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Will Tencent, Nintendo's marriage, be a happy marriage?

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This step is meaningful and a good thing. After all, a more open, diversified and competitive gaming environment can produce more excellent companies and works worth emptying their wallets.

Wen / Luo Bei

Source: Hedgehog Commune (ID: ciweigongshe)

After so many times,

On April 18, Guangdong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism released"Content Audit of Game and Amusement Equipment in Guangdong Province Passed Catalogue of Machine Types in the First Quarter of 2019"Tencent Technologies (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. declared an item named "Tencent Technologies (Shenzhen)".The product has passed the audit.



Photo Source: Guangdong Provincial Civil Service Official Website

Some media said that the review was not the NS host, but the new Super Mario Brothers U Deluxe Edition. However, the document clearly stated that the basis of the announcement was the Ministry of Culture's Notice on Allowing Domestic and Foreign Enterprises to Engage in the Production and Sale of Game and Amusement Equipment. The other products on the list were also game hardware devices, but all single-content amusement machines, such as Jumping. Dancing machine, shooting machine, while NS is noted for hand-held video game.

According to Nintendo's previous practice of bundling NS with new games, it may be inferred that the product is a customized version of Switch with the built-in "New Super Mario Brothers U Deluxe Edition", but Tencent has not publicly responded to the issue as of its release.

Switch is Nintendo's star product and the last game console dominated by former president Iwata Cong. With the integration design of host and handset switching arbitrarily, and the production of excellent Nintendo's first-party exclusive games such as "Legend of Zelda: The Break of the Wild", Switch overwhelmed the iPhone X in 2017, and was elected the top ten digital products in 2017 by Time.

Unfortunately, since the launch, players in mainland China can only buy Japanese, American or Hong Kong versions through overseas purchasing channels. When Switch is available, it is more difficult to buy games on eShop of Nintendo Online Store. Many people can only buy games through Taobao physical card. The price is a lot higher than that of online stores.

Nintendo is no longer Buddhist

Among the three console game service providers, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, Nintendo should be the most Buddhist. It has always been inseparable from the mainland market in China.

Sony and Microsoft soon set up joint ventures in China after the ban was lifted in 2014. Sony Interactive Entertainment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Baijiahe Information Technology Development Co., Ltd. are responsible for the sales of their latest generation of home mainframes.

In fact, Nintendo was the first of the three Royal families to set up a joint venture and sell game consoles. In 2002, Nintendo invested in Shenyou Technologies, a domestic company, and sold its first game console in 2003.It's a local version of Nintendo N64, earlier than the release of Sony PS2.


Shenyou Aircraft (Photo Source: Shenyou Science and Technology Official Website)

But whether it's Sony or Nintendo, it's a tough market in China. In policy, the ban on game consoles is a big obstacle. Whether it's publicity or sales, it can only play a low-key role. In the market, in the mainframe area, water cargo is rampant, piracy is rampant, and free PC games occupy the vast majority of the market. Computer stand-alone and mainframe games are only struggling to survive in the cracks. Nintendo and Sony have both failed miserably in the Chinese market.

After the failure of the attempt to enter China, for a long time, foreign game manufacturers held a very cautious attitude towards the Chinese market, and would not easily enter China. Game consoles all implemented strict lock-in policy. A large number of host games developed by foreign manufacturers did not have Simplified Chinese Language, and the number of Chinese host players was further reduced.

As long as 14 years of blankness, the development of China's mainframe game market lags far behind Japan, Europe and the United States. Although the ban on game consoles has been lifted for four years, the situation is still not much better.According to the China Game Industry Report 2018, the sales of mainframe games in China account for only 0.5% of the domestic game market.

Almost every time Nintendo's earnings release, Nintendo is asked if it has plans to enter mainland China and start selling Switch. At a briefing in April 2018, Nintendo President Juntaro Tanagawa also said: Although I would like to enter the Chinese market, but because

But at the same time, Tanigawa also said that Nintendo has been focusing on and studying the Chinese market, hoping to let Chinese players experience the fun of Nintendo as soon as possible, and is in consultation with external companies on related issues.

Obviously, as the center of Nintendo's future entertainment blueprint, Switch can't watch the growing Chinese market completely occupied by Sony and Microsoft. The pace of entering China must be accelerated.

On January 29, 2019, Switch added a pair to the latest system UPDATLooking back now, this may be a sign that Switch has officially entered China. At the same time, almost all of Nintendo's first-party game masterpieces have been Sinicized, which greatly stimulates the sales of Switch and Nintendo games in China.

Up to now, the final word, this time, I'm afraid that Guohang Switch really will come.

Closed a door and opened a window.

Enterprise survey data show that on April 16, Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. changed its business scope and added game and entertainment equipment sales business. Then, Tencent will act as Switch agent.

Why is Tencent?

As early as October 2017, there were media reports that Tencent would join forces with Nintendo to launch the latest host Switch in China in the first half of 2017, which will be sold in 2018, or even specifically.In the competition with Ali, Tencent took over Switch's domestic agency with an agreement to guarantee sales of 2 million units.

But soon, Tencent game officials denied the news, and the vast gamers who originally held the political correctness of Heiteng even felt a little sorry.

Mysteriously, domestic hosts and single players have always held a respectful and fearful attitude toward Tencent. They want Tencent to assume the responsibility of the largest domestic game factory and make a little change in the domestic game environment. But they are afraid that these products will lose their original flavor and become another tool of deception after being represented by Tencent.

But most of the time, these expectations will fail. Between foreign manufacturers and Tencent, most of them are deliberate and merciless. In some cases, Tencent will start by itself, learn some advanced experience from foreign companies, and make a similar one at home to fill the market gap. Wegame is an excellent example.


Wegame slogan (photo source: Wegame website)

Tencent's ambition for Wegame is obvious. At the beginning of its launch, Tencent placed great expectations on Wegame. Tencent spent a lot of money on introducing 3A masterpieces and continuing to put on the shelves of small and medium-sized games. It also made some achievements. There are many excellent games such as "Famine" and "Star Dew Grain Tale".

But in the introduction of 3A, Wegame has repeatedly been frustrated, "Monster Hunter: The World" first went on the shelves and then came off the shelves, and "The Jedi Survival" has not been tried up to now.As a result, Wegame is still tepid and loses quickly in the competition with Steam.

In the face of strict approval and edition number, even Tencent is tied up and helpless.

Compared with the bloody and violent 3A masterpieces, Nintendo's games are always aimed at the whole age group and full of childlike fun, such as the Elf Baoke Dream Series, Mario Series, Zelda Series, drooping children, the elderly, can enjoy the pure fun of the game, such game characteristics make Nintendo's games easier to pass the trial.

Agent Switch, Tencent can officially enter the domestic host market with a large number of blanks, combining its strong channel capacity with the excellent game content of the veteran, to produce wonderful chemical effects.

Complementarity of Advantages

Why don't you build your own host?

Technically, this is very simple. With Tencent's financial and material resources, not to mention a Switch, the next generation of hosts can also come out in minutes. Tencent is interested in Nintendo's game originality after years of intensive cultivation, on the other hand, Switch has a broad overseas market.

Since its launch in March 2017, Switch has sold more than 32 million units worldwide (as of December 2018), with 1868 games in total, and Tencent itself has a similar < honor="" of="" kings="" /> overseas version


Legendary Duel (Photo Source: Game Screenshots)

Tencent has already possessed quite mature self-research ability in some types of games, and has been laying out pan-game business by means of acquisition and holding. In terms of content, Tencent can complement Nintendo. In terms of channel cooperation at home and abroad, there are also many possibilities.It can be said that the two can make use of their respective content and channel advantages at home and abroad to achieve a win-win situation.

Although the prospects are optimistic, the difficulties are real. Especially for domestic players, the general concern is whether Nintendo will implement the lock-in policy after Tencent's acting switch, which is the same as the doubts and concerns raised when the Perfect World confirmed Steam China as its agent last year.

It is undeniable that, from the player level, the domestic game ecology is indeed improving, the players'tastes are more diversified, and the pursuit of game and aesthetics is also improving. Most importantly, the sense of authenticity is constantly strengthening. In the case of repeated outbreaks of copyright public opinion debate in China, more and more people have a more positive and profound understanding of intellectual property rights.

Switch's entry into China at this time is timeliness, people and readiness. As for the good or bad of the land, we have to wait until we really come in to see the number of games and the situation of reviews, and then judge.

But all in all, this step is meaningful and a good thing, after all,A more open, diversified and competitive gaming environment can produce more excellent companies and works worth emptying their wallets.

Even Nintendo, which has always been aloof and arrogant, has entered China. Will the day when all flowers blossom be far behind?

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