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"Jin Merchants" storm swept the Internet world

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Author Ye Lili Editor Shu Hong

Shanxi, a mountain plateau covered by loess, has few mountains and a lot of land, and the land is barren and windy. Merchants from Shanxi are called “Jin Merchants”, and integrity and credibility are their moral standards.

In 2018, it was a bumpy year for several scientific and technological circles who came out of Shanxi and made achievements in the Internet field.

Li Yanhong, who founded Baidu, has faced the outside world’s criticism of Baidu’s values ​​in recent years. This year, Baidu executives have resigned, and they have lost the general of Lu Qi. The heavy responsibility of reviving Baidu fell to Li Yanhong's shoulders. He also returned to the lonely state.

Le Yue, founded by Jia Yueting, once promoted the “ecological model”. Based on LeTV, the cross-border multi-domain business was eventually out of control. Jia Yueting himself also left the United States and has not returned.

Feng Xin, who was born in Yangquan, Shanxi, was founded by Feng Xin, and he led his listing on the domestic GEM in 2015. But now that Storm Group is in deep trouble, Feng Xin admitted in the interview that the storm has made many mistakes.

As a representative of the Shanxi merchants in the Internet circle, Li Yanhong was credged by the credibility crisis, and Jia Yueting’s image collapsed. Feng Xin was also questioned by the outside world because of the equity freeze crisis. For them, in 2018, there was pressure on the hometown.


“Lonely reincarnation” Li Yanhong


In November 2017, Li Yanhong returned to his hometown in Shanxi to do two things: Baidu signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with the Shanxi Provincial Government; Li Yanhong was invited as the honorary president of the School of Big Data of Shanxi University and the honorary dean of the Big Data Science and Industry Research Institute. .

Li Yanghong from Shanxi Yangquan once mentioned in his remarks about his father’s speech that his father had been working in the Jindong Chemical Plant before he retired, and he was poor all his life.

As the only boy among the five children in the family, Li Yanhong’s third sister was admitted to the Chemistry Department of Peking University, and Li Yanhong was still in junior high school. For Li Yanhong, the third sister is an example. He once mentioned in an interview with the media: "We are looking at a person alone, I just look at my third sister, what do she do, what do I do, so step by step to the United States. ”

Yangquan, located in the eastern part of Shanxi Province, is a new industrial city. Once the advantages of coal resources, the economy once led Shanxi. However, after the decline of the traditional energy economy, Yangquan lacked the support of the new economic industry and had no development advantage in the Internet.

Walking out of Yangquan is almost an inevitable choice for Li Yanhong. Under the influence of the three sisters, Li Yanhong was preparing to study in the United States during his time at Peking University. In school, he learns English while attending computer courses.

In 1991, Li Yanhong went to the State University of New York at Buffalo in the United States, and worked in Silicon Valley after graduation. The experience of Silicon Valley for Li Yanhong, in addition to technical improvements, and understanding of the business community. In 1998, Li Yanhong wrote "Silicon Valley Business Wars" in his spare time. In this book, Li Yanhong described his understanding of the new business competition.

In 1999, Li Yanhong returned to China and rented two houses at Peking University Resources Hotel to start a business. Partner, a financial employee plus five technicians, and the founding team of eight people created Baidu. The following year, Li Yanhong proposed Baidu's transformation into an independent search engine website on Baidu's board of directors, and launched a plan for bidding.

In August 2005, Baidu was listed in the US with an opening price of US$66. The stock price soared to more than US$150 on the day, and the stock price rose 353.85% on the first day of trading. In 2010, Google announced its official withdrawal from the Chinese mainland market. In this year, Baidu's market value exceeded the $30 billion mark, ranking fourth in the global Internet companies, behind Google, Amazon and Tencent.

It can be said that Baidu has been triumphantly advancing for so many years, and Li Yanhong has become a star in the Internet field. If you make a name for yourself, you will be able to make a contribution to your hometown, and it is a lot of things that the Internet is keen on.

On November 17, 2010, Li Yanhong donated 10 million yuan to the Yangquan Municipal Government on the 42nd birthday to support the intelligent construction of Yangquan City. In 2011, Baidu invested 4.7 billion to establish a cloud computing center in Yangquan, and the project landed in 2015.

In April 2016, the Wei Zexi incident caused concern among netizens. For a long time afterwards, Baidu’s “bidding mode” was questioned. In May 2016, the National Network Office asked Baidu to change the bidding ranking mechanism. In this storm, Baidu’s reputation, revenue and market value have fallen sharply.

Li Yanhong reappeared in people's field of vision, with the image of a hard-working, warm-hearted father. In February 2017, Li Yanhong participated in the outdoor program “Off-road Thousand Miles”, where he walked through the swamp in the mud. In this program, he took his daughter out of the mirror, and in the Spring Festival of 2018, he took his daughter to take a big movie.

Li Yanhong said in "Off-road Miles" that every day encounters difficult things, sometimes I really feel that this is too much, the company is really going to die.

Since 2017, Baidu has faced continuous changes in business and executives. Li Yanhong gave Lu Qi great power to adjust within Baidu, but Lu Qi worked only for 486 days in Baidu. Executives have left, and Li Yanhong is known by the outside world as the founder of Lonely.

For a person from a small city to the world, upward development is almost instinct. Yang Quan hopes to use Li Yanhong to gain new development, and how should Li Yanhong go out of the trough?


“Failure and retreat” Jia Yueting


On September 22nd, the People's Court Litigation Assets Network released the results of the judicial auction of equity held by LeTV Holdings. Sunac acquired the total auction reserve price of 770 million yuan to take over the assets of Lerong Zhixin and Leshi Film held by Leshi Holdings.

The completion of the auction means that Jia Yueting will be out of the two companies.

For Jia Yueting, this means that many years of hard work have been lost. Before becoming the founder of LeTV, Jia Yueting’s life looked ordinary as ordinary. He studied at Shanxi Finance and Taxation College. After graduation, he went to Yuanqu County, Shanxi Province, and worked as a network technology administrator at the Local Taxation Bureau of Yuanqu County.

In 1996, Jia Yueting resigned from the tax bureau and founded the Industrial Excellence Company. The company registered capital of 500,000 yuan at that time, and Jia Yueting himself invested 200,000 yuan. For Jia Yueting, whose previous work income is not abundant, it takes courage.

The business of Excellence Industrial is diverse, and Jia Yueting has tried printing and steel. In 2002, Jia Yueting paid attention to the communication business and invested 700,000 yuan to establish Xixi Bell Company to get some of China Unicom's business in Shanxi. The following year, Jia Yueting founded Sibel United Communication Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., and listed on the Main Board of Singapore in 2007.

The entrepreneurial experience has earned Jia Yueting a lot of money. In 2004, after Jia Yueting founded LeTV, he began a full-scale business expansion of websites, movies, television, mobile phones and automobiles.

“The ecological anti-rdquo; this term was created by Jia Yueting. Jia Yueting hopes to combine his various businesses to produce a chemical reaction and release huge energy. With this concept, Jia Yueting's cakes are getting bigger and bigger.

By the middle of 2017, before Jia Yueting left the scene, LeTV had formed seven major ecosystems: “Content Ecology, Big Screen Ecology, Mobile Ecology, Sports Ecology, Auto Ecology, Internet and Cloud Ecology, Internet Finance Ecology”. ”

There was a time when LeTV had a large-scale press conference almost every week. The eco-story spurred LeTV's share price to continue to rise and fought for various businesses.

Unfortunately, this cycle has not continued. Although several of its sub-businesses once became the darling of investment institutions, most of the seven major ecosystems are not profitable, but they are burning a lot of money. In the end, the seven major ecosystems not only did not promote each other, but they were dragged down by the loss problem. Even if Jia Yueting brought Sun Hongbin into the game, he could not save LeTV. Jia Yueting himself is still not in the United States.

Jia Yueting and his hometown do not seem to have much intersection. Jia Yueting also rarely mentioned his hometown and his alma mater. In 2017, some media interviewed Zhao Lisheng, the president of Shanxi Finance and Taxation College. He said that Jia Yueting did not mention his alma mater. He may feel that he was born in a general, without dazzling academic qualifications and school background, which is incompatible with his grand goal.

For the people in the hometown of Shanxi, Jia Yueting in the impression is quite similar to Jia in the "Dream of the House" ——“ Seeing him as a tall building, seeing his banquet guests, seeing his building collapsed. ”


& ldquo; deep in crisis & rdquo; Feng Xin


Both Feng Xin and Li Yanhong were born in Yangquan, Shanxi, but the situation between the two is quite different. Li Yanhong is a schoolmaster, while Feng Xin has been in the department many times during Hefei University of Technology, and his sophomore even faces a crisis of being dismissed.

In 1993, after graduating from Feng Xin University, he went to work at the Shanxi Yangquan Mining Bureau and left in a few months. Later, he worked as a BP machine, ran through coal transportation, and opened a food company.

In the Spring Festival of 1998, Feng Xin looked at "Why is Lenovo" and looked at the lives of Yang Yuanqing and Guo Wei, and Feng Xin went to Zhongguancun to learn computers on the second day. However, he did not become a computer master, and eventually became a salesperson in Jinshan in 1999.

Feng Xin's market experience accumulated in small business made him a good seller in sales. He once rose to the marketing director and deputy general manager of the drug tyrant business department in Jinshan.

In 2004, Feng Xin decided to start his own business. He once said in an interview with the media that during that time, his heart was floating, and he was determined to use the free software to occupy the Internet and become an Internet software empire.

In 2007, Feng Xin's new company Beijing Storm Technology Co., Ltd. was established. In the years when Stormwind was listed on the domestic GEM from 2007 to 2015, Feng Xin experienced many internal management dilemmas, and the outside faced competition from new video sites such as LeTV, PPS and 56. Feng Xin's strategy is to change from online play client to video website to other sub-services launched later.

On March 24, 2015, Stormwind was listed. In the 40 days after the listing, Stormwind won 36 daily limit. The stock price soared from the issue price of 7.14 yuan to 307.56 yuan, and the market value soared to 36.9 billion yuan. But three months later, this only "devil stocks" plunged, and the market value once evaporated by 15 billion yuan.

In any case, the listing is the highlight moment of Feng Xin and the storm. After the fame, Feng Xin did not mention his hometown as much as Li Yanhong, or how much he made for his hometown.

This is related to his growing experience. He once mentioned in an interview, "I don't have the cognitive sense of Shanxi people". He grew up in the Liaohe Oilfield in Liaoning Province and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. He spent only four years in Shanxi during the middle school period. Every time he returned to Shanxi, he was treated as a foreigner.

Feng Xin was silent when the outside world talked about the stock price of the storm. Feng Xin had reported back to Yangquan, Shanxi Province during this time. “Retreat”.

In the description of the media, Feng Xin's image is quite Zen. He likes Buddhism, loves to read the Tao Te Ching, Ulysses, and usually wears cotton shirts. In the highly competitive Internet field, he often chooses a place, or a home, or a mountain retreat.

It seems that Feng Xin’s image is completely different from Jia Yueting. But the storm and LeTV are more and more similar, and are even called “Little LeTV”. Jia Yueting and Feng Xin are both grassroots. The road to entrepreneurship relies on the courage of “Gambling”, they face the dilemma of “dead success”, unfortunately, neither of them succeeded. .

Since the beginning of this year, Feng Xin and the storm have been in crisis. Stormwind Group's semi-annual report for 2018 showed that the company's net profit loss was 106 million yuan, a sharp drop of 775.22% year-on-year; the net profit after deduction was 112 million yuan, down 6016.64% year-on-year.

Feng Xin focused on Storm TV and missed several opportunities in Financing in 2016, which caused the storm to fail to complete the financing for a long time. In the end, Feng Xin had to pledge the shares of the Storm Group he held.

In an interview with the media, Feng Xin said that it was his own mistake. “Looking back, there was still an inflated mentality at the time. For example, if there is 100 yuan for 50 yuan, it is a state. 100 yuan for 200 yuan is another state. I feel that there are five things right, but with the ability of you and the team, you can only do one or two things. The challenge is whether you can control yourself and whether you are willing. ”

Today, Jia Yueting has gone out of LeTV and left the United States. Can Feng Xin keep his own storm and turn his back on it?

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