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True and False YouTube: Hypocrisy in Video, Truth in Comments

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YouTube kicked Justin Bieber out of the altar.

Bieber's famous song "Baby" has accumulated more than 9 million dislikes on YouTube with 2 billion playback volumes, and has been imprisoned for eight years for the most hated videos, but this is not an unsurpassed record. In just eight days, YouTube's official retrospective video of the year 2018, YouTube Rewind, has harvested tens of millions of "tramples" and left "Baby" behind.

The annual retrospective video, YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind, was uploaded via YouTube Spotlight, the official YouTube account, on Dec. 6 and received 100 million broadcasts in less than a week. At the same time, this video has become the first YouTube video to break through tens of millions of times. Up to now, the video has been "trampled on" by nearly 14 million people, and only more than 2 million people praise it.


Among all the criticisms, the idea that YouTube is forcibly "politically correct" is particularly harsh. This year's YouTube Rewind not only focuses on issues such as race, education and refugees, but also demonstrates the diversity of a global video platform with 1.8 billion users through the participation of hundreds of popular head creators from different cultures and countries. But in the eyes of European and American users who have the largest topic setting capability on YouTube, YouTuber in many other areas is just a small cafe for them, not enough to represent the coming year.

In this way, in this attempt to present the world's integrity and diversity of video, discontent and anger drowned out the carefulness of a platform, the original local restoration of the real world.

This is not my YouTube.

Every year since 2011, YouTube has released such an official annual retrospective video, reviewing the most noteworthy pop events and creators of the past year. For many YouTubers, being able to appear in "YouTube Rewind" already has some sense of crowning honor. But apparently, this year's YouTube Rewind lost its original luster.

"The most popular YouTuber is not in this video", "To be honest, this video is well shot and well-made, but it has no YouTube features", "I don't know 90% of the people in this video"... It is not difficult to see from the many popular comments below the "YouTube Rewind 2018" video that many users have commented on some popular YouTuber and major events on the platform. "Absence" was rather unsatisfactory. Among them, the fans of game host Pew DiePie reacted strongly.

Pew DiePie is the most popular creator on YouTube, with over 77 million YouTube users subscribing to his account. In early 2017, he was caught up in a huge "anti-Semitic" controversy. At that time, the Wall Street Journal disclosed that from August 2016 to January next year, Pew DiePie released nine videos with anti-Semitic jokes or Nazi images. In a video uploaded by Pew DiePie on January 11, 2017, two men laughed and held up a banner that read, "Death to all Jews". The storm caused Pew DiePie to miss YouTube Rewind for the first time in 2017. This year, he was once again "snubbed".


Logan Paul, one of YouTube's top 10 most profitable "Internet Red" stars, was also absent. Earlier this year, he released a video of the body of a suicide victim filmed in Japan's Suicide Forest, which was strongly criticized, but nearly 19 million people still subscribe to his YouTube account.

Major events on YouTube this year, such as the glued competition between Pew DiePie and Indian music company T-Series for subscribers, and the record-breaking millions of people between Logan Paul and another YouTube head creator, KSI, watched the live boxing match, because the reasons behind the "Black History" YouTubers were also skipped by YouTube Rewind 2018. 。

YouTuber Philip DeFranco, a current affairs commentator, said that YouTube may not know what is happening in its "real community" at all, but it may also be deliberately neglected: "Some people say it's YouTube's attempt to distance itself from all disputes. "

I've committed all my embarrassing cancers.

Keep a "distance" from controversial users and related events, and use a "positive energy" video to trace back the past year. Many users believe that YouTube is "flattering" advertisers. Because many advertisers are worried that advertisements on YouTube will appear in controversial YouTuber videos, which will cast a shadow on their brand image.

Despite appearing in this year's YouTube Rewind, Marques Brownlee, a well-known technology blogger, still complains. He wrote on Twitter that there is a huge gap between the expectations of creators and audiences and what YouTube officials want to show to the outside world. Creators hope that "YouTube Rewind" will become a YouTuber celebration. YouTube hopes that Rewind will show advertisers appropriate bloggers and content in a few minutes'video in order to gain revenue. "YouTube tried to merge these two ideas and eventually produced such an embarrassing and confusing video that left out many people and things that creators liked but were not welcomed by advertisers. "

As a result, "cringe" has become the most frequently used word in the YouTube Rewind 2018 message area. In fact, besides flattering advertisers, many netizens say that embarrassing cancer has been committed, YouTube's annual review video carries other "crimes".


Looking at this year's "YouTube Rewind" as a "cross-street rat," Pew DiePie quickly jumped out and criticized YouTube. He said that YouTube would package its corporate image above the creators, users and platform culture. "I'm glad I wasn't involved because it's a very bad video, and it's disconnected from the community and the creators. "

I'm making less money.

Faced with the surge of bad reviews, a YouTube spokesman initially expressed "satisfaction" with the performance of "YouTube Rewind 2018": "When we release Rewind videos every year, our primary goal is to make the community interact with them, including voices that like and dislike them. "

But after jumping to become the most "trampled" video in YouTube's history, the official attitude of YouTube has changed: "The number of"trampled"over"Baby"is clearly not our goal. Sincere feedback is bad, but we are listening, and we appreciate your concern. Trying to capture YouTube's appeal in a video is as difficult as trying to capture lightning in a bottle. "


Equally difficult is how to balance advertisers, creators and users.

YouTube is the most valuable video platform for advertising on the Internet. It has become one of the pillars of Google's advertising business. The importance of advertisers to YouTube is self-evident. But last year, YouTube's advertising algorithms were exposed to place ads on video pages that include extremist, racist and hate speech, fuelling the anti-Semitic controversy of Pew DiePie, the top Internet celebrity. This has scared many advertisers, with more than 250 large advertisers, such as AT&T, Johnson & Johnson and Verizon, choosing to remove their ads from YouTube.

Faced with such a crisis of outflow of advertisers, YouTube has gradually shifted its focus to high-volume late-night talk shows and star accounts, trying to prove that the platform is "safe" to advertisers through the content created by these people. In order to avoid advertisers'images appearing on "politically incorrect" video pages as much as possible, YouTube subsequently tightened the rules for advertising distribution, which triggered what creators call "Adpocalypse".

In January, YouTube announced that it would use artificial replacement algorithms for advertising audits, and that only accounts with at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of viewing in the past year could generate advertising revenue. Compared with the previous rule that more than 10,000 broadcasts can be applied for ad sharing, the threshold has been raised a lot. This policy change is meant to make the dissemination and Realization of inappropriate content more difficult, but from the perspective of YouTubers, it also makes it difficult for many small accounts to reach more audiences. It's not so easy to make profits by making videos. YouTube in 2018 frustrated them.


It's another story for unruly head creators like Pew DiePie. Because of the popularity of YouTube, they receive tens of millions of broadcasts every month, and their relationship with YouTube is very close. On the one hand, YouTube does not want to show support for these people in its official propaganda, but it cannot alienate them from having a large number of users on its own platform. At the same time, because no other video platform can match YouTube in terms of user base and profitability, "Pew DiePie" has fallen into a similar circle, publishing videos complaining about YouTube's unfairness to win sympathy from fans, while carefully avoiding touching YouTube's red line, so as not to throw away the opportunity to make big money using YouTube.

The New York Times argues that the core of the controversy over "YouTube Rewind 2018" lies in the tension between YouTube's open community image and the audience behind the platform's head content. YouTube Rewind 2018, which only shows the positive content of multiple values, is a bit like weather forecasts that only broadcast sunny weather. It may seem more pleasant, but it does not reflect the actual climate.

I don't know them.

More than a decade later, protests and criticisms continued under YouTube Rewind 2018, but in the video message area of Oeno Office, it was another scene.

With 4.5 million subscriptions, "Office Ono" is the top Chinese creator on YouTube and the only Chinese YouTuber with a rare Asian face in Rewind this year. Many people congratulated her on her inclusion in this year's YouTube Rewind on message boards full of texts from Southeast Asia and the Middle East. There are still many "non-mainstream" users who are happy to see their favorite YouTuber in the video that seems to be "spurned" by all YouTube users.

A message "I don't know 90% of the people here" has won more than 70,000 "compliments" on the Rewind 2018 message board. Most of the so-called "90%" may be "office wilderness", YouTuber from different cultures or creative fields, and most of them have millions of fans on YouTube. YouTube's year-end retrospective video, dedicated to advocating diversity and diversity, brings together the best people who belong to different cultures at the same time, but disappoints the "mainstream users" and embarrasses them.

What a split world.

Fruzsina Eordogh, a Forbes digital culture journalist, voiced for YouTube's "platform" and gave a positive comment on this year's "YouTube Rewind" amid a wave of criticism from European and American users. She said that in the past, Rewind rarely mentioned less profitable content, but this year, animation, cooking, broadcasting, ASMR, science and other niche content are involved. In addition, excellent works from all over the world are also presented.


Speaking about the "absence" of Pew DiePie and Logan Paul, the main concern of the outside world, she said, "They're not there, and they make the video better." Fruzsina Eordogh believes that when many ordinary people outside the YouTube community hear about YouTube, it always feels like the stage of the head creator. Creators like Logan Paul and Pew DiePie are YouTube's "bad platform spokespersons", "frankly, they bring a bad reputation to the whole community. By abandoning the faulty creators in Rewind, YouTube shows that there is more to their platform than the troublemakers in the head. "

Different languages and cultures have split up one homotopy after another on the Internet, and YouTube users inevitably build their own information cocoons. The disappointment of the masses when they lose their authority turns to anger. In the face of the rage, the minorities are indeed vulnerable when they emerge. Calmness and goodwill can never suppress the bitterness and acerbity of the sprayers.

After the word-of-mouth rollover, "YouTube Rewind" may no longer be the year-end inventory that the entire community is looking forward to and applauding. It does selectively portray an untrue platform image, but you don't have to deny its desire to show a positive side.

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