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Qualcomm's new flagship Miaolong 855 Chip Details: AI Performance Improvement 3 times 5G Expirable

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Sina Technologies Trieho is from Hawaii, USA

Qualcomm is hosting a three-day # Celldragon Technology Summit in Hawaii yesterday after announcing plans for next year's 5G, Qualcomm released more details today on the new flagship CellCellong 855 mobile platform, local time reported on the morning of December 5.

Yesterday Qualcomm released a little information, which can be seen in detail.On the first day of Qualcomm Miaolong Technology Summit: the 5G era of Miaolong 855 is coming], the main features of the mobile platform of Qiulong 855 are as follows:

Core Architecture of Model 1 / 3 / 4

2. Fourth Generation AI Artificial Intelligence Engine

3. Photo Enhancement Supports AI Matting

4. Game Qualcomm opens itself

5. Supporting 4G/5G for the first time

Today's General Assembly is mainly based on the above five points one by one.

1. The core architecture of Qiulong 855 mobile platform:

The core architecture of Cellon 855 mobile platform adopts 7 nanoscale process technology, and the overall architecture is 13.4, with eight cores built in, one of which is the maximum frequency 2.84GHz Kryo Gold Prime, with 512KB second stage cache; Three Kryo Gold cores with maximum frequency 2.42GHz, each with 256KB secondary cache, and four Kryo Silver cores with a maximum frequency of 1.806 GHz, each with 128KB secondary cache.


Yuelong 855 Core Architecture

The graphics processing unit is Adreno 640. According to Qualcomm data, the graphics rendering speed of this GPU is 20% faster than that of the previous generation, and the integrated microcontroller is used for power management to achieve the best energy efficiency performance.

2. AI performance improved three times, no independent NPU

The human brain has developed 300, 000 years, and there are about 7.5 billion people, but there's a problem that everyone has to do.


Contrast between Manual Learning and Machine Learning

With the fourth generation AI artificial intelligence engine, the MYL 855 processor can achieve 7 trillion processing times per second by 50% arithmetic logic unit. In addition, Qualcomm did not use a single neuron unit processor this time, but built a tensor processor in the DSP, which is responsible for AI learning alone.


The built-in tensor accelerator in the DSP of Qiulong 855 is responsible for AI learning.

Qualcomm introduced that before there was no tensor processor, mobile platforms would decompose higher-order tensors, but now they can directly deal with higher-order tensors. Tensor processors allow faster in-depth learning.

Qualcomm cites several examples, such as the cooperation with Elephant Acoustics Department, which can reduce the noise of video calls through AI technology with only one microphone, and the cooperation with Shangtang Science and Technology has made progress in image photography.

3. Photography: Supporting 3-shot, introducing HEIF high-pixel format

Yuelong 855 uses Spectra 380 ISP, which is also the first ISP (image processor) to support computer vision in the world. It supports three cameras: wide-angle, ultra-wide-angle and zoom cameras, a dual 20-megapixel camera and a 48-megapixel single camera.


Spectra 380 ISP Image Processor

Qualcomm introduced that the use of Spectra 380 processor to take pictures, and then use computer vision to calculate depth, finally collectively known as a picture.

The image processor of the computer vision Spectra 380 can not only realize the image mode with depth of field, but also can shoot the video of 4K HDR with 11 colors and the video with depth of field supporting 4K. Combined with the built-in AI engine, you can identify objects, such as the


Yuelong 855 supports HEIF image format

In addition, the image format of MY 855 supports HEIF high-pixel format for the first time. This name is not unfamiliar to us. Apple took the lead two years ago. HEIF format images can reduce storage space by 50%. In addition, Qualcomm also supports HDR, computer vision, depth analysis and other functions.

Watching video support HDR 10 technical standard, watching video more realistic.

4. Game: Qualcomm opens and hangs itself

With the increasing performance of mobile phones, game experience has become one of the next mobile trends from traditional PC to pocket-sized mobile phones. There are Thunder Snake Game Mobile Phones in the global market, while the Chinese market launched three game mobile phones in this year. Qualcomm has released data showing that China Hand Tour has 586 million users.


More than 5.86 million users of Chinese hand-games have visited China.

For the optimization of hand games, in fact, manufacturers have begun to optimize, and Qualcomm based on the Miaolong 855, launched the Elite Gaming game experience platform.

The built-in Adreno 640 image processor on the mobile platform of Luanlong 855 adds support for Vulkan 1.1 Drawing Application Interface (API), reduces power consumption by 20%, and improves performance by 20% to achieve better game rendering.


Elite Gaming Platform for Game Experience

Quality support for Rec.2020 gamut, can achieve 1 billion colors to give you a more realistic game experience. And will support HDR10 format, playing 120 frame rate video.

With 5G network support, online game experience can be realized. At the same time, with Elite Gaming game experience platform, mobile games can be 4K video output.

5. Connectivity: WiFi supports millimeter wave for the first time and 4G/5G network

First of all, Qualcomm announced yesterday that Miaolong 855 supports 4G/5G network, and today it announced the details. Qiulong 855 carries X24 modem and is the first 4G module supporting 2Gbps in the world. It can also connect 5G network by mounting. Among them, WiFi supports millimeter wave technology and is the first platform based on 802.11ay communication protocol. WiFi's speed is increased to 10Gbps, which is comparable to wired network.


External 5G baseband

In terms of the antenna integration method announced by Qualcomm, it supports 5G millimeter wave technology and 5G Sub-6 (below 6Ghz band). At present, the 5G structure in China adopts Sub-6 mode, which means that the mobile chip of Qiulong 855 can be fully supported.

How does 5G affect your life? Qualcomm cites several examples. For example, in a dense city, you can watch 8K videos directly through the 5G network at 500mb/s without buffering. You can experience online games with almost no delay. Applications can also be directly accessed in the cloud.

Liu Zuohu, the CEO of Yijia Mobile, also came to the Summit and announced some 5G plans. The first 5G mobile phone will be launched in Europe in partnership with the UK operator EE. In addition, HTC has begun to make mobile phones that support 5G networks.


Liu Zuohu announced that the first 5G mobile phone will be launched in Europe

The semiconductor industry was subverted once in ten years. According to Qualcomm, virtual voice calls were introduced in 1980. By 1990, 2G digital signal telephone and 2000, 3G began to enter the public view, and by 2010, 4G mobile network began to popularize. Until 2020, 5G will open a new chapter in the semiconductor industry.

Although Qualcomm has launched 855 mobile platform supporting 5G, there is still some distance to truly achieve popular popularity. However, MY 855 is a good start, at least its appearance gives us more expectations for 5G.

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