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Exclusive interview with the League of champions, world champion IG: a group of young people who are not only playing games.

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China Youth Daily

The Chinese team again won the international competition. This time, glory was born on the stage of E-sports.

As one of the most popular competitive games, "The League of Heroes" has won its eighth season of global competition. China's team in this competition, brilliant, exciting confrontation attracted the attention of national game enthusiasts, has repeatedly become a hot topic of microblog search. On November 3, the finals ended and IG team won the championship trophy, becoming the farthest Chinese team in the competition.

E-sports has attracted more and more people's attention from the beginning of the small circle. It has become a formal sports event. Under the art of mouse and keyboard, these young people who dominate the battlefield of electronic competition compete for glory for the country by means of unexpected tactics and tacit teamwork. They are not yesterday's game addicts who are misunderstood by the world. Today, they are professional competitive athletes, and are the athletes who fight for the country.

How did they walk out of this path of Chinese e-sports? Champion team IG accepts China Youth Daily

Take up the army to win the championship

IG team manager Su Xiaoluo, the game is three years after the IG Club to re-enter the World Finals. Before the game, the club set the goal of the quarterfinals.

Although the Chinese team in the early part of the season, but in the last eight, RNG team out of the cold. This makes China's game fans nervous, worried about how far the Chinese team can go. This tension, for the IG team is the same. Su Xiaoluo said:

Now it seems that the reorganization of the IG plan has worked, but in fact, the IG won the championship not only because of temporary psychological adjustment, but also because of the serious preparation before.

This season, the IG team's training part is co-managed by Mafa, Jin Jingsu, two coaches and manager Su Xiaoluo. Mafa is IG's longest coach. Coach Jin Jingsu has rich experience in world competitions. Coach Su Xiaoluo has been a manager since the establishment of IG team. He is fully familiar with and trusts every player.

Su Xiaoluo said:

In addition, behind the team, the IG team also invited the professional data team PentaQ as a think tank to provide IG with comprehensive data and analysis support. LPL officials deployed professional psychological teachers and physiotherapists to accompany the Chinese women's basketball team, so that the team at any time in the best state of readiness.

Competition for young people: from game enthusiasts to competitive stars

Ning,Duke,Rookie,Jackeylove,The Shy (ID of e-sports)

For professional athletes, training is the theme of their daily life. After having home and away games this year, flying around to play away games has put forward higher requirements for the physical quality, mental state and willpower of the players, requiring extra efforts from the players.

Faced with high-intensity training tasks, and e-sports 's

These e-sports players, like many young people at first, were game enthusiasts, but they believed that

When these players frequently appeared in international competitions and won many honours, they changed from a mere e-sports to a star of e-sports, and even more became a star.

The families of these teenagers have also experienced a shift from ignorance to full support. Su Xiao-luo thought that:

Today, many game-loving young people follow the example of IG, hoping to turn their hobbies into future careers. As

The controversy behind the glory: will electric games make teenagers more addicted to online games?

According to media reports, the 2018 Heroes League Global Final is the biggest and most heavyweight international E-sports event of the League of Heroes annually, which attracts the attention of hundreds of millions of E-sports fans around the world. Every October, 24 top professional teams from 14 regions of the world come together to compete for the highest glory of the global championship.

With the development of the standardization and sports of the global e-sports industry, China has become one of the fastest growing and most concerned areas in the global e-sports industry, and the first place in the world to develop E-sports home and away. With the rapid increase of the scale of China's e-sports enthusiasts, industry insiders point out that the next few years will be the golden period for the development of China's e-sports industry.

However, for a long time, the competition has been controversial. Some people think that the game is to play games. Some primary and secondary school students and even college students indulge in video games, resulting in academic neglect, and even some people indulge in games to confuse virtual reality and jump to death. Because it is similar to video games, there is a social exclusion and vigilance.

Public information shows that in fact, games and electric games are two different things.

First, the basic attributes are different. Online games are entertainment games, and E-sports belong to sports events. Online games are mainly simulation and role-playing for the purpose of feeling in the virtual world, while E-sports is organized human-to-human intellectual and physical confrontation in the virtual environment created by information technology.

Secondly, there are clear and unified rules of competition in e-sports, the biggest feature of which is strict time and round restrictions. Online games lack clear and unified rules of the game, there is no time and round restrictions, it is easy to make people addicted.

Thirdly, electronic competitive competition is a competition between athletes in the spirit of fair and equitable sports, through the intellectual and physical confrontation between people, to determine the victory or defeat. Online games are mainly human-computer or human-to-human interaction, which does not necessarily require human-to-human confrontation to judge the results. This is also the main difference between E-sports and online games.

At the same time, in recent years, electric competition has been more and more recognized by the outside world.

As early as 2003, e-sports was officially designated as the 99th sports event by the State Sports Administration.

In 2016, the Ministry of Education announced the addition of E-sports as a university specialty. Since then, China Media University, Sichuan Media College and Sichuan Film and Television College have opened undergraduate e-sports courses.

In September 2017, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) (IOC) granted the status of e-sports at the sixth (IOC) Summit of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), held in Lobsang, Switzerland, and said,

After the S7 global finals, the league's central official microblogged that they applauded the winner and sent encouragement to the unfortunate losers. Praise the Chinese audience.

This year, the Jakarta Asian Games were included in the competition for the first time. The Chinese team defeated the Chinese Taipei team 2-0 and won the first gold in the competition.

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