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144000TB! Tencent sent a super "U disk"

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that's it:


The guy who looks like a USB flash drive is called "Mini T-block", from Tencent Cloud, facing the data center, can be run independently, plug and play, and is as easy to use as a USB flash drive.

As a member of the T-block product family,It can integrate several IT cabinets, power distribution equipment, cooling equipment and other functional equipment, including network, wiring, and control, into the same unit volume of ISO20/40 standard cabinet, with a capacity of up to 144000TB, or 144PB.

Together with Tencent's self-developed data center intelligent management system "Tencent Zhi", the data center's planning, construction, operation and maintenance is simpler.


Classic application scenarios include:

- There is a surplus data center expansion, such as the old computer room to tap the potential expansion

- some temporary occasions, such as broadcasts of large events

- should be an acute occasion, such as a disaster relief site

- Industrial scenarios where there is a need for edge calculations, such as oil extraction sites

- Other scenarios where there is a need for private or hybrid clouds, such as remote local network classrooms

Tencent said that the Mini T-Block has many advantages such as agile and efficient, safe and reliable, convenient operation and maintenance, and high economic efficiency.



If you have the scenario requirements just mentioned, you can continue to look down slowly:

First, agile and efficient

1. Building agile

Free complex site selection: In theory, just give a flat land.

The factory has a short production cycle: it takes about one month from the time of ordering to the factory, and if it is in stock, it can be delivered at a second rate.

Convenient transportation: International standard (20 ft / 40 ft) container size, high versatility and interchangeability in sea, land and air transportation worldwide.

The amount of on-site engineering is small: due to factory prefabrication, after transportation to the site, only simple line plugging and unloading is required.


2, configuration agile

Size configuration: Recommended for 20-foot and 40-foot versions, or customized to your needs.

Cabinet power configuration: The 20-foot version of the MiniT-block can be used with four 10KW cabinet power configurations, and the 40-foot version of the Mini T-block uses eight 10KW cabinets or six 20KW cabinets. Cabinet power customization can also be performed according to user requirements.

Cooling mode configuration: multiple cooling energy-saving technology (indirect evaporative cooling, fluorine pump cooling or chilled water coil cooling) + mechanical refrigeration supplement for you to choose, users can consider the construction cost and operating cost to choose the cooling method.


Second, safe and reliable

1, robust structure

It can withstand an eight-level earthquake and can work normally in an environment with an external humidity of 5%-100%, an external temperature of -40°C-55°C, a solar radiation intensity of less than 1120W/m2, and a pollution level of IV.

2, lightning protection, grounding, anti-static

For intrusion of lightning waves, comply with national standards, adopt three-level lightning protection design, and add independent lightning rods for direct lightning protection;

Adopt integrated grounding network to meet the requirements of personal safety and normal operation of operating equipment;

Antistatic work is carried out by means of equipotential bonding, reliable welding of hot-dip galvanized flat steel, and anti-corrosion treatment of solder joints.

3. Fire safety

The internal fire protection uses a heptafluoropropane ductless network gas fire protection system with a very early warning system.

The side panels on both sides need to be equipped with emergency ventilation dampers according to fire protection requirements, and the dampers are linked with the sense of smoke.

The interior should be made of refractory and flame retardant materials, and the fire resistance rating should reach one level.

4. Infrastructure operation security

Through the mature technology of TMDC and T-block northbound interface protocol and southbound hardware specification in Tencent data, the technology of real-time data collection and analysis is mature, and the data of infrastructure monitoring data is opened up for the second line. Late reporting of security risks caused by police information.



Third, operation and maintenance convenience

1, the power system is highly reliable

With the mains + HVDC power supply architecture, it has many advantages:

The high-voltage DC system is designed for modular hot plugging, which is convenient for operation and maintenance;

Even if the power grid is flashed in bad weather, the power supply will not cause any equipment to be powered down due to the existence of high-voltage DC-mounted battery hot backup.

Since the high-voltage DC reliability is higher than that of the conventional UPS, the core network equipment can adopt two high-voltage DC 2N power supply systems, and the reliability is greatly improved.

2, less refrigeration system failure

The indirect (direct) air evaporative heat transfer technology recommended by the cold source side no longer requires the chilled water and cooling water of the traditional air conditioner, avoiding the traditional complicated pipeline system, and also means completely evading the squib, leak, and pipeline. Dilemma in design changes, inability to expand, etc.

The end uses a non-air-conditioning design. When encountering the expansion problem, it only needs to slightly enlarge the air conditioner host capacity design, or the entire air conditioner can be replaced. The simple design reduces the probability of risk.

3, intelligent operation and maintenance

Using Tencent Zhiwei for data center intelligent operation and maintenance management, optional U-bit identification asset management, power capacity management, intelligent inspection, Sauron Eye video surveillance and identification and other automated operation and maintenance system functions, in order to achieve unattended Vision.

Fourth, high economic efficiency

Based on the characteristics of Mini T-block modularization, standardization, and factory prefabrication, the investment in the initial construction of traditional data centers is large, and the economic benefits caused by the difficulty of later changes will no longer exist.

1. Use surplus power

When the power is surplus but there are no seats to install more servers, the application access of the Mini T-block can quickly solve the problem of wasteful power waste, and can also avoid being fined by the power supply company due to low power factor.

2. Energy-saving and environmentally friendly architecture technology

Compared with the traditional UPS power supply mode, the power supply architecture can reduce the energy consumption by 12% ——

The power supply architecture of HVDC+ utility power increases the load rate of the server power supply, making the power supply work more efficient.

When the utility power is normal, the power utilization rate is 100%, and there is no intermediate link loss.

HVDC not only can realize mature battery management, but also has intelligent sleep energy-saving function. When the utility power is normal, the high-voltage DC is basically not loaded, and the power consumption in the sleep state is only about 250W.

40% energy saving compared to traditional precision air conditioning ——

The Mini T-block unifies the refrigeration system into corresponding functional sections. It can be combined with different functional sections according to different projects and usage scenarios, such as filter section, water treatment section, fan section, evaporative condensation section, and water. Heat exchanger section, air-to-air heat exchanger section, water-air heat exchanger section, mechanical refrigeration section, etc.

The recommended indirect evaporative cooling technology (especially in the southern region) can provide three operating modes according to different environmental conditions. In winter, when the outdoor temperature is lower than 15 °C, the natural cooling mode can be used, and the outdoor air can be used 100%. The machine room can be cooled without adding mechanical refrigeration. When the outdoor temperature is 15°C-25°C, the transition mode can be used to cool the room with the outdoor low temperature air. The insufficient cooling capacity is supplemented by mechanical refrigeration.

3, single KW low cost

Compared with the traditional machine room or MDC machine room, the cost of single KW after tapping the potential is only about 30% of the former.

4, the change is simple

The changes are all in the planning and design stage, and there is no change in the construction stage. It also avoids the change management problem caused by the complicated cross-interface in the construction stage; it eliminates the traditional water-cooling system cooling, and also avoids the traditional cold water system due to the fixed capacity of the equipment and the large number of equipment. The problem of difficulty in changing the pipeline capacity limitation and pipeline routing security considerations.


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