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Search engine dusk: "Baidu once", you still went to Weibo

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Wen/Shidi Qiu Xiaojun

Source: Media Agency (ID: mts1000)

This morning, Baidu Browser will no longer update the news on the microblog hot search list, according to Baidu Browser's announcement on the official website, due to the business adjustment of the department, the official will stop serving part of the product function on April 30, 2019.


Don't know whether to treat Baidu favourably or not


In January this year, a well-known media personality Fang Kecheng's screen-brushing article "Baidu is dead", revealing the main problem of Baidu's over-draining for Baijia. But whether it regrets Baidu's turning search engines into its own information backyard or remembers all the mistakes Baidu has made in its advertising business in the past, at least it proves that some people are still using Baidu. The worse the scolding, the more active the user feedback is.

Therefore, compared with the death of Baidu search engine, another well-known media person Wei Wuwi recently made a more accurate judgment: search engine death.

If you say


Why do netizens use Weibo as Baidu? Because, from getting the latest information to fine content in various fields, including looking for wallpaper avatars, chasing stars and eating melons, watching movie reviews, searching for answers to test papers, product evaluation and so on, Weibo can better meet users'immediate real needs than Baidu.

Similarly, Zhihu, small red book, Douban, Meituan and other App search functions, all of which threaten Baidu's status. I don't know when, we are used to searching for food with Dianping, looking for road navigation depends on Amap, buy tickets to book hotels to see Ctrip

The ignorance of people in the past depends on

More common is that users use Baidu search, mainly based on hard work needs. 而在工作之外,权重更大的基于兴趣和生活需求的搜索,都被转移到了微信、抖音、微博等 App 上面。 Comparing the two, the stickiness of users is obvious.

Search engines are becoming bulky and boring compared with various portable applications that carry search functions. It can be said that in the future, even if big data is ripe, it will not be Baidu's turn.


Internet circles often say that killing a product is not usually a better product of the same kind. In other words, you are often defeated not by your peers but across borders. In the bloody Internet rivers and lakes, the antennae of each platform are waiting for opportunities to move.

Wei Wuwei proposed a phenomenon,

Indeed, even longer video, which requires more traffic and platforms, has long been promoting client-side. When we use the online video site today, it pops up from time to time at the bottom of the window

The most real rule right now is that users always need search functions, not search engines. Search function is favored, the core reason is that people want to reach the desired content more easily, rather than the search function itself is fascinating.

Compared with today's islands, Baidu is a land in the middle of the day. Search engine business is at the forefront of the times, and has set up a huge effective content pool. But nowadays, the content industry is the world of Wechat and headlines. Anyone who has mastered attractive content has the value of being used by users.

However, traditional search engines lack both vivid content and competitive platform functions. How can they not be eliminated?

Over the past few years, outside public opinion has been entangled with Baidu search's value issues. In the end, the fatal thing is not the value, but the lack of product renewal. When islands were built around the land, Baidu slowly became an island. At the same time, it is the fate of the search engine represented by Baidu to lose the identity of important information transfer station and important information supplier.


It is said that the concept of light application was first put forward by Baidu, but it was not until last year that Baidu applets came online in a low-key manner and remained tepid. In the era of mobile Internet, Baidu has missed too much.

Traditional search engines used to be brilliant. Baidu's revenue of 100 billion yuan still reflects the rich family background. But in the face of the ever-changing mobile Internet, the giant is slightly tired. In the past two years, the eldest brother in the Chinese search engine market has left the most profound impression on the outside world. He has become the plaintiff or defendant of various disputes arising from unfair competition.

Years are a pig knife, sacrifice the PC engine, fatten the mobile App.

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