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5G is coming! This year, 500 million mobile phones will be eliminated, and the rivers and lakes will be upgraded.

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Text / Cui Hengyu

Source: Zinc Finance (ID: Xincaijing)

In the 20 years of Internet madness, countless rumors and blue oceans have been born. But never like today, many rumors have turned from capital darlings to capital abandonment, rapidly decaying, slipping, falling, and annihilating.

Unmanned shelves at the speed of life and death, the thunderstorm tides round and round P2P, "miracle", sharing garbage with garbage, leaving a constant hum.

However, the second-hand mobile phone recycling is an exception. This old business from the beginning of the ox is still in the darkness of the dawn from birth to the present, in the words of the recovery treasure SVP Xiong Zhou,Just like swimming in the blue sea, you can't touch your opponent or touch the shore.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, since 2014, China's waste mobile phone inventory has accumulated about 1.83 billion units, and the mobile phone phase-out in 2018 and 2019 is expected to reach 461 million units and 499 million units respectively.


Used mobile phone recycling pictures from the network

On top of the data, mobile phone recycling has become a bull's-eye, creating a situation in which thousands of arrows are created.

There are not only comprehensive platforms such as idle fish, transfer, but also vertical players such as love recycling, recycling treasures, and estimations. At the same time, major mobile phone brands are also "old-for-new" business.

In 2018, Ali bet reclaimed treasure, Jingdong invested in recycling for three consecutive years, and the second-hand mobile phone recycling market was directly upgraded from “Tuttle Warfare” to “God fight”.

Boosted by the "war escalation", there is also the arrival of 5G. According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology,With the gradual commercialization of 5G in 2020, China's mobile phone phase-out will reach 524 million units.


The arrival of the 5G era comes from the network

At the 2019 World Mobile Communications Conference (MWC), 5G mobile phones of Huawei and Xiaomi were unveiled one by one, and Huawei's first 5G mobile phone will be launched in June this year.The arrival of 5G mobile phones is close at hand.

According to IDC, shipments of 5G handsets will exceed 6 million units in 2019, accounting for 0.5% of total smartphones, and by 2023, this proportion will reach 26%. This means that another era of mobile phones is coming across, and 5G mobile phones will be iterative in 4 years.

A wave of 5G mobile phones for all people is brewing, and the entire mobile phone recycling industry is ready to go.


Speaking from the ox

"Mobile evaluation— submit order — receive prepayment & mdash; send out mobile — wait for quality check & mdash; close payment. ”

Three times and five divided by two, Wu Jia completed a mobile phone "resign the old and welcome new" operation, this time to say goodbye to the iPhone 7 for 1 year and a half to get 1700 yuan.

In the past, Wu Jia used to put the old mobile phone in a cardboard box and was not willing to hand it over to the ox.

The mobile phone recycling business began with the ox.The tricycle that walks the street, the black text on the white background, the high-priced recycling of the second mobile phone, the brand, the old mobile phone is replaced by the horn, "old mobile phone for scissors" & helquo; … It is the most primitive state of domestic mobile phone recycling.

“Where there are oxen, there are commercial opportunities buried, and the more ancient, the more vital. ”Zhan Finance Pan Yuefei once summed it up.

At that time, the mobile phone recovered by the oxen will almost always flow to the famous Shenzhen Huaqiang North. In the "Burst & mdash;— the nine major survival principles of the future society", Ito Yoshihiko recorded the face of Shenzhen Huaqiang North in 2014:

“The mobile phone chip is sold in the same way. It is also packed in plastic bags and sold on the main screen buttons of the Apple mobile phone, Samsung mobile phone screen, and various electronic components of the Nokia mobile phone motherboard. ”


Image from the network

Such a powerful throughput front-end is the recovery of oxen from mobile phones across the country. After "Organization & Mdash; acquisition center & mdash; dismantling or refurbishment", and finally starting from Huaqiang North, the flow to the domestic and international sales market.

“No second mobile phone can get out of the communication market completely. ”Li Jun told Zinc Finance.

In 2015, Li Junxin bought an Apple mobile phone, originally intended to replace the old mobile phone with a battery as a backup machine. However, after bringing it to the communication market, the mobile phone recycling the oxen’s efforts to make Li Jun have some heart.

“ There is a direct offer of scalper 500 yuan to receive my old phone. & rdquo; Li Jun told Zinc Finance, "Look at me hesitating, they also increase the price, said the phone to open it and look at it, if the situation is good, you can add another 100. ”

After the result was dismantled, the yellow cattle suddenly turned 180 degrees, and the price was reduced to 200 yuan on the grounds that the internal function of the mobile phone was poor.


Image from the network

Li Jun did not agree with the hardship and took the phone back.

Information is asymmetrical, prices are opaque, the ox has the final say, the data is not safe...These pain points are tied together, waiting for the mobile phone recycling industry to re-establish the rules.


Player online

The rules are actually sprouting.

In 2010, the overseas mainstream operators built the first year of 4G, and the first vertical mobile phone recycling platform in China loves to be recycled.

“The material life is getting richer and richer, and there are more and more things. Second-hand will become a trouble sooner or later. & rdquo; Love recycling founder Chen Xuefeng once said, and took the team into the 3C recycling.

but,Chen Xuefeng said "soon and soon", it came a little slow.According to Tianxue data, after receiving the A round of financing in 2011, Love Recycling waited for 3 years, and did not get the second financing until July 2014.

After 2014, as the speed of smartphone iterations increased, the speed at which users switched phones was also accelerated.

One player rushed straight into the —— Shenzhen, He Fan with the recovery treasure entered in July 2014; Hangzhou, the group in the same year set up 3C recycling, launched in 2015 to estimate the recovery.

“At the beginning, offline scalpers or small B merchants dominated the market until the rise of the C2C trading website, which made the price information transparent, but still did not solve the problem of the lemon market until the professional recycling platform and the C2C with the ability to check the capacity. The emergence of the platform. ” Recycling treasure tells Zinc Finance.

Since then, the mobile phone has recycled this originally low-key and slightly gray industry, and has begun to turn to specialization, transparency, and start with the Internet.Rebuild market rules.

The players who entered the game are also getting denser.

On the most intensive Wenyi West Road of Hangzhou Internet Company, in addition to the estimate, it also produced a honey estimate; on the higher education road one kilometer away, a gourd recovery was born.

As the big brother on Wenyi West Road, Alibaba also opened the free fish to more mobile phone recycling platforms. now,Just Alipay's credit life portal, there are more than 10 second-hand mobile phone recycling platforms.


Second-hand mobile phones ranked first in the idle fish platform

“Efficient, convenient, and safe” & ldquo; “One second to the account, first collect the money and then send the goods” & rdquo; & ldquo; idle mobile phone, high price recycling & rdquo; & ldquo; all models limited time increase 10% & rdquo; … … everyone shouted The same slogan is quite similar to the black and white on the communication market.

At the same time, users do not trust, data is not safe, recycling prices are opaque, recycling services are not professional, and low-frequency scenes are transformed. These pain points are slowly being answered.


Capital boost

The first wave of second-hand mobile phone recycling took place in 2015.

That was the second year that China Mobile officially got the 4G license. Chinese users began to really throw away 2G and 3G mobile phones and embrace 4G.

It is estimated that the person in charge of the recovery, Qian Danbing, told Zinc Finance, “At that time, it was just a mobile business hall in a prefecture-level city. We recycled hundreds of thousands of 2G and 3G mobile phones. ”


Image from the network

That year, Love Recycling got a financing of 60 million US dollars at a time, and the data of Tianyue showed that it was six times the sum of the previous two rounds of financing, and it began to get the favor of Jingdong; and the recovery treasure that was just established one year was in 3 Within two months, they received two rounds of financing, totaling more than tens of millions of yuan.

With the overweight of capital, every family began to sprint.

“Occasionally, I opened my eyes in this city today. When I lie down at night, in another city, I will go to the third city the next day. ”This is the normal life of the Qiandan soldiers in 2016.

Qiandan Bing can't count the number of miles flying in the same year. He told Zinc Finance such a set of data. In order to seize the offline market, it is estimated that more than 100 offline staff will expand the offline channels at the same time, and the average monthly travel time per person. The cost is nearly 10,000 yuan, just accommodation and transportation.

At the end of 2016, the estimated cooperative stores have been distributed throughout the country, and cooperated with more than 60,000 stores, including mobile phone integrated stores, OPPO, vivo brand stores, and operator outlets. The most fascinating thing for the Qiandan soldiers is, "We got the exclusive cooperation with Gome, which has thousands of stores across the country. ”


Image from the network

Recycling treasure is no exception. At the beginning of its establishment, Recycling was aimed at Huawei and tried to take over Huawei's official mobile phone recycling business. But the two major problems are in front of —— first, the recovery treasure has just been established, how to gain Huawei trust; second, mobile phone manufacturers have not yet set a precedent for recycling, Huawei is worried that it will be mistaken for the sale of refurbished machines.

In order to lay a key battle in the early stage of the venture, Recycling put everything down and only attacked Huawei. He Fan said in an interview, “We optimized the internal processes, efficiency and system according to Huawei’s requirements.Practice the internal skills. ”

In August 2015, Recycling finally put the first victory flag on the mobile phone recycling map, followed by the momentum.

Earlier love recycling is focused on market education.In order to focus more on the eyes, the concept of “recycling mobile phone” is embedded in the user's thinking, and love recycling chooses to open more offline stores in the shopping malls of first- and second-tier cities.

It takes a long negotiation time to enter the high-end business, Chen Xuefeng recalled that the Shanghai Dragon Dream took three months, and the Beijing New Zhongguan train was talked for at least half a year, “If there is no good position, we will wait. ”

At present, the offline store and door-to-door business of recycling has covered more than 35 first- and second-tier cities across the country, with more than 300 direct stores.

According to Chen Xuefeng’s public speech, in 2018, the amount of love recycling transactions was over 7 billion yuan, and more than 10 million mobile phones were handled in one year. The official data of the recovery treasure showed that 10 million mobile phones were recycled in the four years since its establishment. The expenditure recovery is 6 billion.

In 2018, the capital market was cold, and the mobile phone recycling industry was able to securely capitalize the bags. The public data showed:

In July, Love Recycling completed a new round of financing of US$150 million; in September, Recycling completed C1 round of strategic financing, Alibaba investment; Flash recycling also received nearly RMB 100 million in financing, including Xiaomi Technology.

The joining of Ali and JD.com directly brought the mobile phone recycling industry into the second half.


How to play in the second half

How to play in the second half? In the visit of Zinc Finance, the most mentioned is still ——Seize the offline market.

In the Chinese mobile phone market, the scene of new machine sales is still more online, especially in third-tier cities, which is accompanied by offline mobile phone recycling scenarios.


Image from the network

“The Internet in China has developed to the present day, with a penetration rate of only 20% on mobile phones and 80% offline. & rdquo; He Fan once told Zinc Finance,Offline is still the key point of current competition.

According to the introduction of recycling treasure, the current offline intelligent recycling App changer and more than 100,000 mobile phone cooperation stores, covering more than 280 cities, supporting more than 30 mainstream mobile phone brands more than 8000 models recycling.

Love recycling is similar.

At the end of 2013, Love Recycling opened its first offline store in Shanghai's Yaxin Plaza, which was questioned by everyone at the time.

But the efficiency of the offline mode was quickly confirmed:

Second-hand mobile phone recycling is a low-frequency behavior, in the crowd-intensive business, face-to-face, detection, transactions,It not only saves the cost of trust, but also increases the brand exposure, and realizes the cultivation and education of consumers in disguise.

“Because the mainstream entrance of the online market has been occupied by a large area, in addition to optimizing and occupying the blank entrance, there are more to do offline, such as continuing to expand channels and service channels. & rdquo; Qian Dan Bing said that it is estimated that at the beginning of the start is to open the entrance from the offline channel dealers, brand owners, and will continue to revolve around this style of play in the future.

Today, there are more than 100,000 offline cooperative mobile phone stores behind the estimate.

Outside the offline market, no recycler has positioned themselves as recycling, and they have all been stressed to Zinc Finance.“Create an ecological closed loop of the used mobile phone circulation market. ”

This closed loop includes the recycling, sale, rental and maintenance of used mobile phones.

In terms of recycling, in addition to mobile phone recycling, it also launched old-fashioned channels with major mobile phone brands.

At the same time, the launch of the global second-hand mobile online trading platform & ldquo; film machine & rdquo;, empower & ldquo; enjoy the machine & rdquo; and & ldquo; extreme repair & rdquo; service mobile phone rental and maintenance.

The layout of love recycling reflects the vision of the industry.Under the deep water area, the player's layout is getting deeper and deeper.

Recycling treasure tells Zinc Finance, “Ali's entry will undoubtedly bring huge platform empowerment and flow advantage. In the future, Recycling will focus on offline scene construction and second-hand mobile phone standardization to solve industry pain points. ”

As mobile phone products are iterative, the recycling market is slowly changing from quantitative to tempering. Price information has become relatively transparent and rich, giving users more choice.

“There will be a sprint in 2019 and 2020. ”This is the answer to Zinc Finance by several mobile phone recycling platforms.

With the 4G page turning, the 5G prologue is pulled apart, driving a new round of killing.

(At the request of the respondent, Wu Jia and Li Jun in the text are pseudonyms)

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