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If you let Google product manager shoot a suspense thriller...

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One day, Hollywood suddenly found that adding "something to the Internet" in the story was very fashionable; so "the computer" became a new prop for the movie.

Whether it's the "Stalker" in 1992, or Sandra · in 1995; Brock's "On the Internet," the protagonist of the film screams at the keyboard, venting the fear of the network with exaggerated actions.



▲ 1995 old film "On the Internet"

Nowadays, the era of layman has passed, and “computer movie” has entered a new stage.

"Searching" is the pinnacle of the new generation "computer screen movie".


▲ "Searching"

It has deviated from the superficial appearance and began to use the screen to express people's inner and meticulous emotional changes.

The shock from this film comes from “reality”:

It paid for the brand use rights of Google (Gmail), Facebook, Apple Mac, and so on;

The use of technology products in the film is also completely "extra sense", and has won the respect and support of a large number of technology bloggers.



▲ Real Internet products in "Network Tracing"

As a surprise on the word-of-mouth break at the Sundance Film Festival in January this year, "Network Tracing" has recovered $14 million in domestic box office and $30 million in global box office one week after its release in North America on August 31.


Not only that, it easily won the praise of the mainstream media, especially the technology media; even some film critics said that the film has booked his best of the year!


▲ proud rotten tomato freshness


▲ Foreign media praised the film


▲ United States & ldquo; poison tongue & rdquo; film critic Chris Stuckmann scored this film is A

Express emotions with a computer screen

“Draw a movie story on a computer screen”, it sounds like a rotten piece …… at least it will be boring.

But "Network Tracing" is a miracle.

It not only attracts your attention all the time, but you will also enter the film climax with a heart because of the carefully set up “guide” & quoquo; or “misleading”.

The story revolves around a coward's father who madly traces his missing daughter on the Internet.


Ten minutes before the filming was a family image presented on a computer screen, recording the happy family life of David · Kim (John · Zhao) before his wife died.

This warm mix is ​​completely represented by the switching of windows such as video, email, SMS, calendar reminder.



It is very similar to the opening ten minutes of "Fly House", using "who's life story" to bring the audience into the family of the protagonist, paying attention to the family's next fate.

David's wife was suffering from cancer, and her long-term cure finally passed away. Her death completely changed the relationship between her father and daughter. — her father became gloomy, and her daughter Margot often went home late at night.


One day, Margot claimed to go to the late night study group and then did not return overnight.


David couldn't contact her daughter and started searching her daughter's computer and mobile phone after the alarm.

Jiaozuo's father, like a “tracking criminal”, looks for clues on each of her daughter's account pages and asks each daughter's social network to “friends”.



This is a "technical horror suspense film", and as the tracking progressed, David used a variety of clues to piece together a 16-year-old daughter … …



Google “Teaching & rdquo; out of the movie

"Network Tracing" really tells the story of how technology infiltrates and changes the modern life. It also won the Sloan Fellowship, provided by the Sloan Foundation, which rewards those who have a prominent future for mankind. The projects contributed are more concerned with the field of scientific and technological innovation).

Why is its understanding of the Internet so thorough?

The title "Searching" divulged the secret.

The film director Anish · Aneesh Chaganty, is a former Google company employee who started from search products, and he is also one of the marketing creatives of Google Glass.


▲ Anish · Chaganti


After the 90-year-old young man, Anish, after graduating from the University of Southern California, he used Google Glass to take a video clip of “The First Perspective” and quickly gained millions of clicks after passing it to the tubing, becoming “Director of Net Red”. He also got a job at Google.


▲ Anish resume

Anish admits that he was thinking of the prototype of "Network Tracing" when he accepted Google's product technology training.

“ In the switch between each device and account, the true character of the person will be uncovered a little.

…… text on the screen of speed and rhythm changes, occasional pauses, input and deleted information, mail writing habits, search records … … all behind this is human subtle emotions, so there is dramatic. ”


Every product manager is a hidden screenwriter.

Therefore, a director with such a background can properly mobilize and control people's emotions between the skilled "switching windows", while smoothly telling the story.

In addition, the film's portrayal of "Internet Ecology" and "Pullman Hidden Personality" is quite in place.

I have never had a movie that shows the Internet life we ​​experience every day in film language.

What is even more rare is that although the camera is full of computer screens, it is still a wonderful movie!

"Network Tracing" jumped out of the "technical threat theory" routine, telling a traditional story in a new way, let us see clearly:

The fault is not on the Internet, but on ourselves.

This may be the most real and urgent issue at the moment.

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