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iPhone XS Max depth evaluation: large size is the courage to refresh the price?

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Hardware Configuration

On the battery side, the iPhone XS Max is equipped with a 3174mAh battery, which is the largest in the history of the iPhone and supports wireless charging faster than the iPhone X.

There are three choices of color, silver, deep gray, and gold. In terms of price, the 64GB version of iPhone XS Max is priced at 9599 yuan, 256GB is priced at 10,999 yuan, and the top 512GB is priced at 12,799 yuan.

The PConline mobile channel got the retail version of the iPhone XS Max at the first time of the sale, and see how the actual performance is.

Appearance articles: Jin Cancan, 10,000 yuan machine

The iPhone XS series is available in silver, deep gray, and gold. The main color of the advertiser is the newly added gold color. With the domineering screen size, the appearance of the iPhone X is refreshing.

iPhone XS Max frontEquipped with 6.5-inch Super Retina Display, OLED material, resolution of 458ppi, contrast upgrade to 1000000:1, and support for HDR10 and Dolby Vision. And thanks to the increase in screen size, the screen ratio is improved.

The actual visual experience is quite outstanding, the color is bright, the viewing angle is obviously improved compared with the previous generation, and the 120Hz touch sampling rate is controlled to be smooth and smooth, which is the top level of the current flagship machine. The iPhone XS Max screen material is not bad at this price point that doesn't cost too much.

The high-contrast screen is equipped with a "chicken thief" wallpaper, and there is a kind of bang-free effect.

The top of the fuselage is still Face ID plus front camera, unfortunately the top bangs area has not been significantly reduced, and the structural light module occupies a lot of area.

Before the new technology matures,Liu Haiping of the iPhone is estimated to remain for a long time. Fortunately, the bottom border is made to be the same width as both sides, plus the arc-exaggerated screen body transition, which gives the appearance of Apple's "face".

In addition to the size enlargement, the iPhone XS Max has almost no change in the overall design, and the vertical double-shot on the back is one of the “reference designs” for many mobile phones this year.But what really stands out like this is "not ugly", only the one on the iPhone.

Outstanding assembly details, the camera and the glass body are almost seamless, and the simple back design makes it a reason why the vertical double shot is not obvious.

The same double glass design,The iPhone XS Max color selection is not too much. After all, it is a product for high-end positioning. The calm color matching based on the main colors of gold, black and gray is more in line with its target group.

The fuselage frame is made of stainless steel.Especially eye-catching in the gold version. At the same time, the strength of the fuselage is well guaranteed, and the balance between aesthetics and durability is achieved. The overall feeling is that the atmosphere of "壕" is more intense, and it can be said that it is going straight to the target group.

The gold version of the glass body, compared to the iPhone 8 series looks more dull, looks more old and steady, if you prefer a more vibrant color, the recommended silver version. Although the screen is getting bigger, the size of the whole machine is only up to the level of the iPhone 8 Plus, even a smaller circle.


Under the gorgeous appearance, iPhone XS Max also achieved IP 68 waterproof and waterproof.We put the iPhone XS Max in the water to playvideoFor a while, it is still running, but the touch operation should be completed when the screen is dry.

The double-sided SIM card appeared on the iPhone XS Max for the first time, and it was exclusive to the Bank of China. In other countries, it was implemented by eSIM card.

Pull out the card slot, you can see this clever double-sided SIM card, you can insert the NanoSIM card on the front and back sides to realize the dual card function. There is a waterproof rubber ring at the joint between the card slot and the body. It may be aging for a long time. And weaken the waterproof function.

The very intimate detail is that the SIM card slot facing down adds an additional fixing structure so that the SIM card below does not fall easily when the SIM card is removed. Behind the touching details, the actual experience of the dual card is not so satisfactory, as explained in detail later.

In addition, you can see that the iPhone XS Max power button has become longer and easier to operate on a daily basis.Other aspects and iPhone X have no major changes, the bottom Lightning interface, the dual speaker effect is further enhanced. For users who want to get an updated experience in appearance, there are not many options besides changing to a larger size and a gold version.

The iPhone XS Max gives a little surprise in the appearance of the body, mainly in the screen and new colors.

The good news is that the details are still the moving level of Apple. If you are an iPhone X user who is driven by a shape, then the iPhone XS Max may be less attractive.

Photographs: The longest stable camera

On the iPhone XS Max, from the parameters given by the conference, the camera is still "in place", unchanged. Behind the seemingly unchanging, Apple’s everywhere has changed. With the attitude of Confucianism and being kind to others, we have accepted 100 families and completed the transformation.

In the function, Apple's update is also focused. In terms of photos, the update focuses on the portrait mode that has been squandered by users for a long time.

After Android manufacturers have added the limitation of analog aperture to break through the physical aperture, iPhone XS has also added f/1.4 maximum aperture simulation, and also supports advanced out-of-focus imaging and depth of field control.

And the original automatic HDR photo, also because of the powerful A12 BionicprocessorPowerful computing power, upgraded to smart HDR photos, through the depth of calculations, make the highlights and shadows in the photos more rich.

On some basic data, Apple has not made drastic improvements. It is still a 12-megapixel wide-angle and telephoto dual-lens camera. At the press conference, Apple only mentioned the use of a new generation of sensors, even without mentioning How much has the camera upgrade of the previous generation iPhone X?

Secondly, this time the biggest update is the update of the video. With the rise of short video, the vlogger threshold is getting lower and lower. How can it be more efficient and convenient to give a short video to watch? Apple gave its own answer.

In terms of better recording quality,iPhone XS Max began to support stereo recording, allowing vlogger to get better recording quality without an external microphone.

In terms of video, the biggest improvement is that the front camera supports video anti-shake, allowing vlogger to use the front camera for video creation.

In terms of the camera interface, it is still the simple style of the iPhone series, simple and clear; the HDR photo still maintains the default mode of the iPhone X. As long as you believe in the phone, everything is handed over to it.

Having said so many words, what is the actual experience? Let's take a look at the real film. High energy in front, true fragrance warning.

In the imaging of daylight, the iPhone XS Max image contrasts with the iPhone X, and there is a steady improvement in the quality of the image. The new sensor brings better picture quality, sharp film, and the reservation of details is in place.

The retention of white balance still maintains the accurate tradition of the iPhone, and it is unbiased, maintains neutral imaging, and can be attacked and retreated in the later stage.

After using the bright filter that comes with it, the color of the overall photo is very pleasing, and the saturation starts to increase, but the overall picture is saturated and bright, and it is very natural. It won’t be done like some Android AI shots. exaggeration.

The iPhone XS Max has a 2x optical zoom capability and maintains a very high image quality after zooming. With zoom and the closest focusing distance, the iPhone XS Max has a very good close-up capability.

In this camera upgrade, the most amazing thing is the out-of-focus imaging. iPhone XS Max this time with knife sharp milk to describe it is no exaggeration, the imaging inside the coke is very solid; thanks to the powerful A12 Bionic processor, the focus inside the focus is like a cream, gently open, no exaggeration, show The most natural beauty.


In portrait mode,Depth of field control can be performed after the photo is taken, and the maximum aperture of f/1.4 is supported. In the face of the powerful A12 processor, in the portrait mode, the recognition of characters and background is very precise, and the recognition of the edges of the picture is in place.

The iPhone's front-facing camera has always been one of the sisters' slots, and the reputation of the iPhone's front-end black is thus available. On the iPhone XS Max, although the front camera is still at 7 million pixels, the image quality has been greatly improved.

In the control of skin color, iPhone XS Max still maintains the high degree of reproduction of the iPhone's skin color and high definition of detail.

In taking pictures,Depending on the smarter HDR mode, the front camera is more aggressive in triggering the HDR mode. At the same time, the portrait mode has a shorter triggering distance and can be turned on simultaneously with the HDR mode, so that the front camera has been greatly improved in imaging.

Performance articles: victory over opponents

Since Apple began to use the A series of processors on the iPhone, everyone is full of expectations for the performance of the iPhone every year. It is not looking forward to winning the Android camp, but looking forward to the problem of leading the Android camp.

Of course, this year is no exception, the new A12 Bionic processor has bursting performance. How many bursts? I will know when I look at it.

The A12 biomimetic chip on the iPhone XS Max is based on a 7nm process. It has 6.9 billion transistors, two large cores + four small cores, six core CPU architecture, and the GPU part is quad core.

According to the official introduction, compared with the A11 biomimetic chip, the speed of the two performance cores (ie, the large core) is up to 15%, and the energy efficiency of the four energy efficiency cores (ie, small cores) is up to 50%.

It is worth noting that this GPU has been upgraded a lot. After Apple broke off with Imagination, the second-generation graphics chip designed by itself is 50% faster than A11.

to this end,Apple also used the "The Elder Scrolls: Blade" as a demo game, you can see the picture has a greater improvement than the previous mobile game, and provide more light and shadow details.

In addition, Apple also claimed that the artificial intelligence core of the A12 bionic chip is the most obvious improvement of the Neural Engine. It has evolved from a dual core to an 8-core design, providing up to 5 trillion operations per second, and the AI ​​performance is more powerful.

Don't underestimate the upgrade of the artificial intelligence core. It can bring excellent augmented reality effects and beautiful portrait photos with depth control to the iPhone XS Max, making the experience of all aspects fast and smooth. This is a detailed interpretation of the photo measurement section.

All of the above are PPT data. I believe the audience should see what the measured data is. It should be done without delay. We will open the test immediately. In addition, the A12 bionic chip on the iPhone XS Max has a maximum clock speed of 2.5GHz and a running memory of 4GB.

We used the most popular GeekBench and Ann Bunny to perform the running test. GeekBench scored 4773 points for single core and 11,228 points for multicore, while Ann Bunny scored 343,725 points.

We all know that this year's Android flagship processor Qualcomm Xiaolong 845's single-core running score is usually around 2300-2400 points, multi-core running points usually around 8000-9000.

Even the "Android Light" Samsung Exynos 9810 has a single-core score of just over 3,800 points and a multi-core score of about 9000 points. So how strong is the A12 bionic chip? I don't have to repeat it. I am bluntly speaking that I have been leading the next door for two years.

Due to the time relationship, we have not had time to conduct detailed game testing, and the game parties can pay attention to our detailed game evaluation in the future.

Dual card: back to the original era

Although the iPhone XS Max has added dual-card functionality, the actual experience is not as perfect as what we saw on domestically produced machines.

You can set the calling card by calling, sending SMS and data online. You can also set the business, personal and other labels for the card to be easily identified, and the details are in place. However, the actual function of dual card dual standby is relatively primitive, and currently only supports single pass.

That is to say, in the case that the phone card used does not have VoLTE turned on, the iPhone XS Max cannot use the data to access the Internet during the call, regardless of the primary and secondary cards. The call to the secondary card will be transferred directly to the voicemail.

And see the different combinations of dual cards, the actual use is also different, the worst case is when the dual card is a telecommunication card, the party set as the secondary card will directly display no service, at this time and the single card mobile phone No difference.

The dual card does not mean that 4G standby at the same time, there may be a situation of falling back to 3G or even 2G. In this respect, Apple does not display the status of the secondary card network. Dual 4G and dual VoLTE support may have to wait for Apple's subsequent updates.

Endurance: a hard time

Since ancient times, Apple has been adhering to the fine tradition of diligence and thrift on the iPhone's battery.

However, on this 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max, Apple finally found that the iPhone's battery capacity exceeded the 3000mAh mark for the first time in history, and it came to 3174mAh (according to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's filing data).

In addition, the iPhone XS Max supports the USB PD fast charge protocol as well as the previous generation iPhone, with a theoretical maximum power of 18W.

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