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"Chinese version of Jobs" Luo Yonghao winter

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Source: Studio 8

Original title: Luo Yonghao winter

Author Qiu Hui

Editor Liu Kaitai

Money may have surpassed the negative, becoming the biggest trouble for Hammer Technology and Luo Yonghao.

Tianyuecha showed that on December 5, the legal representative of Beijing Hammer Digital Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hammer Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., was changed from Luo Yonghao to Wen Hongxi. Limited information shows that Wen Hongxi is a colleague of Luo Yonghao when he worked as an English teacher.

After the change, Luo Yonghao changed to an executive director, Jin Yang served as a supervisor, and Xu Han, Zhu Xiaomu, Ying Chao, Xin Ming and other nine directors all withdrew. In addition, Zheng Gang, Tang Yan and other old employees were also removed from the main personnel list. After the change, what effect will be affected, the company's response is not known.

One day after the change of the legal person, some netizens came up with a picture. In the office of the hammer technology Beijing Wangjing, there were dozens of people holding the sign of “Hammer Technology and My Hard-earned Money”, suspected that the supplier would ask the hammer To pay. This is less than 30 days after the hammer was exposed by the media.

In November, Luo Yonghao continually responded to his reports. In an article, the hammer capital chain broke, and Luo himself suffered from depression. Luo Yonghao was anxious to forward the article on his Weibo. “This is the most inaccurate report I have seen in business since six years. ” Another said that Hammer Technology can't pay employees' wages, Luo Yonghao said the newspaper "The boss has a bunch of illegitimate children outside." ”

“He always does this, don’t talk to the public relations team and deal with it himself. "The staff of Hammer Technology saw it on the Internet and felt that something was bigger." ”

Since the establishment of Hammer Technology, Luo Yonghao is its business card. His hot search will take the hammer technology together on the microblogging hot search list. A person close to Luo told “No. 8 Building”, “The studio,” Luo Luo has been suppressing for too long, and it seems to be the nature. ”

Luo Yonghao himself interprets himself "intensive, is a typical attack type" personality.


Net red forty-one flower

Luo Yonghao is 46 years old and has been in business for 6 years.

In 2012, Luo Yonghao, 40, decided to make a mobile phone.

Before this, his identity was the teacher of Net Hong who came out of New Oriental, the founder of Niu Bo. He had a group of fans who supported his idealism. A friend Feng Tang said that attention to Luo Yonghao always presents two extremes, extreme worship and extreme opposition.

Worshipers believe that Luo Yonghao is "Chinese version of Jobs", because Luo Yonghao is a self-proclaimed biography of Jobs, the death of idol Jobs in 2011 is an important factor in his entrepreneurial. Those who oppose think that it is not a lasting thing for a comic actor to rely on his feelings as a mobile phone. ”

Plain dark shirts, ordinary trousers, black-rimmed glasses, Luo Yonghao's style of dress is almost the same, like a teacher in the town hall lectures, talking for 3 hours. Because of the exaggerated and funny style of the product launch, Luo Yonghao was once called by the media to be a comic actor who wants to make a mobile phone.


Luo Yonghao is tied to Hammer Technology. The beginning of the hammer comes from Luo Yonghao, and Luo’s net red image also brings bucking to the hammer technology. Founded more than 6 years ago, every time the hammer release conference will screen the network.

In May of this year, Luo Yonghao became the first person to open a mobile phone conference in the Bird's Nest and sold more than 30,000 tickets. The final attendance rate was only a few thousand worse than the Guinness Book of Records.

On the day of the opening of the Bird's Nest, it was raining in Beijing. The spectators from all directions smashed the nearby snack bar and queued for nearly 40 minutes. The food supply was insufficient, and the number of spectators far exceeded. The maximum carrying capacity of the snack shop on weekdays. In the end, most people choose to go to see Lao Luo in a hungry stomach.

Luo Yonghao called the fans "Matt. Friends". But it is not so much a "hammer friend", it is better to say "rod" & quoquo;. Some media commented that Luo Yonghao is a public practitioner of shared values, and Hammer Technology is more about revealing Luo Yonghao's worldview, not an industry.

What kind of values? “Three views are correct, and things are thoroughly seen. ”How thorough, fans said, "Don't say it, but it feels right." ”

Luo Yonghao was famous for his own "attack personality" before he made the hammer mobile phone. In September 2011, Luo Yonghao said on Weibo that “the Siemens refrigerators and washing machines that he bought were broken all the time”. On November 20, 2011, Luo Yonghao smashed three sets of hammers at the Siemens headquarters in Beijing. Problem refrigerator. In addition, he also targeted his own "attack personality", targeting Fang Zhouzi, Chain House, Wang Ziru and his former boss Yu Minhong.

"Attack personality" is "in the outside world" is "who attacked me, who I countered." & rdquo; This straightforward caters to the pursuit of individuality and independence of young people.

In the process of starting a business, Hammer and Xiaomi have similar paths. Hammer learning millet mode, first do software, then do hardware, the difference is that Xiaomi founder Lei Jun is called Lei total, but Luo Yonghao is not, fans and employees call him Luo teacher or Lao Luo. There is a strict rule in Hammer Technology. For executives, it is forbidden to call the total. Luo Yonghao feels that "it is called & rsquo; total & rsquo; always with a flattering meaning, which does not feel good. ”

Maybe it's because of flattery and chasing some of the "sincerely". At the bird's nest conference where Lao Luo was hungry, the elliptical venue, the center is open-air, the best position of this auditorium is unobstructed, and fans who spend high prices can only wear raincoats and rain. “The best location now seems like a joke. ” Luo Yonghao opened, the next scream & rdquo; Lao Luo & middot; · ·”

The newly released TNT system was used by Luo Yonghao to “redefine the personal computer for the next 10 years”. The first demonstration was stunned by —— the system did not reflect. The 30,000 people's field & quot; "call" is a kind of sound, is the kind of love and sorrow when listening to the cross talk.

Luo Yonghao said in an interview with the media that the conference was unsuccessful and will not be chosen in the Bird's Nest next time. But he denied the opinions that were given to him on the Internet one by one, saying that they did not understand entrepreneurship.


Angry middle-aged man

Luo Yonghao's details, before the conference, he prepared at least 200 hours for the speech, and went through 48 hours of sleep each time. The staff said, “Lao Luo will ignore some of the things that really concern, such as product details confirmation, in order to prepare for the speech. ”

In order not to be cold, Luo Yonghao wants to prepare the speech content to 90 points, "I am a poor mental quality. If you only prepare 60 points, then you will fail in the stage." "He admits that he has social phobia," he said, "Everyone sees me acting very easily, just like a village party secretary standing in the field and bragging, but every time I finish, I am exhausted, even the heart. The disease is going to happen. ”


Two or three days before the speech, he will prepare nitroglycerin for himself to prevent accidents. The audience under the stage laughed because of his stalk, and the new Luo Yonghao expression pack was set up on the Internet, but Luo Yonghao himself said, “Every time after the speech, the heart will hurt for two days.

Luo Yonghao, who pursues perfectionism, is like an intruder in a capital-intensive industry.

An employee of the hammer feels that he is more like a product manager than a person who really understands the product.

Delay, apologize, not fresh here in the hammer. In less than half a year, the T1 released in October 2014 was downgraded by a thousand dollars. The T2 after T1 was delayed for half a year.

Luo Yonghao later admitted that because of TI's problems, the company team "had to fight the fire". Later, the TNT workstation, which was scheduled to be launched at the end of August 2018, was also deferred for sale.

In the eyes of fans, these are the personal influences of the overdraft Luo Yonghao, “fast powder does not move him. ” One fan said.

What disappoints fans is that on November 6th, at the first press conference after the rumor of the collapse of Chengdu Hammer Company, the contents of the mobile phone products that everyone care about were only 26 seconds. In addition, the humidifiers and travels were released. The three products of the box and the smart speaker are not from the original team of Hammer Technology.

On November 30th, some netizens exposed the text message that the hammer humidifier was delayed, and Luo Yonghao and Hammer Technology once again boarded Weibo. There was a ridicule on the Internet: “The hammer and Luo Yonghao’s middle-aged crisis have arrived. ”

On November 20th, there were media reports that Coolpad sued the hammer for arrears. The cause was a contract transaction signed by Coolpad and Hammer Technology in August 2016 worth about 21.76 million yuan; on the 26th of the month, the hammer took all the goods; after 10 months, the hammer paid a part of the purchase price, currently there is still About 4.5 million were not paid. After the news was revealed, Luo Yonghao responded on Weibo that he had a contractual relationship with Coolpad. All the funds that have not yet been settled are still unclear. He said that he will negotiate and resolve it later.

“The middle-aged crisis” may make people more irritable. In November, an article mentioning the hammer capital chain break and Luo’s suffering from depression was published. Luo Yonghao was anxious to forward the article on his Weibo, saying, “This is the most inaccurate business I have seen in six years. Report. ”

Another article that pointed out that hammer technology could not send employees' wages, Luo Yonghao responded with a private moral issue on Weibo: The newspaper "The boss has a bunch of illegitimate children outside." ”

An employee of Hammer Technology revealed to the “Building 8 Building” that the company’s capital flow did have problems, “the specific problem is not clear”, but the salary of employees was normal before November.

The employee's response to Luo Yonghao is very helpless, & ldquo; he always does this, do not discuss with the public relations team, he will deal with it. ” Even PR is seeing the boss's negative response to the company on the Internet, & ldquo; things are even bigger. ”

A person close to Luo told “No. 8 Building”, “The studio,” Luo Luo has been suppressing for too long, and it seems to be the nature. ”

As the focus of public opinion, the net red body, in the past he will only respond to one sentence: & ldquo; false & rdquo;.

But funding is already an issue that cannot be concealed. On December 11th, Hammer Technology was exposed that it was unable to pay the November salary on time. Hammer Technology's internal mail display: “As the company failed to recover the receivables in time, the November salary could not be released as scheduled today. Please understand that the inconvenience caused to you. The company will pay the November salary in place as soon as the company receives the payment. Five insurance, one gold and one tax company will pay for everyone as scheduled, please rest assured. ”


“Being a hammer is to change the world”


Luo Yonghao said that if one day the hammer goes bankrupt, "It must be because of me." ”

Since 2014, Hammer has produced a total of nine mobile phones in the past four years. According to China Economic Weekly, the data released by the hammer company's investors showed that the hammer loss in 2015 was 462 million yuan, the loss in 2016 was 428 million yuan, and the loss in 2017 exceeded 400 million yuan.

The bankruptcy and acquisition, starting from the birth of the hammer, the outside world frequently on it "death spies". Finding money is a job that Luo Yonghao can't stop. "Everyone told me that the funds are very tight, and I will continue to find money." ”

At the end of 2015, Luo Yonghao appeared on the scene of Ali's activities many times, and walked with Ma Yun. This was interpreted by the outside world as Ali may be a hammer of “Lifesaving Straw”.

On June 27, 2016, Luo Yonghao pledged the equity of 2.05 million Hammer Technology to Alibaba. The pledge of the shares accounted for more than 50% of Luo Yonghao's hammer technology shares.

However, the financing was repeatedly stranded, and eventually Ali abandoned the vote on the grounds of CFO opposition. This is undoubtedly a heavy blow to the hammer of the financial situation at that time.

In September of the same year, Hammer Technology's net assets were 200,000 yuan.

The transit of Luo Yonghao and the hammer appeared on August 12, 2017. The Chengdu government has become the leading investor in Hammer's new round of financing, with a financing amount of 1 billion yuan, which is the biggest financing after the establishment of the hammer.

Luo Yonghao said that in 2016 he personally loaned the company more than 96 million yuan. He went to his friend Tang Yan's Momo to do live broadcasts, went to Luo Zhenyu's "Getting", and he wrote an article in the column, and opened a paid question on the Weibo question and answer.

A live broadcast in Momo once, Luo Yonghao won a reward of 260,000 yuan in one and a half hours.

He said that at the worst of times, he made the worst plan —— bankruptcy, specifically for legal and financial training in accordance with the country's bankruptcy liquidation procedures.

On January 11th, 2019, the entrepreneurial documentary film "Randian" will be launched. Luo Yonghao is one of the entrepreneurs. In the trailer, Luo Yonghao revealed that once a period of financial difficulties, wages could not be made, and the creditors were almost out of the building. I once thought about suicide.

When he entered the bank 6 years ago, Luo Yonghao said, “Doing a hammer is to change the world. ”

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