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Apple Watch 4 generation evaluation: except the watchband has not changed, others have changed.

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Apple online store (China)

Apple Watch Series 4

1) first mention a sentence of packaging.

The packaging is prettier.

The benefits are not just for good looks, but the fact that the watch was sealed in a box in the past has turned into a separate watch body, giving Apple officials more control over their inventory mix.

Open the box that holds the mainframe of the watch, and there are several small cloth covers on the watch. I have a pen friend who loves cleanliness @Webbs must love this design...

To "table set" point praise

2) small screen changes to enhance the proportion of screens

The improvement of outer packaging is a trick after all, but the real strength still depends on the watch itself.

About two months ago, the boost in screen share was mentioned and confirmed at a press conference last week.

The two Apple watches have grown from 38/42mm to 40/44mm, and Apple has enlarged the rounded corners to provide a larger display for the Apple Watch Series 4. So the fourth generation watch looks like a iOS App icon (rounded rectangle).

Comparison of two generation watch screens

The screen of the new watch is narrower around the screen, so you can see that this apple advertisement is bold enough.Non black backgroundIn contrast, all the previous three generations of UI were black, in order to weaken the black box.

The black frame is small, and the screen is bigger. The dial is out of color.

The 44mm version of Apple Watch Series 4 has a display area of 977 square millimeters; compared with the 42mm version of the 3rd generation, the display area of the former is 740 square millimeters, which is 32% larger.

Apple Watch 3 generation 42 millimeter and 4 generation 44 millimeter photograph contrast

In order to maintain clarity, Apple also increases its resolution while displaying area. The 44mm version has a screen resolution of 368x448, compared with 312x390 for the previous 42mm version and 324x394 for the new 40mm version. The old 38 millimeter version resolution is 272x340 pixels.

The Apple Watch Series 4 has a bigger screen, but when you put two generations of watches together, you don't think it's much bigger than the third generation except that the four generations have rounder corners, and the fourth generation of the Apple Watch is 0.7 millimetres thinner than the Series 3, but it's not very obvious on the wearer.

The watch is a little thin.

This generation of watches still doesn't have the alway on mode, which allows some pixels to light up when the screen hibernates. In theory, OLED screen support is okay, but Apple hasn't.

To my credit, Apple Watch Series 4 is compatible with all the straps from the previous three generations, and I know someone who has bought all the straps for less than $10,000 over the past three years, and this time he's pleased.

Watch band fully compatible

Apple introduced a new gold stainless steel case this year, now available in both aluminum and stainless steel, but the aluminum alloy is a matte glass screen. The three colors of stainless steel are polished metal-resistant sapphire glass.

Reason is of course stainless steel is more beautiful, and the primary stainless steel and all kinds of straps are matched, but stainless steel without GPS, 40mm LTE version of the starting price to 5499 yuan, is really not cheap...

3) the screen is bigger and more powerful.

In addition to material, the function of stainless steel and aluminum alloy does not make any difference. When Apple Watch Series 4 screens get bigger / higher resolution, a lot of buttons get bigger. The main goal is to get more information on this one-inch screen.

The Infograph dial can put up eight small plug-ins at most.

The new Infograph dial is the most obvious, adding more plug-ins to the original "practical" dial, and redesigning the UI to take full advantage of the four corners and make something like a progress bar arc. For example, to show the weather, is a color temperature band; power in addition to the digital display there are progress bar; calendar and so on are arc arrangement, Chinese characters are also clear enough.

There are many styles of dial, and new styles are added.

The dial takes full advantage of every pixel of the fourth-generation Apple Watch to get as much realistic information as possible; other new dials use higher resolution to get better results, such as Liquid Metal, Vapor, and Apple makes a fluid effect that looks like the screen every time the wrist is raised. It is a scene that encapsulates some activities.

Smoke / liquid metal dial is actually taken.

BTW: The reason these moving objects can be so natural is that they are all from the real world and are taken live rather than simulated by software.

Apple has been doing this since the first generation of watches. Three years ago, we wrote the article Apple Watch Reveals: It took 285 hours to shoot a flower.

4) hardware changes

In addition to the larger screen, the fourth generation of Apple Watch has changed completely from inside to outside.

The digital crown has changed dramatically, and the LTE version of the knob has changed its appearance from a three-generation red dot to a red ring, supporting tactile feedback, and simulating the knob's touch with a built-in vibrator, just likeMacBookIn addition, Apple has placed a sensor here, allowing ECG electrocardiogram function in the human body to form a complete circuit;


Wear a watch and finger touch the crown to complete an electrocardiogram measurement.

The rectangular power button beneath the crown receives a little more, no longer protruding, and the microphone moves from the left side of the original fuselage to the right.

The parallel speaker holes on the left side of the fuselage are now two straight lines connected. The loudspeakers are 50% louder, which is probably for intercom functions (unfortunately not for mainland use).

When you flip over your watch, the back changes more than the screen, and the ceramic back acts as an antenna design that makes cellular data service signals better; the heart rate sensor is upgraded to the second generation, with four points concentrated at one point; the outer loop is an electrode-type heart rate sensor, ready for ECG electrocardiogram functions;


The appearance of the back of the watch changes greatly.


ECG function loop

There are also some improvements that are not visible:

The most important thing is to upgrade to 64-bit S4processor. According to Apple's data, the overall performance of the S4 processor is twice that of the S3 processor used in the 3rd generation watch;

The new W3 wireless chip replaces the previous generation of W2, with lower energy consumption;

Bluetooth 4.2 upgrade to Bluetooth 5.0, transmission efficiency, transmission distance, broadcast mode information capacity are improved (after all, watches are mainly connected by mobile phone);

All models come standard with 16GB storage (previous GPS models are 8GB);


S4 chip + watchOS 5, less in and out of the menu and App Caton

The processor upgrades in these changes are the most critical. Apple's family buckets are now all in the 64-bit era. Based on the same watchOS 5, our Apple Watch Series 4 has a clearer entry and exit menu and smoother sliding. This chip can not only make the operation smoother. Because of its computing power and sensitivity of accelerometers and gyroscopes, the fourth generation of Apple Watch hasFall detectionWait for new features.

The fourth-generation Apple Watch also has some hardware that is consistent with the previous ones, such as the 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz wireless network; 50 meters waterproof; up to 1000 nit display brightness; etc.; the charger is exactly the same as the previous three generations. Still not the Qi standard; life is still "18 hours", but Apple defines 18 hours is relatively unsatisfactory - from the 2nd generation, in fact, Apple Watch's battery life is nearly 30 hours, my three generations of watches (watchOS 4) are not very sporty If you have two days, that is, 48 ​​hours without charging, no problem.

5) An important function and a care function that have not yet been online

At the press conference last week, Apple talked about ECG (electrocardiogram) function in a large space.

Its use also follows the simple and easy-to-use concept of all Apple products. Users only need to put one finger on the digital crown to form a complete circuit. When the heart rate sensor of the watch is working, Measurements can be completed in 30 seconds, allowing the user to determine if their heartbeat is in a normal state and if there is any sign of atrial fibrillation.


The principle of ECG is very complicated and easy to use.

Previously, most of these measurements required professional tools. Apple's move to a watch was commendable, and the feature passed the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certification.

This means that it was just sports health.AccessoriesThe Apple Watch has become a medical device from now on.

Apple Watch's ECG function has been approved by the relevant US authorities, indicating that its accuracy is OK, but at the same time, it means that when this function enters other countries, it may be approved by the corresponding department.

This caused a high-profile appearance of this feature at the press conference, butOur test products have no ECG function for the time being.. At the press conference, Apple also said that the ECG will be launched in the United States before the end of this year, and other countries will launch later - we hope that it can be approved by the relevant Chinese authorities.

Another useful feature is "fall detection." At the press conference, when Apple released the slide, many people around me thought it was Apple's joke. But then we learned through a deeper understanding that Apple is doing this function very seriously.


Several ways of falling are collected from real life.

On Monday, Sina Digital has written a detailed explanation about the fall detection function. It is a guardian function that is not afraid of 10,000. It is the last warning that Apple has placed for easy-falling people, such as empty nesters.

We repeat the design logic of the fall detection function:

1 Its original intention is to do for the elderly, according to Apple's arguments and some third-party statistics, the fall of the elderly over 65 will cause great problems;

2 This function is automatically turned on for users over 65 years old (Apple Watch will be set to age for the first time, can be manually turned on when it is less than 65 years old), and can be monitored in the background at any time;

3 The purpose of the test is obvious and serious fall; anti-false positives are made against the violent activities such as playing boxing and boxing;

4 The fall detection function can only be achieved with the fourth generation Apple Watch, because it requires a new generation of acceleration sensors and gyroscopes to match, the previous watch hardware is not sensitive enough;

5 By analyzing the wrist trajectory and impact acceleration, Apple Watch can send a reminder after the user falls; if the user is ok, he can choose to ignore it; if the notification is issued 60 seconds later, Apple Watch has not detected that the user has stood up, it will automatically Call the emergency number and send the message and location to the user's emergency contact.

This function fully reflects the style of Apple's software and hardware integration, and on this basis, connected to their health ecosystem, and associated with the mobile phone SOS function, built a complete process from detection to alarm.

6) About battery life and some regrets

Apple has never announced the specific battery capacity of Apple Watch, saying it all day (18 hours), but as we said before, each generation of watches will redefine "18 hours."

Someone dismantled a generation of watches, the battery capacity of 0.78 watt hours, basically 18 hours reliable;

The second generation battery is 1.03 watt-hours, but because of the low power consumption of the chip, the battery life can be nearly 2 days (watchOS 3 system, less exercise);

Three generations of 1.07 watt-hours, the chip power consumption is lower, and the battery life has exceeded two days;

The fourth generation in our hands, because there is no dismantling, it is not clear about the specific battery capacity, the evaluation of the irregular use of these two days, in fact, did not really use up once, but 12 hours from 64% to 20%, estimated down battery life It should be between 2-3 generations, which is about 2 days.

7) Sports function

Compared to all hardware changes, the functional changes in the direction of motion are less obvious.

In the two days of use, there are two features that have the deepest touch:

First, the motion detection automation. In the past, you need to start manually before and after running. Now, after running, the watch detects that the motion track will prompt the user whether it has started to move. If you stop halfway and forget to end, it will also pop up a prompt. Asked if it is over?


Running starts/stops, no longer has to be manually

The second is the challenge mode. Based on the previous sharing of sports records with friends, you can further find someone to single-handedly. After the other party accepts, you will start a 7-day sports challenge - which will undoubtedly stimulate it more intensely. The users went to exercise more and set up a small-scale social environment.


Share sports data with your friends and "battle"

8) Summary

This year's "s" version of the mobile phone's mobile phone shape change is not so big, but the three-year-old Apple Watch has not changed its appearance, the next big update, and all inside and outside have changed again, in addition to the strap, the entire Apple Watch completely changed It is.

The new processor makes it more powerful, the big screen displays more information, the heart rate sensor brings the ECG function, even the most inconspicuous digital crown, plus the vibration feedback, simulates the real mechanical rotation.


Apple Watch Series 4

Most of the new features are still built around health topics, adding more detail to the original, or creating new features on better hardware, all of which connect with Apple's health ecosystem. Simplify the original complex functionality to the simplest implementation. This is the concept of Apple's products, and it is almost the characteristics of all Apple products.

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