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Millet's Road to Internet Commercialization: Left-handed To C, Right-handed To B

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This is the process of millet seeking recognition in the B-end market, and also the story of self-establishment.

Wen/Zhai Wenting

Source: Blue Hole Business (ID: value_creation)

Questions come like snowflakes. But we can't blame brand dealers entirely.

According to routine actions, the more powerful and demanding large companies are, the more standardized the management of the media. News media, video media and vertical media are summarized and put in place. The question is, what kind of millet does it belong to?

Mobile phones? There is no such item. Ecological class? The most self-proclaimed ecology is Lexin, which is no longer viable today. Millet is the only company left to categorize itself, which seems unscientific.

This is also the initial confusion of millet marketing team members. An Ali, headline or Baidu sales, I have what resources, what benefits can bring to customers, clear. But the marketing content of millet is not clear in one sentence or two.

In other words, millet marketing has not yet formed a routine, brand merchants do not know much is also reasonable. However, when they established a complete understanding, they found that the company's play was somewhat different.

MIUI App Store is the place where mobile products can bring new effect advertisements; the boot content display of millet TV has become a hot place for brand advertisements with the increase of terminal sales; the browser has information flow content, even the Xiaoai speaker, millet bracelet and the Zhimi refrigerator are the carriers of original content.

In Q3 in 2018, the revenue of Millet Internet Services Division was 4.7 billion yuan, of which advertising revenue increased by 109.8% year on year. Q2 in the same year, the former is still 4 billion yuan, advertising revenue increased by 69.6%. That is to say, the two most critical absolute and relative numbers are in an ideal climbing state.

From another point of view, Internet marketing is ToB, which is different from Millet's previous C-terminal method. This is the process of millet seeking recognition in the B-end market, and also the story of self-establishment.

Resource map

In mid-2018, millet was listed in the name of an Internet company. It was questioned that its hardware business was too big to support the Internet gene.

He further explained that the Internet strategy is not only the strategy of Internet business, but also how millet's business model combines with the Internet.

In September 2018, the organizational structure of millet was adjusted and four Internet departments were established. One of the most important reasons is that Internet business is developing very fast, and more people are needed to share the responsibility of Hong Feng, the former head of MIUI.

At the same time, in addition to the millet application store, the millet mobile product matrix has become a scale, with tens of millions of products daily. Apps from basic functions such as weather, contacts, calendar to browsers, millet videos, multi-view and reading can be considered as commercial media.

Of course, millet IoT has also become an important part of the layout of Internet commercialization. In 2018, Q3, the number of consumer-grade Internet of Things connection devices for Millet IoT has reached 132 million, and nearly 198,000 users have more than five smart devices, all of which are data excluding smartphones and notebooks.

This is the map of millet marketing resources, but also the path of commercialization.

In November 2018, the cumulative distribution volume of millet application store has exceeded 168 billion. Such a huge data accumulation and user base can help developers and brands to gain insight into the industry and vertically segment traffic.

The most differentiated expression of millet is the AIoT ecosystem. During the 2018 World Cup, Xiao Ai speaker cooperated with Youku. Users'search demand for Xiao Ai classmates about the World Cup content jumped seamlessly to Youku through the service mode, which brought about a high amount of new downloads and calls. Millet and KFC have also experimented with activities such as refrigerators with food forever through the smart screen of the Cloud Rice Intelligent Refrigerator. Such cases are based on the diversity of millet resources, and creatively put forward commercial methods.

From this point of view, millet is not talking about a mass flow story, but the process of returning to the real scene, exploring in-depth scene advertising, and reconstructing the relationship between brand merchants, platforms and users.

But Qiu Ruiheng believes that millet is not essentially different from other Internet companies in thinking, they are aggregating traffic and rediscovering business value. But they will not be one-sided, do everything possible to make traffic bigger.

Bottom line is more important

It's not dissatisfaction, it's user experience that he values most. In particular, Lei Jun believes that the brand advertising in Millet resources undoubtedly joins the endorsement of millet brand, so more caution is needed. If the commercialization process conflicts with it, there is no doubt on the user's side.

In organizational restructuring, this is taken into account in daily business processes. MIUI core experience, technology platform, commercial product development and advertising sales are subordinate to the Internet, which is the support department for the commercialization of the Internet, as well as the Audit Department of millet advertising experience.

These things are often difficult to distinguish right from wrong, the key is where the bottom line is located.

For example, users who download MIUI theme ringtones will also be exposed to advertisements, and the appearance of advertisements is similar to that of ringtones. Initial intention is good, hope users feel more friendly interface, but the actual operation process will be a problem. After the user clicks, he enters the application download, and the conversion rate is very high. If the user clicks by mistake, is it not his intention?

This question is fed back to Li Weixing. His attitude is that the marketing content looks like ringtone, but after the user clicks, whether intentionally or unintentionally, he can't download it immediately. He must play the window prompt and download another application. That is to say, the right to continue or cancel is handed over to the user in time.

Li Weixing admitted that if there is no control audit, in the exploitation of advertising resources, business will inevitably lose scale. If there is no consensus between the commercialized department and the product, it will be decided by Li Weixing. Now, on average, he handles one or two disputes a week.

Not two or three years ago.

In 2015, the commercialization of millet has not progressed smoothly. At a meeting, Lei Jun asked why commercialization had progressed so slowly. He did not get an answer. He realized that the product department was unwilling to increase advertising space. Later, at a high-level meeting, people stressed the importance of commercialization for Internet companies, especially giants like Facebook and Google, which rely on advertising for their livelihoods. Later, the number of advertisements increased to a point where users complained.

In fact, in addition to the business department and commercial products department, millet also has a third-party team that represents the voice of users responsible for checking. They used to be in charge of MIUI forums, communicating in depth with many core rice noodles and getting to know users better. So they participate in the audit as a third party without KPI.

Advertising should also be valuable

For commercial liquidity, millet has two most important dimensions: user acceptance and advertising liquidity.

One of the most basic principles is that sales themselves are users. When such a thing appears in front of you, will you like it?

For example, tell the user the weather of tomorrow before shutting down, or announce the next TV series; if you happen to be a fan, remind you of an important match tomorrow, it is not against the law, maybe the user will feel intimate.

There is a solution in front of us, and millet is still not in a hurry. Chen Gaoming further explained that this is in line with the principle of the company's user experience first, but don't forget, there is also a basic logic of commercialization is efficiency first.

This reflects the problem that commercialization can no longer be a simple and crude flow realization for Internet companies. Even the most sought-after information flow advertisements nowadays are struggling to walk a tightrope, and we need to grasp the scale of user experience and efficiency. Once out of balance, advertisements for fishing in troubled waters will be rejected at any time.

At that time, Google was the king of advertising, and Facebook had to find new needs and provide unique value to brand makers.

At a remote conference on monetization, Zuckerberg suggested that Facebook's basic principle is that advertising should become content. Unlike other websites, they have the ability to facilitate two-way dialogue between users or between users and advertisers. Finally, Facebook became the most hit media in history. These are unprecedented.

If history is similar, millet stands at such an important time. They want to provide users and advertisers with unique commercial value that conforms to millet.

Ecology is king

Commercialization of the Internet in millet is not a systematic tactic from the beginning. First of all, to do a good job of the product and provide valuable user scenarios, there will naturally be room for cash flow, which is their simple idea.

So their logic is to find the user's core scenario and form a strong stickiness; furthermore, it is not difficult to realize the problem as long as the user has a deep understanding of the user and contacts the user faster than others. This is why they do not blindly pursue the growth of massive traffic.

The differential realization of millet mainly relies on the power of ecology.

Just past the 2019 meeting, Lei Jun said that millet has become the world's largest IoT consumer-grade Internet of Things platform, and proposed to embrace AIoT in an all-round way, from now on in the next five years will continue to invest more than 10 billion yuan.

Cui Baoqiu, Vice President of AI and Cloud Platform of Millet Group, said in an interview with Blue Hole Business that AIoT has become the core strategy of Millet. Xiao Ai, one of the core driving forces, as the underlying operating system, will generate more energy in the future. Because it's a cross-platform, cross-device, cross-scenario capability. This is the future of millet, more about the prospects of commercialization.

In short, Xiao Ai classmates as the core of the millet ecological network atlas is broader, indicating that the marketing energy generated is greater.

In the past, the built-in Xiao Ai students gave birth to two explosive products in the millet platform, millet TV and millet AI speakers. In 2018, they focused more on products and ecology, but also made some commercial attempts. Around Xiao Ai's voice interaction, application download, brand advertisement, search and drainage of Xiao Ai's access part. For example, if you want to buy a train ticket, Xiao Ai can jump to the corresponding website.

But this kind of imagination space is based on the size of Xiao Ai's access equipment. The broader the connection network, the more user data accumulated, the more accurate the service can be provided for users and personalized content can be pushed forward. Ultimately, the most important aspect of Internet liquidation is data-based.

The most important differentiated advantage of millet marketing is scene innovation. For example, turning on the TV is just the content that users prefer. Smart refrigerators will promptly remind replenishment according to users'taste preferences and storage conditions. Even if you like coffee, you just get a new product recommendation. All of these scenarios depend on the layout of AIoT.

This also concerns that everyone is very concerned about the issue, millet Internet revenue increase, in order to dispel outside concerns about millet is a company.

Chen Gaoming responded that Millet has only been commercializing the Internet for three or four years, and it is a brand new model that needs more time to prove itself.

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