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iPhone XR cuts the order, the Japanese market cuts prices, what should Apple reflect on?

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According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple has cut production orders for all three new iPhone models in recent weeks, especially the iPhone XR will cut one-third of orders, between September and February next year. The estimated shipments of this phone have been reduced from 70 million to 50 million.

The iPhone XS series also cut some orders. Because the new iPhone XR failed to meet sales expectations, Apple has lowered orders for two Chinese parts suppliers. At present, only 60 of the Foxconn 60 assembly lines are used, and the industry line is cut by 25%. The daily output of the iPhone XR is lower than the original. The plan is 100,000 fewer.

According to the Taiwan media, the OEMs of the iPhone XR not only did not expand their production capacity on a large scale, but some factories have already notified employees of unpaid leave, and sales have fallen far short of Cook’s expectations.

From the iPhone XR's signal on Apple's official third-party platform that fell below Apple's official pricing and Apple's restart of iPhone X production, it is indeed possible to detect signs of cold iPhoneXR.


This has caused Apple's share price to fluctuate significantly and continue to fall. Apple has fallen more than 20% from its peak market value in October, evaporating about $220 billion.

There are indications that iPhone XR sales in China may be a high probability event, not just in China, iPhone XR is not sold in Japan, according to the latest news released by the Wall Street Journal, Apple is preparing to agree to Japan's operations. The merchants will sell this year's new iPhoneXR at a reduced price, hoping to use the price cut to stimulate the market and boost sales of the new iPhone.

Japan's mobile operator executives said: "A mobile phone listed in less than a month to cut prices, not only for Apple is rare, it is also rare for other smart phone manufacturers. ”

The signal revealed here is that the iPhoneXR's market performance really makes Apple anxious.

However, there is a reason why Apple has paid so much attention to the Japanese market and has not been so concerned about the Chinese market. It is well known that because Japanese mobile phone manufacturers have almost completely declined,The iPhone is almost a monopoly in the Japanese mobile phone market and has a monopoly position.

According to a recent data survey released by MMD Labo, the iPhone's share of the smartphone market reached 46.7%, and at this stage Apple's share in the Chinese market is less than 10%. and so,Apple is working hard in Japan and can save the field, but in China, the situation is different.

iPhone XR can't be sold, no reason.

From Apple's three iPhones launched this year: iPhoneXS, iPhoneXSMax and iPhoneXR. The iPhoneXR is Apple's first full-screen product with LCD material and the lowest price among the three iPhones.

Specifically, the 64GB version is priced at $6,499, the 128GB version is priced at $6,999, and the 256GB version is priced at $7,899. If the user wants to make a choice among them, most will choose the latter two versions, which means that iPhoneXR is not a cost-effective product, but also a high-priced product.

Although the A12, FaceID, big screen, etc. on the iPhoneXR have not shrunk, the iPhoneXR, which is not cheap, has a cheap version of the label. In fact, it is lost in the external —— Quality configuration of core components such as industrial design and screen. The exquisite sense of the industrial design of the exterior is the first factor that constitutes the impulse of people to buy. From the perspective of human nature, the quality of the design and the importance of the impression given to the person are actually far greater than the performance of the lining.

Apple still uses a tiered approach to price, and puts iPhoneXR in the low-end camp of Apple's new products. From its configuration, the most important OLED screens for users are not the upper body, but it is equipped with A comprehensive screen product for LCD materials.

But in fact, if it is just a product of LCD material, in the Android camp, many products with price ranges from 2,000 yuan to 3,000 yuan have been equipped with LCD full screen screens, and even in terms of design, it is not inferior to iPhone XR. . The glory of Magic and OPPOR17 at the price of 4,000 yuan or less has been equipped with OLED screens, and its cost performance and industrial design are not too much.

The material of the screen is positively related to the display effect. The importance of the screen display and the resolution experience is self-evident. The screen gives the first intuitive visual experience and experience impact. I believe that going to Apple's flagship store to experience these three new products, you can know that the iPhone XR is still not delicate enough on the screen, and it is obviously inferior to the iPhone XS MAX. Although the iPhoneXR's screen looks normal without graininess, if the user of the iPhone8 series plans to upgrade the full screen, this screen may feel more of a consumer downgrade.

Some insiders pointed out that the problem of too wide border design is not limited to ugly. It will also make the screen ratio of the mobile phone low, affecting the visual impact of the mobile phone. The factor that causes the iPhone XR to lose texture is not only the thick frame. The aluminum alloy frame of the iPhone XR is compared with the stainless steel middle frame of the iPhone XS. The matte finish is used, and the silver color is always the cheapest. Apple Watch sports models.

But the screen, the design, and the camera configuration can actually represent several core elements of the quality of a mobile phone product. Both are in 8012, and the dual-camera and three-photographs have become standard, but Apple has also reduced the single-shot. .

It can be said that Apple has castrated the elements of the quality of these mobile phone products on the iPhone XR, perhaps in the eyes of Apple.The iOS+ full screen has been able to crush all of Android's opponents, and other configurations can be tackled.

If you can buy a colorful and gorgeous OLED full screen at the price of 3,500 in the Android camp, why must you spend 7,000 yuan to choose an iPhone XR that is inferior to the screen?

Of course, there are still many users who choose the latter, but undoubtedly, its large black-edged frame industrial design, LCD screen and resolution plus a single camera on the back give the user the psychological expectation of 2018. The new Apple product of the year has a certain expected gap. There are even netizens who spit: the new machine doesn't even have the quality of iPhone4, iPhone4S, iPhone5, iPhone5S, iPhoneSE.

This low-cost visual image is more likely to be based on the user's comparison with the Android camp model.

As we all know, the first impression of the progress of domestic mobile phones in recent years is reflected in industrial design and workmanship. For example, from the Huawei mate20 series and OPPO Find X, the first impression is that the appearance is quite amazing, pleasing to the eye, stylish atmosphere. There is a higher screen ratio, and at the same time there are black technology blessings. Whether it is the design or the hardware configuration, there is a great improvement, and it also satisfies the needs of people in the full screen era.

However, iPhoneXR's retro frame is lower than the lower screen ratio and the high-end flagship with better screen resolution and domestic price. We may be able to feel the latter's competitiveness more prominent. In particular, the Huawei mate20 series is slammed by a price lower than the user's expected price (concentrated at around 5,000 yuan).

At present, there are many signs that Huawei is robbing iPhone users. In the 2018Q3 China mobile phone share report of the market research institution counterpoint, Huawei (including glory), vivo, OPPO and Xiaomi are in the top four, and Apple is only ranked fifth. At the same time, it increased to -17%. To some extent, the iPhone XR's product impression from outside is enhanced by the market competitiveness of Android products.


Therefore, Apple should reflect on the fact that in today's intelligent machine product performance process, quality demand highlights the era, it is still sorted by price, the new product classification, the quality of the market thinking and practices are outdated.

Because of its own high-end attribute positioning, the division of a cheap version inside it ignores Android's competition and changes.

In the past, the cheap version of Apple's iPhone5C and iPhoneSE grabbed market share from the low-end market. The failure of high-end consumers to change the machine is better, that is, consumption upgrade. Since users choose Apple, they are more inclined to choose one that can represent Apple's core. Quality or medium quality products.

In the eyes of the Chinese, keeping chasing and updating the new iPhone device is an inertia. Cook may not have gotten to the Chinese to chase the latest models, and it is the psychology of the best mobile phone in the iPhone camp.

Although the iPhone has long ceased to be a symbol of identity and the need for social capital and resource acquisition, the psychological psychology of the user has changed due to the increasing selectivity of the domestic market in the high-end flagship.

First, in the comparison of more high-quality products, people have a certain upper limit on the acceptance of the price of Apple products. Second, based on the high price, the look and feel of the iPhone design and the new look of Apple. Value, fashion, and innovation are even more demanding.

And Apple is still following the old thinking, think that iPhoneXR can give more users who can't afford iPhoneXS series to experience the real iPhone full screen product, but this is actually applicable to the industry's one big situation, or in technology and industry. Designed to crush the opponent's situation.

In the past few years, Android camp smartphone manufacturers are still not mature, but the world has changed. The smartphone market has become more mature in recent years. The comprehensive screen is already standard. Many, more knowledgeable consumers have already experienced a variety of beautifully designed full-screen products in the Android camp. This makes the iPhoneXR more than adequate.

The iPhoneXR as a cheap version of the iPhone is more based on Apple's own product comparison, and at the price level relative to the Android camp, a product that lacks design sense from the appearance to the screen is still crushing the Android flagship, which is obviously a mistake. Price positioning and product positioning.

In fact, in this sense, iPhoneXR is ultimately lost in the high-end tonality of Apple's XS Max series by deliberately weakening its high-end tonality and the core elements that represent the first impression of the product. .

When you can achieve better quality in terms of technology and materials, but Apple is deliberately degrading the product and its core product system (iPhone XS series) on the standard, the essence is also deliberately This product is included in the low-end camp of Apple, although it changed its name, it still belongs to the iPhone5C and iPhoneSE series.

In fact, this kind of practice is intrinsically incompatible with the current trend of the times and the general trend of consumption. Many people are not willing to use the price of 7,000 yuan to choose an industrial design with a cheap iPhone product to downgrade their consumption.

Therefore, due to the good selling of iPhoneX in the past, Apple is wrong in the user's overestimation of potential demand (Apple's comprehensive screen product) and the underestimation of product limitations (screen configuration and design degradation), this may be Apple's now to restart An important reason for iPhoneX to save the game.

Because compared to the iPhoneXR, the iPhoneX's ability to highlight the quality of the screen, camera and design is precisely the short board that iPhoneXR lacks.

Perhaps Apple used to want to use the iPhoneXR product impulse, but due to the lack of research on the price and grade and the psychological needs of the user group, Apple's attractiveness to this product is overestimated, and the negative impact on its quality degradation is not enough. Underestimating the needs of users' emotional and self-expression benefits, allowing competitive brands to enter the consumer's consideration of the combination, which has not been seen before.

However, from today's point of view, Apple timely took out the iPhoneX's rescue, and may also realize that the iPhoneXR's price/performance ratio does not meet the human needs, but whether iPhoneX can save the game is not important, whether it can bring true comprehensiveness to Apple. Reflection is the key.

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