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How far is Windows 10 from the finished product? 19H1 everything you need to know

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Windows 10 19H1 18277

1. Cortana prompts TimeLine

The Cortana search box is the first detected change. In addition to starting to match the current color of the system, a significant change is that the "all" filter actively prompts the user for TimeLine information. With this change, users can open the “timeline” more quickly, continuing work that was not done before.

Cortana search panel starts prompting TimeLine

2. Add brightness adjustment slider in the activity center

This feature appears to replace the previous brightness adjustment button. In previous versions, Win10 used buttons to adjust the brightness of the notebook screen. Each click will cycle through the 25% brightness of 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%. But in fact, such adjustments are neither convenient nor precise. So in Win10 19H1 18277,MicrosoftArrange a brightness slider below the new activity center for the notebook user to quickly adjust the screen brightness. The actual effect is the same as in the Settings panel.

New "Screen Brightness Adjustment Slider" added to the activity center

3. Add an icon to the event center to quickly organize

The activity center has added an icon to quickly organize the functions. Compared with the previous setting in the settings panel, the new changes make the icon finishing work much easier. In operation, first open the activity center, then right-click on the blank part of the activity center and select "Edit". At this time, all icons will automatically display a "lock" for the user to filter. Perhaps you can also directly change the position of the icon by dragging and dropping.

Add right-click quick finishing function in the activity center

4. Newly revised "storage awareness"

Win10 19H1 18277 rearranged the "Storage Awareness" page, and the new page began to become more compact and comprehensive than the previous version. By default, the new panel only displays the "C disk space" and "Apps & features" and "temporary files" sub-items, and the rest of the items are folded to avoid interference with user operations. The program function is the same as the previous version, but it has been moved to the top, which is stronger than the old version. In addition, "Manage Storage Space" and "Optimize Drive" are also new additions. Although they are only linked, they are much more convenient for users.

Newly revised "Storage Awareness" page

5. Added "Comprehensive Focus" mode

In addition to the previous sets of options to trigger the focus mode, the Win10 19H1 18277 has also added a new "Automatically enter focus mode in the full screen mode" feature. As the name implies, this feature is that when we perform any kind of full-screen operation (such as PPT playback, full-screen watching movies, etc.), Win10 will automatically enter the focus mode, thus shielding some irrelevant notifications. Of course, like other modules, the new module also supports the "alarm only" and "prioritized notification only" options, users can set their own according to their own needs.

The newly added "full screen application automatically enters focus" mode

6. Default automatic repair of fuzzy programs

In Win10 19H1 18277, "System" → "Display" → "Advanced Zoom Settings" → "Allow Windows Deep Repair Application to Make It Not Blur" is enabled by default, which can make many applications with fuzzy display automatically return to normal. In previous versions, this feature was manually opened by the user.

Default automatic fix fuzzy program

7. Safety certification five in one

Starting with Win10 19H1 18277, Win10 combines five existing security authentication methods (face recognition, fingerprint recognition, PIN, login password, picture password) into the same page. The new changes have not changed the existing security authentication method, but after being merged on the same page, the whole process will be made clearer and more convenient for users, and the appropriate security authentication method will be selected according to their own situation.

Safety certification five in one

8. CMD adds dark version of the scroll bar

Strictly speaking, this is not a very useful change. The only improvement is that the new CMD is starting to adapt the scrollbar to the new Win10 layout.

CMD starts to adapt to the new Win10 dark layout

9. Chinese date display changes

Win10 19H1 18277 has a small change in the date of the original document. The standard date method originally adopted was replaced by a more straightforward Chinese date method. For example, if I just saved a file, the Explorer will automatically display "just" or "X minutes ago" instead of the obscure "XXXX/XX/XXXX".

More understandable Chinese date display

Written at the end

In addition to the above, Win10 19H1 18277 has a lot of details. Due to limited space, there is no more introduction here. Interested partners can try it out on their own to learn more about the development of Win10!

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