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Xiaomi Huawei for the application store downtime WeChat red envelope crash More than four billion Chinese New Year red envelopes you grab?

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After WeChat has already retired, Alipay has become a national IP, Baidu has finally been unable to hold back, and won the exclusive authorization of the 2019 CCTV Spring Festival Evening Interactive Partner, high-profile entry, since the red envelope stage of the Spring Festival Evening has gathered BAT Big Three.

In addition, today's headlines, Weibo, UnionPay cloud flash, shortvideoPlatform giants, fast hands, micro-visions and other small giants also joined the melee, want to take a share of the traffic battle in the name of the red envelope.

According to incomplete statistics, the red envelope war in 2019 has saved more than 4 billion yuan, of which the total amount of online red envelopes of the BAT Big Three has accumulated 2 billion, and the two short video platforms of the vibrating and fast-handling have distributed a total of 1.1 billion red envelopes.

Intense battle: XiaomiHuaweiApp store downtime, WeChat red envelope crashes

On New Year's Eve, according to Weibo users, Xiaomi and Huawei's app store collapsed. According to the relevant mobile phone manufacturers feedback: "Because a large number of users download Baidu APP caused a crash"; in the early hours of the morning, due to the excessive number of red packets issued, WeChat red packets once appeared to be stuck.

As for the specific data, as the exclusive cooperation platform for the red envelope of Spring Festival Evening in 2019, the deadline for zero audience, the global audience participated in Baidu APP red envelope interactive activities reached 20.8 billion times. During the Spring Festival Gala, a total of 10 million red packets of 20.19 yuan and 1 million red packets of 88 yuan were issued.

According to the data provided by Alipay, in the 11 days from January 25 to New Year's Eve, more than 450 million people in the country participated in the collection of Alipay Wufu, the highest red envelope amount of 666 yuan. Alipay said that the winning amount was random. According to feedback from netizens, the winning amount is 2.28, 2.18, 2.08, 1.68 yuan.

Looking back at the data of previous years, according to official statistics, in 2018, about 251 million users shared 500 million red envelopes, less than 2 yuan per capita.

In a year's time, the number of people participating in the collection of Wufu has soared by 200 million. It can be seen that although the amount of red packets received has become smaller every year, the enthusiasm of the Chinese for the red packets has only increased.

This year's red envelope war, a few more "new bottles" to install "old wine"

1, BJ offense, AT defense

On January 17, 2019, Baidu announced that it will become the exclusive red envelope interactive partner of CCTV Spring Festival Evening in 2019. From January 28th to February 4th, New Year's Eve, Baidu will distribute a total of 1 billion red envelopes in 8 days. All of them were signed outside the red envelope by collecting good luck cards, and four rounds of 900 million red packets were delivered on New Year's Eve.

At the same time, like Baidu, the event also accessed the products of Bytes Bounce, including today's headlines, today's headline speed version, watermelon video, volcano video and Phi Phi shrimp, etc., intended to let more people download the app.

Today's headlines urgently in need of transformation will issue a red envelope of 1 billion yuan this year through card collection and red envelope rain. The red envelope was also distributed at 20:30 on New Year's Eve (February 4th).

Compared with Baidu and today's headline's positive "offensive", Alipay and WeChat are relatively conservative in their actions.

Alipay has continued the “Five Five Fortunes” activities that have become the largest IP, and added new games such as “Responding to Win Cards”, “Zhufu Gas Card” and “Flower Cards”. Users of Qiwufu share 500 million yuan in cash on New Year’s Eve. Red envelope.

It is reported that the word "Fu" written by Ma Yun has been swept by netizens for 160 million times in two days.

WeChat payment is no longer a big red envelope. This year's Spring Festival WeChat launched two new features - corporate custom red envelope cover, WeChat emoticon red envelope.

If the corporate custom red envelope cover is for the layout of the B-end, then the fun of the WeChat emoticon is to emphasize sharing and blessing, increase user activity - these days red packets, self-portraits and ready-made emoticons pictures, Which one do you prefer to convey your mind?

2, vibrating & fast hand & micro-vision, not idle each other

Short video is one of the areas in recent years, and the competition is fierce. Vibrato just took the right of the exclusive social interaction platform of the Spring Festival Evening from Weibo. In the next day, the fast-handed won the short video copyright of CCTV Spring Festival Evening.

According to the data released by the vibrato, during the Spring Festival, the vibrato day rose from less than 40 million to nearly 70 million.

The vibrato is involved in the “concentration, cash distribution” activity through the vibrato, and a total of 500 million yuan in cash red packets is issued. At the same time, it also sets interactive challenges such as topic challenges and designing New Year's dances.

The video social app that just went online has also continued the old road of the predecessors. From January 28th, users can log in to the flashing APP, which means they can find the "Follow the shoot, divide 100 million" activity on the homepage. Therefore, this year's red envelope strategy of vibrating sound also bears the responsibility of promoting multiple flashes.

Another short video giant - fast hand, also launched the "600 million cash" red envelope activity, from January 29 to February 11, users whether to invite friends to team PK popularity, or watch live or video, or invite Friends can play fast and get a certain amount of red envelopes. The maximum amount of a single red envelope on New Year's Eve is 10,000 yuan.

At the same time, the fast-handed "Red Pocket Rain" and "Invite Friends to Earn Bonus" activities, prepared a red envelope rain worth 1.2 billion coins on January 29, New Year's Eve and the first live broadcast.

Tencent Microvision launched a 500 million cash video red envelope event, which will be reddish from 19:00 to 20:00 every day from February 3 to 5, and from 21 to 22:00, while February 2 By the 19th, the micro-video red envelope will generate ten “10,000 yuan koi” every day, and each person will receive a 10,000 yuan red envelope.

There are more players on the market, the delivery amount is higher, the atmosphere is more joyful, and the red envelopes are used in the market, but there is no big difference.

Send red envelope circulation, is it still useful?

1. Tencent and Ali explore the new value of the Spring Festival red envelope

In the past few years, Tencent and Ali have jointly promoted, and the red packets in the Spring Festival gradually became the new custom of the Chinese New Year.

Looking back at the history of the Spring Festival red envelope, it was first launched by WeChat in 2014. At that time, WeChat paid online for a few months, and it broke the monopoly position of Alipay in the field of mobile payment by virtue of the Spring Festival red envelope counterattack. It was compared to "Pearl" by Ma Yun. Hong Kong sneak attack."

In 2015, WeChat took the victory and pursued the "redundant" red envelope with CCTV Spring Festival Evening. Not only did it get huge traffic, it prompted many users to bind bank cards, and also opened the tradition of red envelopes in the Spring Festival Evening.

According to the public information, during the CCTV Spring Festival Evening, the total amount of WeChat shakes and interacted reached 11 billion times, and the total number of QQ wallet and WeChat payment card user accounts exceeded 100 million. In May of that year, WeChat change customers directly exceeded 300 million, and this achievement came directly from the cooperation with the Spring Festival Evening.

At that time, there was a media narration: WeChat worked overnight on Alipay's efforts to popularize online payment for eight years.

In the next year, Alipay won the exclusive cooperation right of CCTV Spring Festival Evening with 260 million yuan. On the night of New Year's Eve, the total number of participations in Alipay's “咻一咻” interactive platform reached 324.5 billion times, which was 29.5 times of the number of interactions in the 2015 Spring Festival Evening. In 2017, the penetration rate of Alipay red envelope users reached 46.1%; in 2018, about 251 million users shared 500 million red envelopes.

With the cooperation with the Spring Festival Evening and the red envelope strategy, the most direct result is to open the payment market. According to Analysys released in the third quarter of 2018, "China's third-party payment mobile payment market quarterly monitoring report" shows that Alipay, WeChat in the mobile payment market share reached 92.53%.

Since then, Tencent and Ali have also begun to explore the new value of the Spring Festival red envelope: Tencent launched a corporate red envelope, and launched the B-end, while Alipay's Jiwufu has become the National IP, while also taking on the responsibility of socializing and promoting the flower garden.

Second, Baidu, today's headline strategic defense

Since the PC-to-mobile transition has been slowed down by half a step, Baidu has not kept pace with the other two giants during the Spring Festival red envelope war.

After WeChat and Alipay had already harvested huge amounts of traffic, Baidu began to make an effort to enter the market, trying to attract new users by embracing traffic, and diverting its various products to save the trend.

During the annual Spring Festival, the Chinese have completed the migration of hundreds of millions of people, the large-scale return of the population of first- and second-tier cities, and the convergence of urban and rural populations have become an important opportunity for all kinds of products to cross the user circle and obtain sinking users. .

Therefore, in the post-WeChat, Alipay era, Baidu and today's headlines as two major Internet platforms, naturally do not want to waste opportunities.

"Whether it is Baidu or today's headlines, the biggest significance of joining the Spring Festival red envelope war is that at the strategic level, users are quantitative, and they are there, Baidu does not harvest, today's headlines will be harvested. Plus the Spring Festival red envelope model has been Verification, even if the ability to do the user sinking has been done at this stage, there is still a certain amount of potential users." An industry insider who did not want to be named said that under the volume of users, who can take the lead If you get new users on a large scale, you will get a better start.

At the same time, for Baidu, the small wallet as Baidu's payment brand, it is hoped to use the red envelope to withdraw, get a large number of users. It is reported that the small wallet is the only channel for the Baidu red envelope activity.

However, there is a view that although for most mobile Internet products, the Spring Festival is an excellent promotion period, but with the distraction of users and the decline of the influence of the Spring Festival Evening, the effect will be greatly reduced.

"Now the payment market has been divided by WeChat and Alipay. It is almost impossible for Baidu to get the feat of the WeChat payment through the Spring Festival." The aforementioned person said.

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