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Records of China's Credit Promotion

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Text / Dan Qing

Source: GPLP (ID: gplpcn)

Nowadays, Lai Lai and the collector have become two irreconcilable groups.

Xiao Wang (pseudonym) did not think too much when he first chose to do collection, mainly focusing on the low requirements of the post. On the other hand, he urgently needed a job to make a living. So when the demand for collection market was strong, Xiao Wang quickly joined the collection army.

Nowadays Xiao Wang has to make 200 to 300 calls a day, ranging from borrowers'calls to relatives' calls in his address book.

As a profession, Xiao Wang will be exhausted after the daily call to collect debts. He feels that every penny is hard to come by.

However, on the other side of the phone, the person who is being debted is also depressed, even crying sadly.

Even every time she receives a collect call, Xiaoling shivers.

Finally, the vicious circle is over.

Just before he had time to rethink, the industry's layoffs came.

Xiao Wang's expression of grievance, which is also impossible, short message notification, telephone contact, lawyer letter, can be used. Lao Lai people cry, cheat, lose couplets, complain and report, counter-urge to collect a set of tricks, but also clamour to borrow money by their ability, by their ability not to pay back, owe money rightly and vigorously, do not take something to frighten them simply can not collect.

When it comes to grievances, Xiao Wang has a lot in mind.


Acquisition: If there is oppression, there will be resistance; if there is collection, there will be resistance.

Among the collecting rivers and lakes, collecting and anti-collecting are escalating in the constant struggle, which eventually leads to tension between the two. Nowadays, Lai Lai and the collector have become two irreconcilable groups:


Let's take a look at the terminology and tactics of these rivers and lakes.

1. Voice recording. In his opinion, counter-collection is a psychological warfare. Now that no violence is allowed to collect, we should seize the weaknesses of the collectors and report their violent collection by blurting out the names of the departments, and then report them as deceivers by pretending to be government departments.


Lao Lai's Psychological Game

Why do I have to borrow money when I know I haven't made it yet?

In this regard, Xiao Zhang (pseudonym) told GPLP Rhino Finance and Economics that I applied for a loan of 30,000 yuan from XX in April 2018. After the loan application, XX loan customer service personnel contacted me, I calculated the interest rate was too high, and refused, but after a few days, I still made a payment. The loan contract was 36829.81 yuan, which was immediately deducted by Shanghai XX Technology 6829.81 yuan, and the actual loan was 30,000 yuan. XX loans app above the loan is also 30,000 yuan, 12 instalments repayment, monthly repayment of 3700 yuan, a total of 44400 yuan a year, the interest rate reached 48%.

So, why do online lending platforms have to choose violent collection?

GPLP Rhino Finance and Economics consulted professionals about this, which was originally a cost issue.

First of all, if the court sues, it is time-consuming and labor-intensive, the amount of borrowing is small, the prosecution needs to collect a large amount of information, but also requires a special lawyer, so basically the online lending platform will not consider prosecution, and even if the borrower is sued, there is no way to pay if he has no money.

Secondly, although online lending platforms are under the formal banner, in fact, many platforms are still illegal in the process of lending, such as usury, haircut, secret charges and so on, which are illegal acts encountered by Xiao Zhang.

Since it is illegal lending, the online lending platform is not foolish, and nine out of ten will not choose legal procedures to collect money, so they can only choose some non-compliance qualified third-party collection companies to carry out violent collection, in order to achieve the purpose of collecting money.

Finally, in the Convention on Self-Discipline of Overdue Debt Collection in Internet Finance (Trial Implementation) issued by China Internet Finance Association on March 28, 2018, it is clear that the collection of overdue debts in Internet Finance should strictly abide by the relevant laws and regulations of the state, and that the comprehensive cost of funds charged to debtors in the form of interest, liquidated damages and various fees exceeds the relevant laws and regulations of the state, and that the cost of funds charged to debtors exceeds the relevant laws and regulations of the The interest rate of 36% on loans stipulated by the State shall not be protected by law.

The Convention also states that collectors should conduct debt collection activities at the appropriate time and should not harass debtors and other persons by frequent telephone calls. Receivers shall not disclose personal information such as debts, overdue debts or breaches of contract to other persons other than debtors, except in cases otherwise stipulated by laws and regulations.


Human Tragedy under the Urge of Violence

It was a farce that the car was destroyed and the family was destroyed. The original intention of He Mou was to avoid the collection of online loans.

If it hadn't been for layoffs, Xiao Wang would have had the remorse to quit.

So where is the future of the collection industry?

Firstly, the market exists. According to the latest statistics of the Banking Insurance Regulatory Commission, the balance of non-performing loans of commercial banks (corporate calibre) was 2.03 trillion yuan at the end of the third quarter of 2018, an increase of 75.1 billion yuan compared with the end of last quarter; the non-performing loan rate of commercial banks was 1.87%, an increase of 0.01 percentage points compared with the end of last quarter.

Although there are some disputes on the statistical caliber and data, it is an indisputable fact that there is a huge market space for non-performing assets in China. This huge market also provides fertile ground for the growth and growth of China's collection industry.

However, it is worth mentioning that compared with the above very optimistic view of intelligent collection, some insiders said that intelligent collection is not so magical at present, and 90% of intelligent collection is a gimmick. Taking some of the most popular smart calls from gold-eliminating platforms and collection companies as examples, it is reported that the reason why smart calls are popular is that smart calls can reduce labor costs.

From the cost of each call, intelligent calls in the industry are charged according to the length of use, roughly one yuan per minute or about 0.5 yuan, while manual calls are based on the dialing rate of each call, generally two yuan per call. On the surface, the cost of intelligent outgoing calls seems to be lower than that of manual outgoing calls.

It should be noted that the success rate of artificial external call is higher than that of intelligent external call. Therefore, the so-called advantages of smart outcall cost reduction are not obvious. Moreover, the harm caused by the rising bad debt rate is much more serious than the cost reduction.

It has been shown that manual calls are a little less bad debt than intelligent calls. Intelligent reminder improves the efficiency of reminder to a certain extent, but obviously the current intelligent reminder is not so perfect. After all, if we improve efficiency by sacrificing bad debt efficiency, it would be a bit of an inversion. In addition to smart calls, the current technology of smart case division seems not as powerful as rumors. It is reported that the current collection strategy still needs to rely on manual completion.

Nobody knows where the story of collecting and anti-collecting will go next, but we see that the credit system is constantly improving, so we have reason to believe that the industry will develop in a better direction in the future.

Perhaps, with the continuous improvement of credit, the collection of rivers and lakes will be far from our sight.

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