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Intel also played glue and cost-effective against AMD 7Nm 64 core EPYC

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In order to cope with the attack of AMD in the data center market, Intel has to make a lot of changes on the second generation Xeon Scalable processors. First, in order to make up for the gap in core number, Intel introduced Cascade Lake-AP processor, which realized 56 cores 112 threads with "glue encapsulation" that netizens joked about. In addition, Intel has quietly upgraded its second-generation Xeon Scalable processors without price increase, basically maintaining the original price while significantly increasing the number of cores of multiple processors.milletIn other words, it improves the performance-cost ratio of Xeon Scalable processors.

Intel's second-generation Xeon Scalable is actually the Casade Lake family that replaced the one launched in 2017.Skylake- SP series processors. The second generation Xeon Scalable processors can be divided into Xeon Platium 9200/8200, Xeon Gold 6200/5200, Xeon Silver 4200, Xeon Brone 3200 series, of which there are four Xeon Platium 9200, the core numbers are 32, 32, 48 and 56, respectively.

The Xeon Platium 9200 series is actually the previous Cascade Lake-AP series. Intel has only announced 48 core versions. It consists of two 24-core Cascade Lake processors, that is, the glue package ridiculed by netizens. However, when it was officially released, 32 cores and 56 cores were added.

Unlike the Xeon Platium 8200 and below, the Xeon Platium 9200 has only the basic specifications, and the quotation is not yet available, nor is it on the market for the time being. In addition, this series of processors are BGA packaged, not LGA slots, so they can not be replaced by manufacturers at will. Intel estimates that they will be configurated individually for customers.

Why is the Xeon Platium 9200 series packaged with 56 nuclear glue coming into being? This is also simple, because AMD released a 64-core 128-threaded 7-nm Roman processor last year. If Intel continues to compare the number of cores with the original 28-core processor, it will obviously fall into the wind. It has to use glue packaging to top it. Before the 10-nm Icelake server chip comes on the market, Intel needs 56-core processors to support it. The only pity is C. Asade Lake's native core is still at most 28 cores, and glue packages can't make 64-core processors.

Of course, for users in the data center market, glue encapsulation is not a problem. The key is the performance and price of the product. Considering the price of 28 Core Edition is $10,000, 56 Core Edition is $20,000.

In addition to using a 56-core processor to get face back, Intel also made a profit to its customers in the second generation of Xeon Scalable.Servethehome websiteThe price and specifications of the second generation Xeon Scalable and the first generation Xeon Scalable processors are compared as follows:

Although the price and core number of the top Xeon Platium 8200 series remain unchanged, the cost-performance ratio of Intel's most powerful processors in the Gold/Silver series with more shipments has increased dramatically. With the price basically unchanged or slightly increased, the number of CPU cores has increased by 2 or 4, or the L3 cache has been upgraded. Generally speaking, it can be said that the price is not increased. See more often, but before the frequency of the promotion point can be greatly increased.

Since AMD returned to the high-performance CPU market in 2017, Intel has suddenly upgraded from four core 8 threads that have stagnated for 10 years to six core 12 threads and eight core 16 threads in the consumer CPU market. There are still 10 core 20 threads in the future. Although the price is also rising, the overall cost performance ratio is higher.

The server/data center market is Intel's biggest profit margin. It used to be inexpensive. Now the situation is different. Earlier, there was news that Intel would adopt a more flexible pricing strategy on the most powerful processors. Now it should be tested.

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