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Millet Details 9 Game Turbo Function, Huawei Mate 20 Pro Maltreated

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At noon, millet sent an article entitled "Combat Angel!" Game Turbo holds the most refreshing millet mobile phone in the game. It introduces the role of Game Turbo game acceleration technology and the comparison of actual game effects. The following is the content of this article:

Millet 9 is equipped with Gaotong's most advanced 7-nm processor, Miaolong 855, with a maximum of 12 GB dual-channel memory, 2133 MHz main frequency, and a running score of 380,000 rabbits. Strong hardware configuration lays a solid foundation for millet 9's excellent gaming experience, but to play well enough to make the hardware performance play to the extreme while balancing the power consumption of the endurance, we need appropriate software optimization and active intelligent system strategy.

For the first time, the Game Turbo game acceleration function is installed on the millet 9. On the one hand, it will optimize the hardware performance of the powerful, so that the game experience of millet 9 can be upgraded and firepower can be fully opened. On the other hand, it also provides customizable touch and display parameters for players, which can adjust the screen effect and control feel according to personal preferences. In addition, it can also provide you with an efficient and convenient game environment through a new game toolbox.


Game hardware acceleration, full performance firepower

In the course of the game, millet 9 will dynamically adjust the CPU frequency according to the game rendering load. Through the intelligent scheduling of CPU frequency, the CPU can run at a lower frequency in the scenario of less load, thus reducing the power consumption of the system. In the multi-group warfare and other high-pressure rendering scenarios, more system resources are actively invested to effectively improve the frame rate and reduce frame dropping.



In the MBOA game stress test, the non-CD mode Star enlarges continuously, the skill picture effect is complex and the rendering load is large. It can be seen that the millet 9 frame number curve is more stable, the millet 9 average frame rate is 59.9 fps, while the other mobile phone frame rate fluctuates greatly, the average frame rate is 50.7 fps.



In chicken-eating games, skydiving, mirror opening, smoke bomb throwing, flask burning and driving vehicles change greatly, rendering load is heavy. Under HDR HD quality, open the limit frame number setting, throw three smoke bombs continuously, and test the rendering performance of the game in the limit scene by continuously entering and exiting smoke. Millet 9 and other mobile phones have varying degrees of frame rate fluctuations, but Millet 9 is relatively more stable, with an average frame rate of 55.8 fps, compared with 47.3 FPS for other mobile phones.

In addition, in the game process, millet 9 will protect the network for the game, intelligent scheduling network resource allocation. Reduce the network resource occupancy of background process, maximize the network bandwidth required by the game, provide a stable and low-latency network environment for the game, reduce the occurrence of delay, dropout, packet loss and jumping Ping in the game process.

Millet 9 also specializes in targeted optimization of the game's sound quality. For music games, optimize the sound effect of playing out, so that the game music is more pleasant and impressive. For the chicken game, turn on the earphone sound effect, improve the Footsteps'recognition, and make the enemy's position more clear and identifiable. In addition, when voice communication is opened in the game, noise reduction will be carried out to reduce the interference of background sound to voice calls.

Display and touch parameters can be customized

Millet 9 has been fully tuned for the touch experience of finger sliding, which improves the traceability in the game process. By increasing the frequency of touch IC and the response speed of touch, using millet 9 to play MOBA games and eat chicken games, it is obvious that the release skills are easier, the quasi-stars are more sensitive, indicating where to hit. Moreover, it can customize the touch response parameters for a specific game. It can customize the touch heeling and the sensitivity of continuous clicks in a certain game.


Millet 9 accelerates the built-in display enhancement function, improves the contrast of the screen, optimizes the image details, and can customize the display effect for different games. It improves the contrast of fog, night scene, grass and woodland, and finds enemies faster. When the overall picture of the game is darker, the enemy hiding in the dark can see more clearly.


In the chicken eating game, the contrast between the enhanced display (right) and the default screen (left) can clearly show that the color of the screen is more intense, the overall interface is brighter, the contrast is higher, and the details of the dark part of the grass are clearly visible.

In addition, millet 9 can customize the range of edge restraint according to different games, and reduce the edge mistouch caused by palm touching the screen during the game. For shooting games, you can also turn on the 4D sense of shock to simulate the hand experience of shooting, so that the shooting process is more realistic.

Efficient and convenient game toolbox

On the interface, when you enter the game for the first time, the system will automatically enter the accelerated home page of the game, including all your games. After entering the game, you can exhale the game toolbox by sliding on the top, showing the current CPU occupancy, GPU occupancy, frame number and current network status on the top.

Through the top game toolbox, you can quickly open Weixin, QQ and other chat software, while playing the game while replying to messages. In addition, it can also display the browser's web pages in the way of picture-in-picture, which is convenient to find strategies in the game.


Game Turbo game acceleration on the one hand can improve the overall performance of the body in the game process, so that millet 9's powerful hardware performance firepower is fully opened. On the other hand, by customizing different display and touch parameters for different games, the game picture and touch experience can match the game, and at the same time, it can better match the usage habits of thousands of people and thousands of faces, and the control experience can go up to a higher level. In addition, through the functions of message shielding, quick reply to picture-in-picture message, one-click screen capture and so on, it can bring you intimate and immersive game experience.

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