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Expert suggestion: Legislation prohibits primary and secondary school students under 16 from using smartphones

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How to crack? Zhao Zhizhong, dean of the School of Geography and Environmental Sciences at Hainan Normal University, suggested that legislation should be adopted as soon as possible to prohibit the use of smartphones by primary and secondary school students under the age of 16.

Primary and secondary school students use smart phones "multiple crimes"

"Children have been clamoring for mobile phones. I am hesitating to buy them." Ms. Wu, a fourth-grade elementary student in Haikou City, told reporters.

What worried Ms. Wu is that because smartphones can access the Internet, nowadayswebsitePoorly mixed, some websites have bad information such as pornography and violence. The child's mind is not yet mature, lacks discernment, and is susceptible to these harmful information.

“Playing with a smartphone takes up a lot of learning time, and it decentralizes learning energy, resulting in poor completion of learning tasks or poor quality.” After a lot of research, Zhao Zhizhong came to a conclusion.

Zhao Zhizhong believes that the entry of smart phones into campus and Internet cafes is no different, leading many students to indulge in online games, electronic fiction, online socialization, etc. Students are often absent-minded in the classroom, and the learning effect is very poor.

“The wind of “mobile phone comparison” is pervasive on campus...” Many parents of primary and secondary school students in Haikou expressed helplessness. The price difference of different smart phones is huge. Children are better than each other in pursuit of material enjoyment, which seriously affects the establishment of correct values.

In addition, because smartphones can check the answers to their homework, many students no longer use their brains when doing homework, and even use mobile phones to cheat during exams. These phenomena have a negative impact on class style, school spirit, style of study, and style of study.

“It’s a waste of time to talk to others. It’s better to play a game!” The first-year boy of Haikou’s middle school, Fuxin (a pseudonym), said that since the birthday last year, Dad gave himself a smart phone, either when he was at school or at home. He is alone with a mobile phone to entertain himself, and his communication with his classmates and parents is reduced.

Zhao Zhizhong said that due to the emergence of smart phones, the space for exchanges between primary and secondary school students has been compressed, resulting in self-enclosement of these students and even resistance to social interaction. Due to the existence of a large amount of false information on the Internet, students are easily deceived, some serious, and even cause loss of both people and money. There have been many related cases.

What's more, due to the long-term use of mobile phones, students' eyesight has a greater impact on their eyes, and long-term gaze at the electronic screen, which is also extremely harmful to the cervical spine, and will also cause students' physical decline. The low-headed group is showing a trend of younger age and is extremely prone to traffic accidents.

Smartphone campus management faces 尴尬

In recent years, the mobile phone management of primary and secondary schools has become a fierce offensive and defensive war, and students, schools, parents and other parties are wrestling.

"Immediately forbidden, surprise inspection, confiscation, shielding surrounding signals, and even centralized destruction, etc." The reporter combed the news report and found that the method used by the school was nothing more than that.

In this regard, some parents do not support it. They feel that the school has no right to deprive students of the right to use mobile phones. After the children’s mobile phones are destroyed, some parents still seek compensation from teachers; some teachers dare not control, in order to avoid disputes, sometimes eye".

Many high school teachers in Haikou admitted that it is unrealistic for the school to check the students' entry and exit every day, which is easy to cause conflict. From the perspective of legal responsibility, the mobile phone should be kept by whom, and once the dispute is resolved, each school has not yet formed an effective management method.

"In fact, developed countries such as Europe and the United States have a social consensus on the ban on carrying mobile phones into the campus, and have introduced relevant laws and regulations." Zhao Zhizhong said.

In France, elementary and junior high school students are explicitly prohibited from using mobile phones on campus. The United Kingdom has made it clear that students under the age of 16 are not allowed to use mobile phones except in emergencies. Most schools in the United States do not allow students to use mobile phones.

August 2018,educationThe Ministry of Health and the National Health and Health Commission and other 8 departments jointly issued the "Integrated Prevention and Control of Children and Adolescents Myopia Implementation Program" also proposed "the prohibition of students to bring personal mobile phones, tablets and other electronic products into the classroom" requirements.

Subsequently, Shandong and other provinces and cities have also issued regulations that prohibit primary and secondary school students from bringing mobile phones into the campus.

However, there is no explicit provision in Hainan Province to prohibit primary and secondary school students from bringing smartphones into the campus, which has led to serious problems in the use of smart phones by students in primary and secondary schools.

Legislation prohibits primary and secondary school students under 16 from playing mobile phones

"Basic education in Hainan Province is very weak. If it is not legislated as soon as possible, basic education will also decline, and the gap with the mainland will continue to widen." Zhao Zhizhong said.

At present, many provinces have begun to prohibit primary and secondary school students from carrying smart phones into the campus. The relevant departments in Hainan should also legislate as soon as possible to prohibit the use of smart phones for teenagers under the age of 16, and not to bring smartphones into the campus.

Zhao Zhizhong also believes that the Hainan Provincial Department of Education should formulate corresponding rules and regulations as soon as possible to prohibit the use of smart phones by primary and secondary school students under the age of 16. It is a violation of the rules to ensure that primary and secondary school students bring smart phones into the campus. Authorized schools have the right to ask parents to cooperate and take appropriate sanctions.

In response to the school, Zhao Zhizhong believes that schools should implement good implementation, strengthen publicity and education, increase inspection and management, and find that students carrying smart phones can authorize teachers to confiscate and conduct unified management, and dispose of the carriers as appropriate. The school establishes a unified management system for smart phones, and the smart phones handed in must be registered and kept in good condition.

For parents, it is not allowed to buy smart phones for teenagers under the age of 16, but also with schools. Students are strictly forbidden to bring their smartphones into the campus. At the same time, students must be strictly controlled to play smart phones at home.

Zhao Zhizhong said that after legislation prohibits primary and secondary school students from using smart phones, they can use alternatives to make phone calls, such as encouraging students to use watch phones to contact parents.


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