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Where to go with Ctrip Feifei, etc. The professional team said that the three-day upgrade hotel ranking

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According to the news released by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the total number of national tourist receptions in the 2019 Spring Festival holiday was 415 million person-times, up 7.6% year-on-year; the tourism income was 513.9 billion yuan, up 8.2% year-on-year. With the continuous growth of the tourism market, more and more people choose the travel platform service, which is convenient and fast, and is also mixed with the tour group to change “shopping group”, false travel guide, travel route change, halfway fare increase, etc. trap. How to distinguish travel traps and avoid them has become a compulsory course for travellers.

Traveling on a business trip, booking hotels and travel products online is convenient and fast, and choosing a hotel with satisfactory environment, service and price among many businesses is not an easy task. Many people will look at the previous customers' evaluation and satisfaction as a reference. . However, the Beijing News reporter found that on many travel service network platforms, including hotels and attractions, “praise”, like the shopping website, can “brush out”, each “all praises” will be based on There are different fees for the platform and merchants. A person with a professional brush list said that many merchants now rely on the online ranking of the network, and “praise and brush the bad reviews, we can improve the hotel's online ranking in three days. ”


▲ Putting the moderator to give the brush to show the brush flow process. Mobile phone screenshot

Real-life brush single charge premium 8 yuan

The brushing team is generally hidden in the post bar, QQ group and some instant social platforms. At the beginning of March, as a hotel operator, the Beijing News reporter contacted a number of “suppliers” who claimed to provide travel website billing services on QQ. They said that hotels and services on any travel platform could be swiped.

One of them "brushed single supplier" told the Beijing News reporter that Ctrip's praise 1 single 8 yuan, flying pig's praise 1 single 10 yuan.

The team's business docker Zhouqiao told the Beijing News reporter that their pricing standards are more troublesome to brush up, the higher the price, & ldquo; through our brush list, to ensure that the store's score can be improved. “For example, a hotel with a rating of 3.1 on the Ctrip platform, he said that you only need to do 20 orders, you can make the store score 4 points, three days can be effective.

Another “supplier” said that they are taking the real consumption process in addition to not checking in for the hotel. The more money they need to pay, the higher the price, the hotel around 100 yuan only needs 6 yuan, about 300 yuan per hotel for 8 yuan per order.

Avoid monitoring the bills and also "shop around"

Zhou Qiao (pseudonym) of the single-team team told the Beijing News that now the top ranked hotels will be swiped, and the bills will not only rely on quantity, but also optimize comments, brushing and collections simultaneously. . The number and speed of the bills are determined by the customer. They suggest that you can slow down a bit at the beginning and then increase it, which will increase the authenticity of the bill.

For the single-player behavior, many platforms have their own big data monitoring system to combat the single-player behavior.

In order to avoid monitoring, the brushing team has strict requirements on the brushing process of the brushing hand, “to be the same as the real ordering process. & rdquo; A person in charge of training a new person said that first enter the keyword on the platform, search for the store that needs to brush the list, first click to browse the stores around it, shop around and each browsing time is not less than 1 minute After a round, you can click on the merchant who needs to swipe the order. You can view the comment for at least 2 minutes before placing the order.

Another “supplier” said that in order to circumvent the supervision of the platform, they generally decide how many orders to be made per day based on the actual number of customers in the business. A real customer order is 10 hotels per day, they usually only have a daily basis. Brush 5 single. In many brushing and single-team teams, there are also strict regulations. Each account can only print one single hotel list per day, and will not repeat the billing, thus reducing the risk monitored by the platform.

There are teams called thousands of "brushing hands" & rdquo; online orders

The Beijing News reporter contacted a team called “The Group of 91”, and after paying the entrance fee of 299 yuan, it became a brush for the team. First of all, the team trained the reporters of the Beijing News and became a brush. Everyone needs to be authenticated by real name. They need to upload photos of their ID cards, registration phone numbers and home addresses.

In the team, the hands are usually put through two channels, one is a voice chat APP— IS voice, one is a QQ group. In the IS voice app, the team will set up a multi-person real-time chat channel. They will refer to the single owner of the order as the moderator, and will pay attention to the real-time brush-up information in the group, see the task they want to do, and directly contact the host. can. As with other single-single teams, the brushing process must be taken to the moderator of the billing order in order to get paid.

The reporter of the Beijing News contacted a moderator in the QQ group, which gave the reporter a task of going to the hotel to brush the hotel list online, and praised the praise, 3 yuan per order.

The Beijing News reporter has more than 2,700 brushing teams, and there are multiple positions in the team, including “Customer Service”, “Newcomer Training”, “External Announcement”, “&” "Direction Hosting", "Group Management Assistant", "Game Training", "Tmall Internal Coupon Agent" and so on. The Beijing News reporter found that the single-single team can not only brush the travel website, but also the large-scale shopping websites and the take-out platform of the take-out platform frequently appear in the group.


▲The single team in the group is looking for a business to be swiped. Mobile phone screenshot

Common traps in the travel industry

Raiders can not be credulous

Traveling to see the travel guide to do the itinerary planning is one of the important links for many young people to travel. However, the travel strategy can also be faked, and the industry chain has been formed. There are special writers responsible for the writing of the travel strategy, the promotion of the commissioner, and so on. The purpose is to drain the hotel or travel services. In October 2018, there was a lot of Raiders, Q&A and false comments on a travel network. The website said that it has been cracking down on the illegal advertisements in the travel notes and questions and answers related to advertisements, and processed tens of thousands of violations every week. .

Cheap pies become traps

There are many outbound travel services that use low-priced gimmicks to attract customers, but when they sign the contract, they find that they need to pay a high amount of tens of thousands of yuan, and then return after the end of the tour, but often there will be disputes or even travel agencies. The building is empty. There are also travel groups with compulsory shopping, and foreign counterfeit duty-free shops are traps for consumers to be vigilant.

Expert opinion

Urgent need to establish a sound evaluation system

In response to the phenomenon of merchants' billing, Zhou Zhaocheng, a lawyer of a law firm in Beijing, said that for such a “single bill” and “relevant bad reviews”, it has become popular in recent years and has gradually become a “small tumor” for online consumption. Many online store owners hired a single person to help "print a single", artificially create false sales and praise. While raising the rate of self-respecting, it also increased the peer review. According to China's "Electronic Commerce Law", e-commerce operators are not allowed to make false or misleading commercial propaganda by deceiving transactions or fabricating user evaluations, deceiving and misleading consumers.

Zhou Zhaocheng believes that the network platform should increase the number of crackers and bad reviewers, and monitor the data through the platform background, and incorporate this into the consumer integrity data, and increase the penalties for the bad reviewers. According to the degree of harm of different behaviors, the account is restricted on the transaction side and the evaluation side by gradient interception.

Lawyer Zhou said that it is necessary to increase penalties for the single-sale business. The newly revised Anti-Unfair Competition Law further refines and clarifies the specific content of false propaganda. Operators are not allowed to sell their products and user evaluation. Single, making false publicity content that is misleading. At the same time, increase the crackdown on offenders. Article 20 is clear. If the circumstances are serious, a fine of 1 million yuan or more and 2 million yuan or less may be revoked. In addition to strengthening investigation and punishment, relevant departments should also urge the platform to improve trading rules and establish a sound evaluation system through technical means.


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