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What's the origin of the hacker organization of hitting the face of Apple Samsung and doing cross-year prostration?

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Speaking of hackers, the first impression that most people have flashed in their minds is probably that they are haunted, have mysterious whereabouts, are not good at words, and don't like to participate in parties and outdoor activities. They often hide behind the computer screen in a black costume, and crack all kinds of passwords on the keyboard with explosive hand speed, which makes the attacked people uneasy.

Is that true? On New Year's Day this year, a hacker organization that started a mass outcrop of 10,000 people is refreshing the public's understanding of hackers.

The biggest hacker party so far brought this fantastic organization to the public at once.


Pay for everyone:

Teacher of Justice in the Matrix?

Chaos Club began to be famous all over the world, starting with a hacker incident that triggered concerns about security flaws in Germany.

Bildschirmtext is an online interactive graphics and text system launched by Deutsche Post in 1983. Content providers set prices and recipients pay according to the accepted pages. As the largest commercial online system for the general public, Deutsche Telecom claimed to the public that its system was very secure, but was soon hit by CCC.

CCC hackers broke through the system's security vulnerabilities, allowing it to pay itself 134,000 Ma at Hamburg Bank. Of course, the money was publicly refunded in the media the next day.


Faced by CCC, there are also technology companies Apple and Samsung.

In 2013, Touch ID fingerprint identification sensors supported by Apple's iPhone 5S and iOS 7 were widely discussed. CCC hacker Starbug successfully copied a set of fingerprints for himself from the glass surface through daily necessities, and successfully deceived Touch ID system to unlock the iPhone 5S.



Don't be surprised at how vulnerable business organizations'security awareness is, because in the eyes of the CCC, the level of government is not as high as it is.

It is said to have done so in protest against the use of biometric data in German identity devices such as electronic passports.

In 2011, the CCC found that German police wiretapped the Internet phone with a Trojan horse named Staatstrojaner, and quickly analyzed and studied it. The results were made public, which triggered extensive media coverage. The Federal Ministry of the Interior had to issue a statement.


Mascot used to protest Staatstrojaner

In a word, CCC has done a lot to protest against the anti-bone incidents of corporate and government security loopholes.

But apparently, the hackers are not going to make an improper profit. After they break through the loopholes, they often return their benefits. It's just a lot of hype in front of the media and the public.

It is believed that most ordinary people will clap their hands and cheer up, leaving those who have been publicly sentenced with muddled faces and tears in the wind.

How does it work?

Surely there will be some curiosity, even if CCC hackers are so selfless, people will eventually have to eat. So where does their income come from?


Perhaps it is because of this that CCC members do not disdain petty theft or illegal profits, but rather openly engage in activities with great generosity. It looks more like a public welfare organization than a hacker organization. For example:

They have a beautiful official website and a perfect organizational structure.


Regular sharing activities are held. Sometimes in Berlin bars, people are taught how to protect personal data and computers from hackers; sometimes at the annual conference, a group of hackers share how their hardware tools work;


Sometimes volunteer training will be organized to teach locally and improve the technical literacy of parents and teachers.


The reason why a hacker organization is so active is probably due to the founding of CCC.

On September 12, 1981, Wau Holland and others realized that information technology would play an important role in people's lives and that there must be a mediator to balance the relationship between technology and social development. So CCC was established.

Today, CCC is the largest hacker Association in Europe. It expresses and publicizes its concept of technology in various ways, including hacker means.


Breaking Taboos: A Black Sheep in the Digital World


So what do governments, businesses and the masses think of them?

It can be roughly divided into two groups:

As far as the reality is concerned, the answer is almost certain.

How to prevent technology from being used for malicious purposes and causing harm at an early stage is obviously not feasible for a few governments and enterprises alone.

Nowadays, companies including Google, Microsoft and Baidu have proposed democratized solutions to the potential risks of technological development, advocating that everyone be able to understand and use technological tools.

Many of CCC's activities have been proved to have propelled governments and businesses to iteratively upgrade system security and privacy protection.


The CCC is in sharp contrast to business and power organizations. Like throwing stones into the pool, It ripples over seemingly unexpected waters, exposing the dark side of the lake floor and giving the public the possibility to see more truth.

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