dance a dance, but also to introduce you goods carefully, just like a real person; in the Forbidden City Taobao shop, just look at the portrait of the emperor on the wall, they are like "being applied Like magic, talk to you and talk.


Buy through Taobao and interact with the holographic Taobao Reds

At the 2018 Taobao Creation Festival, Taobao built a 300 square meter MR experience space, including a shopping main street and three theme stores (Taobao Secondary Store, Taobao iFashion Store, Forbidden City Taobao IP Store), and different stores. Will show the different functions of Taobao.

The biggest trait of Taobao to buy is “change interaction” and “enhance the sense of experience”; not only must we have an addiction, but also let the consumer get started and make the operation cool.

For example, when a consumer walks into the Forbidden City Taobao store and opens a “Gege Notebook” in the product display area, a set of 3D animations will appear in front of the product, and there will be a UI interface popped up by Taobao. You can browse "Ask everyone" and you can see information such as the price of the product. If you want to buy it, you can add it to your shopping cart by tapping it with your hand.


Taobao buys more than just consumption, as well as entertainment games.

Not only can you buy goods "by the air", Taobao buys a strong spatial positioning ability. When consumers see the portraits of the kings on the wall, Taobao can automatically recognize the images in front of them, and call out three-dimensional animations in the smart projections, superimposing them with the two-dimensional images in front of them, thus making the king naughty. .

Compared with VR (Virtual Reality) technology, a shopping scene can be virtualized “from scratch”; MR technology satisfies the “blessing” of users who can experience both real scenes and digital information. In the world of Taobao, the real world is still the main body, and the mixed reality technology is the ubiquitous rendering effect. It can not only move goods, but also allow users to interact with goods and anchors. Shopping is no longer cold. Cold ice. For example, in the iFashion store, users can use the MR glasses to evoke information on the hangers, and a holographic Taobao Reds will come to you to explain the product information.

As the world's first consumer-grade mixed reality product, this time, Taobao choseMicrosoftAs a partner of the MR project. The directors of each side of the exhibition, Taobao is mainly responsible for the "end-to-end" product design of Taobao, open a series of links such as MR search, MR order, MR display, MR interaction, and integrate the massive commodity data of the Ali e-commerce system; And Microsoft provides high-quality MR infrastructure, including the provision of hardware devices.Hololens.


Taobao buy ah before rendering and after rendering perspective comparison

Undoubtedly, Taobao is an advanced attempt in the retail field, and is planning a new way of shopping in the next 5 to 10 years, and this thing can only be done by Taobao. From VR Buy+ in 2016 to Taobao in 2018, Taobao has never stopped trying new shopping methods and new retail scenes. The technical challenges from 3D rendering technology to spatial positioning technology have continued. Come down.

Judging from the offline experience of Taobao bought this year, its complexity is unimaginable to outsiders. In a 300 square meter space, dozens of devices operate at the same time, but consumers can walk around at will and ensure the experience of virtual reality technology. Why is Taobao brave to do such a project of burning money and brains? It turns out that only in such a real consumption scene, consumers can not only experience online shopping, but also interact with real-life scenes and virtual scenes in order to accumulate valuable technology accumulation and gain insight into the shopping experience of the future world.

Taobao buys the world's first consumer-grade MR product. It is breaking and trying the boundaries of the existing shopping experience. Whether it is online or offline in the future; it is virtual or realistic; it will be bought in Taobao. The world is showing new forms.

Taobao is not only a shopping platform, but also like a ubiquitous life assistant. Taobao is not only providing shopping, but providing content, providing interaction and providing everything needed for life. This is the future of Taobao; it is also the future Taobao buy.


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