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What should Apple learn from the failure of Samsung Galaxy Fold?

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Does anyone still remember Samsung's Galaxy Note 7? This is a high-end product represented by Samsung brand technology, and it is also a machine for Samsung to experience painful experiences and lessons. According to previous Samsung and third-party independent laboratories, the Galaxy Note 7 was exploding due to a radical battery design. After all, this is an electronic product that should not enter the mass consumer market.

The establishment of a brand's reputation is not easy, but destroying the brand image is a matter of moments, and Samsung Galaxy Note 7 plays such a role, which is a typical negative textbook in business. Today, most people just mention Samsung, and in the first time, they will inevitably think that their mobile phones may explode or the battery burns on their own. In any case, a product that is sold in the real world should be guaranteed to work properly.

In order to seize the opportunity in the smart phone industry, last year Samsung turned a long-awaited sci-fi concept into reality, namely the launch of the foldable smartphone Galaxy Fold. However, until the upcoming listing, this machine is still a device that is not yet fully mature. During the process of mass media evaluation and experience, it found that the product has major problems, fragile and easy to damage, including broken screens. Use, screen flicker, screen blistering, etc., so Samsung had to choose to postpone the listing plan.

There is no doubt that the Galaxy Fold is also a mobile phone like the Galaxy Note 7 that should not be eager to achieve. Samsung’s aggressiveness has once again learned the lesson, but the Galaxy Fold, which sells for nearly $2,000, is not available for consumer use. It does not constitute a wide range of losses, but this product is bound to have a profound impact on the same type of equipment that will come out in the future.

We all know that Apple has also researched on foldable mobile phones and applied for a number of related patents. So, it's not a rule that Apple is developing a foldable iPhone. However, Apple is a more cautious company, as it does on the Apple Watch smartwatch, it is unlikely to ship until it is determined that the product will work properly, even if AirPower has already released the product. Will choose to cancel.

So, if Apple is really developing a foldable iPhone, what kind of experience and lessons can be learned from Samsung's disaster?

The split design is not necessarily good. The Samsung Galaxy Fold phone has two large batteries built in, each of which supplies power to each side. This design is definitely lower than the capacity of a single battery, just like the design of two separate devices, and a single The GPU has to provide performance for the two split parts, and it's hard to say how specific performance is. The key is how do the split parts work together? How do you consistently distribute power and performance to different parts through hinges? Is this one of the reasons for the screen flickering and incomplete display?

The screen native protection scheme is not in place. According to reports from previous events, we learned that the Galaxy Fold screen is covered with a plastic film. Some users think that this film is just a regular protective film, so the film was manually removed. It turns out that this film is an important part of the screen, it can't be removed, and the big probability of tearing off is equal to scrapping. Now the problem is coming. If the average user buys the device, but the problem or the phone technology is not well understood, the film may also be removed. And even if it is not torn off, how long does the film withstand the wear during use?

The foldable design is aggressive. When iFixit dismantled the Galaxy Fold, it was found that Samsung's mobile phone display panel was really thin, the screen frame was also narrow, the screen was almost attached to the outer frame of the body, and the panel for protecting the screen was also very well done. Fine, but not really full package. When the machine is folded, it is not a true one-piece panel to fold, but the "hinge" of the content can also be displayed in the middle of the two parts of the screen, but when the bending is made, a certain gap will be generated, and it is easy to enter some subtle The foreign body, and the hinge mechanism itself has the situation of loosening the damage panel, which may be the result of bubbles or deformation of the screen.

The hinge design is still inadequate. The Samsung Galaxy Fold hinge mechanism itself is not just a loose problem. Another problem is that there will still be a “East African Rift Valley” after the phone is folded, and it is very obvious that the space is about 7mm. It is used in daily pockets or bags. It is easy to get into trivial foreign objects, which may lead to some potential failures. This means that the hinge design is still not the most ideal state, and the screen should not be completely exposed, but now it has become a significant defect. Of course, this may be related to the fact that OLED screens are not 100% inward to fold, but users who purchase equipment are usually only used like regular equipment, rather than being carefully maintained.

The foldable OLED screen is not yet fully prepared. As Samsung said, the Infinity Flex Display's folding effect is very good, allowing the device to transform between a smartphone and a tablet, but without mentioning an annoying centerline on the screen, making the screen feel like It is composed of two parts. At the same time, the edge of the screen is flawed in design, and once it is a little problem, it will spread across the display. Samsung may have hoped to solve a lot of problems by covering a layer of screen protector, including the problem that scratches are not easily caused by non-glass protective layers, but perhaps this OLED display itself has defects and needs more development.

The user's usage is not fully considered. Everyone does things differently, and this also applies to the use of foldable phones. For example, to expand a foldable phone, some people choose to open the left part first, while others open the right side first, and some may "buck" the two parts from the top. Even if the way to close the phone is different, some people will only close a corner directly from the bottom to quickly close, and some will be a recreational play a few times a day. In any case, Samsung should do a lot of testing on this. Although Samsung said that they tested 200,000 times, if the diversity of human-computer interaction is not taken into account, the true purpose of the test will not be achieved.

The combination of soft and hard is not enough. The Samsung Galaxy Fold itself is not in place on the hardware, including batteries that require more capacity, more memory, better graphics performance, just as Apple has customized better hardware configurations for the iPad tablet. At the same time, this phone can not reflect the full combination of software and hardware, after all, the product can not be listed, the software can be more suitable for the characteristics of the foldable mobile phone is still unknown, as for the app ecology is not something that Samsung can do. .

In short, if Galaxy Gold wants to go public, Samsung will have to make this product more durable and more suitable for normal daily use. Among them, Samsung has to consider a lot of factors, including foldable OLED panels, body appearance, and even hinge design, Samsung may need to spend more time and a lot of resources to solve the problem. But one thing we can't ignore is that Samsung's pre-launched Galaxy Fold phone is perhaps one of the best solutions under the existing foldable phone technology.

In any case, the foldable mobile phone is still one of the products of turning science fiction into reality, but it is still in a very early stage, and it faces more difficulties and obstacles than imagined. After all, Samsung has invested heavily in foldable screens for many years. There is no reason not to want to do this product well. Based on this and the above factors, if you understand Apple, you should be able to foresee that Apple's foldable iPhone will take quite a long time to come out.

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