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Why is SaaS "No. 1 Fighter" in Alibaba Baidu's restaurant trapped in unpaid layoffs?

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Tiger Sniff East China Report

Author Fan Xiangdong

The year is approaching, and the downsizing season is coming again. This year's Internet layoffs are particularly fierce. Even large companies are laying off a large number of employees, not to mention unicorns and start-ups that have not yet stood firm.

So much, in fact, I want to extend the current situation of new economic entrepreneurship: giants in order to consolidate their head position, invest abroad or come down personally, constantly expand upstream and downstream related businesses, forming a centralized ecosystem. Most start-ups have a single business, have a better chance of surviving on the big boat and enjoy the capital behind them. But if they can't get on the boat, it's necessary to think about whether they will be killed by the giants.

Is it better to cut salaries than to be laid off?


Source See Watermarking

Customer Ruyun, who has been in the top position of domestic restaurant SaaS, once listed on the New Third Board, but delisted from the New Third Board in April this year. According to its performance disclosure, in 2017, the revenue of Guruyun was 220 million yuan, and the loss exceeded 90 million yuan. In 2016 and 2017, the total loss was about 150 million yuan.

As for the reasons for the loss, Guruyun said that it had set up sales branch stations in many cities throughout the country, and the new personnel brought about the increase of labor costs, rent, water and electricity costs, which led to the decline of operating profits and total profits.



It is said that employees are the most precious wealth of an enterprise. They can not stabilize their internal emotions. Even if they do not go bankrupt, they will suffer a great loss of vitality.

SaaS doesn't make money?

Food SaaS has a lot of imagination, because customer processes are running on SaaS, and its business not only serves the B-end, but also touches the C-end, many Internet giants have invested in food SaaS enterprises, because this high-frequency business can be used to drain the B-end and marketing to the C-end. In addition, catering SaaS enterprises can do other services such as supply chain finance, precision marketing and so on.

Why are customers like clouds and two-dimensional fires out of money? Look at the business of SaaS first. Several well-known restaurant SaaS brands are basically trading-centric, providing hardware and supporting systems, covering the front desk cash register, queuing numbers, mobile phone orders, membership marketing, purchase, sale and storage management, revenue and expenditure write-off, data analysis and other functions.

For stores, its value is mainly to improve the turnover rate, marketing customers and membership operations, through technology and data to enhance the efficiency of stores. Generally speaking, SaaS is a set of visualization tools used by online stores to move offline, which is also called new retail.

Take Guruyun as an example, referring to the public transfer instructions and official website, its business income mainly comes from four aspects: customer software services, hardware sales, hardware leasing and value-added services (finance, marketing, supply chain, consulting) and so on. Among them, the most revenue contribution should be software services.

Therefore, whether Client Ruyun can make a profit depends primarily on the sales of the software business. There should be enough merchants in the 4 trillion-yuan catering market, but from the competition pattern of the whole industry, it is difficult for SaaS to make money.

First of all, SaaS services are not a high-threshold business, or thousands of startups will not compete with each other with similar products. Although the entry points of catering SaaS enterprises are different, some from the queue, some from the cashier POS system, and even from other industries, they will eventually form very similar products and services.

In addition, even if SaaS catering enterprises want to do innovative or more sophisticated, customized services, the market is not necessarily allowed. The shuffling rate of catering industry is 70% annually, which is an industry with high mortality rate. The standardization level of Chinese food is not very good. Each restaurant has different dishes. It is impossible to make a unified commodity warehouse. Moreover, the operation mode is different, and the demand is diverse. This is a huge development cost.

For a few Dalian locks with long life cycle, customized services can be made, but in the face of small and medium-sized catering, catering SaaS enterprises may only do the first transaction. This in turn makes price the primary factor affecting the decision-making of catering owners.

Customers such as cloud and two-dimensional fire have mentioned the problem of delays in investor funds, which also shows that both companies have encountered difficulties in finding money. According to public data, neither Client Cloud nor Two-Dimensional Fire has refinanced this year.


The Source of Client-like Cloud Financing: Enterprise Investigation


Two-Dimensional Fire Financing Origin: Enterprise Investigation

Therefore, one of the reasons why customers like cloud and two-dimensional fire are short of funds is that their business is not profitable, but they have to lose money to support the situation.

The immortal fights and the devil suffers

Peng Lei and Tang Seng both mentioned the difficulty of financing. Why can't they get money?

The cold winter of capital may be one of the reasons. More importantly, the entry of the two giants of the United States Mission and Ali may become the cannon fodder for the battle between the two giants, even if they are the investment targets.

In 2017, Beauty Corps small white boxes were introduced to the market. The company directly entered the physical store cash register field. Along with other series of products, it covered different billing scenes in the catering field and formed a fire situation with two-dimensional fire. Two-dimensional fire is also not weak, when the American delegation went on the road show, two-dimensional fire also went to pull the banner.


Pictures come from the Internet

Holding the takeout business which has a great impact on caterers, the company banned the third party authorization of the two-dimensional fire, so that the two-dimensional fire cash register system can not get through with the takeout order of the company, and the business can only input information manually by itself. Metro's small white box is its own product. Orders and cashiers are directly connected. Some discounts are given from functional authority and platform buckles. Restaurants will choose to change their products.

And this is also one of the ways for the company to make profits. The gross profit of the store business is much higher than that of the takeout business. There are cashier transactions and deposits of merchants and user data. The company can do a lot of things. In addition to marketing, it can also promote the company's financial business. Order and transaction data can be used to control the supply chain financial wind, and then upstream, it can dock the company's fast donkey's supply chain services from the backstage of the system to form a closed-loop business.

The beauty troupe is terrible. It has the potential to extend from the largest takeout platform to the catering industry chain. In August this year, Ali combined word-of-mouth with hunger, and set up Ali's local life service group, the purpose of which is naturally to fight against the American League.

In terms of food and beverage SaaS, both of them have equity participation, purchased some ERP and SaaS service providers, such as screen core technology, Star of Heaven, delicious Ali Camp, two-dimensional fire, and customers like cloud in Ali. Under the giants, the gap between capital and technology is difficult to bridge. The space for entrepreneurs is getting smaller and smaller. Whose business has shortcomings or takes wrong steps, who goes out first.

For startups, it is still uncertain whether they can survive the cold winter. It is worse to be in the giant battle zone. At this time, the founder has a choice, but the employees have no choice.

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