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Samsung Galaxy Fold atypical evaluation: it is better to talk about folding screen metaphysics

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1,Mobile phoneOr a tablet?

According to Samsung's product logic, since both support 5G communication, then Galaxy Fold must belong to the mobile phone.

However, the use of the internal folding scheme means that the expanded 7.4-inch large screen is a more high-frequency use form, and the external screen is only used as an auxiliary display of the folded form. From this perspective, Fold should be a tablet. To be precise, fill a certain size between the phone and the tablet.

This size is small as a flat plate, except for the mini, which is special.iPadBasically at 10 inches, the A4 paper size is the gold size of the tablet.

As a mobile phone, no manufacturer will do a 4:3 ratio large screen. If you can't fold it, it's not easy to hold it in one hand.

So my personal point of view is: Fold is a tablet based on the core usage morphological dimension, but since this tablet can be folded in half, it has mobile-level portability.

2, why is the folding screen

The dimension of this thinking is more abstract, and we go far.

iniPhoneAfter the launch of 6 Plus, the small-screen flagship iPhone SE can also attract a part of the crowd, but by now the full screen era, everyone is thinking about how to make the screen bigger.

Regardless of the bangs, the slides are lifted and lowered, and the screen size has almost reached the critical value of the body size. If you continue to maintain the traditional form, there is basically no "broken wall" space physically.

So if you want to further expand the screen display area of ​​the mobile phone form, you need to break the binary barrier and find a way in the three-dimensional space.

The holographic projection in Iron Man is too far away from us. Jumping directly to the 3D display also needs to solve the gesture interaction of the space.MicrosoftHololensObviously not the next form of mobile phone.

However, it is much easier to borrow a two-dimensional plane from a three-dimensional space. For example, the water droplets in the three bodies are unfolded. Of course, the mobile phone civilization is not so developed, so it starts with the simplest folding structure.

Explain the white point, that isWhen folded, the screen is in a three-dimensional state, and the two-dimensional area is released after being unfolded, thereby achieving a dimensional reduction of the threshold value of the conventional mobile phone screen.

3, folding is not the purpose

In fact, the so-called dimensional reduction strike is essentially a visual crushing with a larger screen. For example, watching movies, the IMAX giant screen is definitely better than the ordinary hall. In the same way, in terms of viewing experience,iMacIt's cooler than MBP, and the iPad is cooler than the iPhone.

So under such a straightforward logic, the teacher who thinks that Fold is very cool, hasn’t seen the iPad mini?In fact, the logic of the folding screen is not to linearly enlarge the screen, but to take advantage of our "inherent impression gap" on the screen of the mobile phone.

Before you actually unfold the folding screen, you can't create a figurative psychological preset. Still think that Fold is just a mobile phone. When it comes to the flat-panel experience, it will be beyond imagination.

This subjective emotional change can be understood, but you tell me what is this 7.4-inch full screen subverted? In addition to folding, it is nothing more than a mobile phone than a tablet.

Therefore, the logic of the folding screen is not the size, but whether it can be "big and small".

In other words, as long as it can bring a greater visual experience within the size limit of the phone, I can send an Amazing without folding or even the screen.

Folding is just a means, not an end. Remember, what you want is a big screen, not a fold.

4, Galaxy Fold

If you approve or partially approve the above ideas, let's look at the Samsung Galaxy Fold folding screen product. Most of the following are in the "pickup", if you cause discomfort, please point X in the upper right corner.

Fold body weight 263g, the thickness of the shaft is 17mm, the thinnest part is 15.5mm, the thickness of the protective frame is 7.5mm, and the thickness of the inner screen is 6.9mm.

Heavy and thick, it is the intuitive side effect of folding screen. It is unimaginable in the traditional mobile phone form, but please note that this is not the Fold high frequency use form.After unfolding, the inner screen is only 6.9mm thick, which is thinner than most traditional mobile phones.

Mechanical opening and closing structure, the official claims 200,000 life expectancy. Assuming an average of 100 times a day, it can last for about 5,000 days and about five and a half years. There is no problem with durability. However, there is a gap at the shaft, and obsessive-compulsive disorder may not be able to stand.

However, I feel that these defects in the folded form can be tolerated, because they do not affect the flat-panel experience of the unfolded form. Since it does not affect the core experience, it is not the main contradiction.

However, Fold is not a perfect full screen after the expansion.Missing in the upper right corner, or retaining the front screen front camera.

Aside from these shortcomings, this is Samsung’s largest display of Dynamic AM.OLEDScreen, it does give you a more dramatic visual experience than any full-screen phone. No other reason is because it is big.

As for the external screen, it is more often used for auxiliary functions, such as displaying some notification messages or making direct calls.

The folding shape is not used as a mobile phone, provided that you have a slim small screen and a brick thickness. Again, this is not the core experience of Fold.

In the same way, the interaction between the internal and external screens is not a core contradiction. Fold only needs to adapt the interface from the outside to the inside to ensure that it directly enters the large-screen view.

The application adaptation problem is not big, and the direct horizontal proportional stretching can bring the reading effect far beyond the mobile phone. Although the large screen does not necessarily bring more information, it seems to be more cool.

The split screen interaction is similar to the iPad, and the window ratio can be fine-tuned. There are left and right main and secondary screen relationships, and the secondary screen application can be windowed, minimized, or displayed in full screen. On the right side, you can further separate the upper and lower small screens, and also change the position between different windows.

Album photos can be dragged and dropped directly to WeChat, but most applications are temporarily unable to drag and drop. Compared with the traditional mobile phone Fold large screen is more suitable for the split screen mode, but whether it can become a high frequency operation remains to be verified.

5, folding screen resistance

As one of the domestic technology media that received the Fold evaluation machine, we peeled off the factory-made film for the first time on the 15th of this Monday. As with the foreign media, we did not know that it could not be torn.

Fortunately, during the normal use of about four days, this Fold has not encountered a bump problem similar to The Verge, or Bloomberg's display abnormality.

But what is certain is thatAfter the film is peeled off, the exposed flexible screen surface does not have good external force resistance. I artificially used a fingernail to poke on the surface, and the traces still exist the next day.

Samsung responded to Bloomberg, saying that this "Special Protective Layer" protective film is part of the main screen. If it is torn off, it may cause damage to the screen. The faulty mobile phone will be thoroughly investigated to determine the root cause of the problem, and the retail version will clearly inform consumers of this. Happening.

In fact, Samsung has made multiple protections for the flexible folding screen. In addition to the surface film that cannot be torn off, folding the main frame with a raised frame is also to prevent the flexible screen from contacting.

Ordinary mobile phone, the outermost layer of the screen is covered with hard glass material, the scratch resistance is generally above 6 Mohs hardness, and even can withstand the violent test of sharp props.

At the end of last year, we interviewed Scott, the global vice president of Corning Gorilla Glass. The other party said that flexible glass technology is still in the research and development stage, and it is uncertain when it will be available. Therefore, the folding screen can only be protected by flexible plastic film, which may be selected by Samsung Fold. The main reason for this relatively conservative approach.

Regarding reliability issues, Samsung Fold encounteredHuaweiMate X may also encounter, all mobile phone manufacturers planning to launch folding screen products need to be fully verified and put into the consumer market.

6, non-core part

The hardware configuration includes that the cameras are non-core parts, as these are not directly related to the folding screen.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, 12GB memory, GeekBench running sub-core 3502 multi-core 10826. 512GB UFS 3.0 storage, AndroBench test continuous reading speed 1480MB / s, almost doubled compared to UFS2.0.

Fold has a total of six cameras, so you can shoot you. The rear three-camera specification is similar to the S10, super wide + wide angle + telephoto full focal length combination. Both the inside and outside screens have front cameras, which is very redundant.

The Mate X valgus scheme is more efficient for folding screens. It can take a self-portrait with only one set of rear lenses, but it also faces a more resistant environment than the Fold fold scheme.

to sum up

However, Samsung is the first mobile phone manufacturer to mass-produce folding screen phones. The mobile phone has not changed in quality for more than ten years, and Fold and the next MateX have brought us new things that are bright.

But calmly think about it, when the iPhone used the touch screen to interact to eliminate the physical keyboard, but the folding screen is still in the category of "screen". It can't get rid of the mobile phone and can only be used as a branch.

Of course, the folding screen can constantly “kill” itself, allowing this form to be integrated into mobile phones and tablets, even better than both. By this time, the folding screen will succeed.

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